Resistance bands are a common sight in most gyms, but one that is often met with bewilderment to the uninitiated. This is because they don’t always look as though they are offering a lot, but once used for the first time, you start to see why they are popular. A lot of the time, they are used by people on the way back from injury, but this isn’t their only purpose.

Before you invest in your first set, get to know them a little better. We have compiled a list of the main benefits of using resistance bands during exercise. By the end of it, you’ll be able to see why a lot of top athletes use them.

They Don’t Take Up A Lot Of Room

A lot of exercise equipment just isn’t practical for home use. This is why these sorts of products are becoming so popular. the ability to be able to use resistance band in a short space means that even those living in apartments with no outdoor space can gt their exercise fix.

Less Chance Of Injury

Because they still provide the full motion that comes with weight training, a resistance band can feel like the real thing, but also give excellent results. This is all whilst reducing the chance of injury because of the reduced force that is placed on muscles and joints. When on the way back from injury, this allows someone the chance to train and work their body before they are ready for free weights.


Compared to the price of weights, they are a cheap alternative way of kitting out a home gym. A lot of the time, these bands will come with instructional DVDs that include workouts and recommended ways to use them to your benefit. Even in our list of the best resistance bands, you will find that they don’t come anywhere near as expensive as other exercise equipment.

Increased Stabilization

From the moment they are used, a resistance band requires a level of stabilization that activates the core and other areas. This means any issues with balance and form can be improved, using a full range of motion. A lot of the time, people in the gym form bad habits, trying to use momentum rather than strength to get through their reps. A resistance band doesn’t allow this to happen.

Portable Exercise

Any business trip or weekend away can mean any gym-lover is going to feel as though they are missing out. No one likes to skip a class or push or pull day which is where a resistance band can come in handy. They pack down small so fit into the bottom of any bag and can follow you wherever you go. So, a hotel room or holiday rental can be used as a venue for exercise.

Great For Stretching

Increased mobility can help in all aspects of a workout, and a resistance band is a great device for warming up with. Because they take a lot of the pressure off the muscles, they allow the user to prepare for a workout by stretching safely.

Safe To Use Alone

Accidents can happen when using any exercise equipment, but this is far more likely when using free weights. Because the controlled motion is safe, these are ideal for when working out alone. There is no chance of injury if they fall on your foot, which is something that can’t be said about a heavy weight plate.

Ideal For Different Levels Of Fitness

A resistance band isn’t a one size fits all device when it comes to strength. Some offer more resistance than others so when it comes to increased strength, there is the chance to up things when required by purchasing a band with less slack.

What Are The Different Types Of Resistance Bands?

Some of the most common you will find both in-store and online are as follows:

Resistance Bands With Handles

Used for building muscle they can be used for the same motions as a lot of resistance machines in the gym. Some can be combined with other bands to increase the resistance but when positioned correctly they can be used for exercises such as curls.

Loop Bands

Wider than a lot of the other types of resistance bands, a loop band is typically used for leg exercises and is a common sight in most gyms.

Therapy Resistance Bands

With a flat appearance, they don’t always look like the sort of product that can be used for exercise, but looks can be deceiving. Sometimes used in pilates for a bit of pressure, they can be wrapped around the hand to be made more comfortable and even cut into thinner pieces.

Power Bands

Typically used in a CrossFit gym or for a different form of high-intensity training, it is easy to adjust the weight and resistance, making them useful for pull up exercises.

Why Use A Resistance Band?

You Are Pregnant

A common way for any gym enthusiast to still continue their training during pregnancy is with a resistance band. Because they are safer to use, they are better suited to toning and shaping when with child.

Gaining Muscle

Although they don’t have the same look and feel of a heavy dumbbell, a resistance band can be used to gain muscle. They can be used instead of a machine or free weight to stop your body from relying on muscle memory which can make it harder to gain muscle.

Weight Loss

Adding to the muscle building, when used correctly, a resistance band can help the user to lose weight. Any circuit training can be complemented by one of these bands so any squats can be made more challenging but provide guidance for correct motions. Anything that makes you sweat is going to help in this respect.

Age Is A Concern

Because dumbells can be too heavy or difficult to pick up and put back down safely, anyone who may consider themselves as part of the older generation may benefit from a resistance band. This can add a little challenge to their regular routine, increasing strength without the risk of injury which is more common with older muscles and joints.