The list of the most beautiful golf courses in the USA is pretty subjective. If you take a challenge to visit all of them to determine which one is the most beautiful, it will take years even to have a glimpse of the thousands of golf courses in different regions of the USA. Secondly, all of them have different beauty and challenges to tell a story about. So, pinpointing the most beautiful ones is a very difficult thing to do.

Yet, after going through many of those courses, we have come up with this short discussion about the 12 most beautiful golf courses in the USA. We have picked the courses from the different regions of the USA that you may visit to spend some alone-time away from the hassle of daily life. You may take an electric golf scooter to enjoy the views without leaving many carbon footprints. Let’s take a glimpse of those picturesque golf courses right away.

1. Pebble Beach Golf Links, California

Pebble Beach is one of the most beautiful golf courses in the world with dramatic beauty. Its cliff-top setting and the stunning views of the Pacific Ocean are enough to leave you mesmerized. Playing golf in the gentle yet cold breeze of the ocean is enough to break the monotony and make your weekend unforgettable.

And the best thing is that it’s a public course. You can play there without any membership. But it is pretty expensive too. The busiest period is from April to November. You may go there between December to March to experience this course while spending less. The course may stay wet sometimes because of sudden rain in these months, especially in December and February.

2. Bandon Dunes Golf, Bandon

Bandon Dunes Golf Resort is often addressed as a coastal paradise with different golf courses. It is situated alongside the Pacific Ocean. Thus, oceanfront views and the wide rolling fairways are what make it gorgeous. Among the first four 18 hole courses, it is considered that the Pacific Dunes and Bandon Dunes have the most stunning views of the Pacific Ocean. The variation of different courses is enjoyable too.

The amazing service of the resort enhances the experience. The busiest time is between June and September because of the comfortable weather of the summer season. So, the courses will be more expensive and crowded than the other time of the year. Keep in mind that you may get rain and wind regardless of the time of the year. So, you may need to take your waterproof golf shoes with you there.

3. Pinehurst No. 2, Pinehurst, North Carolina

Pinehurst No. 2 is enhanced with challenges and stunning views. It is the most famous course among the courses of Pinehurst Resort. It is also the one with the most length. Even in the absence of water or dramatic elevation, this course is still attractive.

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A great combination of pines, sandy waste, and native grasses is what makes it so amazing. It is an 18 hole golf course with wider fairways and no rough. The course is famous for the difficult green by designer Donald J. Ross. And for your information, Pinehurst has 8 other golf courses that are also named by a number. It is not a private club. Thus, you can gain access to the course without any membership fee.

4. Cypress point, California

Cypress Point is one of the most glamorous golf courses in the USA. The blend of sand dunes and coastline views makes it gorgeous. The beauty lies both within and outside the boundaries of the course too. The designers of the course let the course take shape without overpowering the natural terrain. The light sea breeze makes it even more refreshing.

Though it is an 18 hole, par 72 golf course, it has a comparatively shorter length. But that doesn’t mean that it’s not challenging. It is situated on the West Coast of the USA, about 3 hours away from Central California by car. The problem is that it is a private golf, and you must be sponsored by a member to play there.

5. Torrey Pines Golf Course, San Diego

Coastal cliff-top setting with gorgeous views of the Pacific Ocean is what makes the Torrey Pines golf course alluring. After the redesign by Tom Weiskopf, ocean views can be enjoyed at the finishing of the rounds. It has 2 courses that are 18 holes 72 par golf courses. Both of the courses are adorned with picturesque views. But apart from beauty, Torrey Pines is one of the most challenging golf courses too.

You can get access to the course without any membership fee as it is a public golf course owned and operated by San Diego city. Just a reminder that Torrey Pines has extreme weather conditions that may even compel you to cancel the game, mainly because of the dense fog. So, don’t forget to check the weather conditions before you go there.

6. The Ocean Course at Hokuala, Hawaii

The Ocean Course at Hokuala is an oceanfront golf course in Hawaii. The combined beauty of oceanfront views, seaside cliff, mango, and guava trees made it one of the golf courses with the most stunning views. The course originally had 27 holes. Now, it is an 18 hole golf course.

The back 9 holes are along the water with refreshing views. While the front 9 holes are throughout the forest of mango and guava trees. The front 9 holes are comparatively easier, and the back ones make it challenging to keep the game interesting. The fact that it is a public golf course and 5 minutes away from the Lihue airport by car makes it more accessible.

7. Harbour Town Golf Links, South Carolina

Harbour Town Golf Links is adorned with ocean views, pine trees, and oaks. Interestingly, the course has 7 types of grass and they are well-maintained to enhance the beauty. The gorgeous clubhouse adds a little more drama to the beauty of the course. It is an 18 hole, par 71 golf course with a length of 7,099 yards.

Though the course has a shorter length, it has tight fairways. The Bermuda greens of the course make it a bit more challenging. The 18th hole is considered to be the most iconic. You don’t need a membership to play there as it is a public golf course. And it stays open all around the year too.

8. TPC Sawgrass, Florida

The Tournament Players Club at Sawgrass is also called TPC at Sawgrass or TPC Sawgrass in short. It is one of the most beautiful golf courses in Florida. As it is located in Ponte Vedra Beach, the essence of that natural beauty can be enjoyed. TPC Sawgrass is open for the public to experience the pleasure of golf with stunning views.

It has 2 championship courses. They are the Players Stadium and the Dye’s Valley. The Dye’s Valley gives out a balanced golf experience with the alluring landscape of Florida. Whereas the Players Stadium is designed to challenge the professional level players with the views of large lagoons and a tree-lined fairway. Both are par 72 courses, but the Stadium course is longer in terms of length.

9. Bay Harbor Golf Club, Michigan

Bay Harbor is one of the top public golf courses in Michigan. It is enhanced with the picturesque shoreline views of Lake Michigan. The blend of Little Traverse Bay, stone cliffs, ponds, and waterfall is what makes the course stand out. The breeze of the shore makes the experience even more pleasing.

It is a masterpiece designed by famous designer Arthur Hills. The location and designer’s skills made this course one of the top courses in the USA. But the concern is that the club is about 5 hours away from Michigan City by car.

10. Spyglass Hill Golf Course, California

Spyglass Hill Golf Course has amazing green views enhanced by the beauty of the ice plant surrounding. You can also enjoy the outstanding views of the Pacific Ocean and the essence of the Del Monte Forest. It is an 18 hole, par 72 golf course with a length of 6,960 yards. All of the holes have different names to make you remember them clearly.

The course is owned by the Pebble Beach Company that owns Pebble Beach Golf Links too. As it is also a public course like the Pebble Beach Golf Links, you can visit the course without any membership. The course is about 2 and a half hours away from Central California.

11. Winged Foot Golf Club, New York

Winged Foot is a private golf club with amazing tree-lined views. The dramatic stone structure of the clubhouse compliments the beauty of the course. It may seem like what’s so special just in green views and clubhouse! But if you walk down the Winged Foot on a clear day, the blend of blue sky, greens, and the clubhouse is enough to refresh your mind. The course has a very rich history too.

The club is only 41 minutes away from New York. It has a total of 36 holes with two 18 hole courses named the East and West course. The West Course is more famous. And it is a tough one to play on. The East course is not as challenging as the West Course, but it is still very challenging to play there.

12. Desert Highlands, Arizona

When someone asks about the most beautiful golf courses, we mostly talk about the ones with seaside views, trees, and flowers, etc. But the Desert Highlands give out a unique type of vibe. This course lets you experience the aesthetic beauty of the desert landscape. That’s what makes it stand out. It also has amazing views of Pinnacle Peak.

Talking about the layout, it is an 18 hole, par 72 championship golf course. The clubhouse is pretty good too. But the concern is that it is an exclusive private golf course. You can’t play there unless you are a resident of the community. They pay a one-time membership costs fee to get access to all the facilities of the club.


As different people have different opinions on the most beautiful golf courses in the USA, you may have a different one as your favorite. So, which golf course is the most beautiful one according to you inside the USA or maybe outside? And why? Share your thoughts or pictures in the comments section. Also, if you have visited any of the golf courses on our list, leave your reviews for fellow golfers.