Top 10 Best Beach Canopys of 2018 – Reviews

A beach canopy is a wonderful invention. They not only convey a sense of style to both formal and informal gatherings but also protects guests against different types of weather conditions. It also protects people from the damaging rays of the sun – which can not only cause sunburns but repeated overexposure to UVA and UVB rays can also cause long-term health problems, particularly Melanoma.

Since it’s important to protect people from the sun – especially babies who are particularly sensitive to the effects of sun exposure – manufacturers are producing new and exciting beach tent models. Now, all that people need to do is to search for the best beach canopy, which is what this article is going to help with right now.

Best Beach Canopys – Reviews

10Coleman Instant Sunwall Canopy

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This model is not just a beach tent but is so much more. It has a number of features that not only protect the user from the damaging rays of the sun but also from other weather conditions. It has a single side wall that can protect the occupants of the tens from wind and from rain blowing into it and the canopy itself is UV resistant and is made from a heavy-duty fabric that helps it to stand up to stronger weather conditions. This 10-foot by 10-foot canopy also has a roof vent to allow a little bit of air circulation and is angled to protect against the sun when the sun is low in the sky.

9Crown Shades Outdoor Shade Canopy

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This 10-foot by 10-foot outdoor shade canopy provides approximately 100-feet of shade coverage, which is just enough shade for about 4 people to sit comfortably underneath. This model has push buttons on the legs which allow it to be set to one of three different heights, with the maximum being about 9-feet from the ground. Another great feature of this canopy is that it is constructed using a high-quality and heavy-duty frame which should allow it to give many years of faithful service. The final reason this canopy is appreciated by so many people is that it also provides 50+ UV sun protection.

8New Cool Cabanas UPF 50+ Sun Protection

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This cabana is reminiscent of the ones of the past, except this one isn’t for Hollywood celebrities but is for anyone who wants to stay cool and to stay out of direct sunlight. Using only a center pole, this cabana quickly and easily sets up, yet is strong enough to stand up to most weather conditions. It also has a unique design that keeps a nice spot of shade available to the beach enthusiast and uses special sand pockets to keep it in place. This model is designed to provide more shade than a conventional canopy and can easily be used not only on sand but also grass and other hard surfaces.

7Quik Shade Expedition EX64

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Designed to be simple to set-up and even simpler to use, this canopy can be fully assembled in 60-seconds or less, yet is stable enough to provide shade for the entire day. It features a 150D top that’s backed by Aluminex TM fabric, this blocks some of the sun’s rays and provides 99% UV protection to people standing within it. This canopy comes in a number of exciting one color designs and is durable enough to be used on a regular basis. It’s the perfect sunshade to take to the beach, out camping or anywhere else where consistent shade is required.

6Amazon Basics Pop-Up 10X10 Tent

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This inexpensive but easy-to-use sun shade tent is designed to protect people from the damaging rays of the sun and give them a cool, shaded place to gather their friends and family. It has an angled leg design that provides up to ninety-six feet of shade and its fabric top provides up to 99% UV protection from the sun. This unit is made with a powder-coated steel frame that’s not only durable but also resists chipping, corrosion and rust. While this canopy shouldn’t be used during strong winds or heavy rains, it is perfect for use on clear summer days where gaining a little spot of shade is very welcome.

5Coleman 13-Foot By 13-Foot Instant Canopy

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This Coleman canopy has a spacious 13-foot by 13-foot size that makes it easy for several people to gather underneath it. This model has a one-piece frame that’s made from 28-millimeter steel and has a heavy-duty 150D canopy that is not only durable but will also provide the user with UV sun protection of up to 50+. It can set up in approximately 180-seconds and is just as easy to take down using its push-button release levers. Other features of this canopy worth taking note of is its unique hexagon shape, its wheeled carry bag and footed poled that make it much easier to secure it.

4Neso Tents Beach 7-Foot by 7-Foot Tent

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Made to be used outdoors by one or two people, this 7-foot by 7-foot has all of the features a canopy needs to keep the sun off of the people inside of it. It’s made using aluminum poles with reinforced corners and has a white canopy that blocks up to 98% of all UV rays. While it doesn’t have its own anchors – it has to be anchored using sand or rocks at the tent’s location – it’s light enough to take just about anywhere and can be carried on a person’s shoulder or in a backpack. This makes this the perfect canopy for the couple who wants to enjoy a romantic getaway or a beachcomber looking for something that will protect them from the sun.

3Free Land Pop Up 8-Foot By 8-Foot Canopy Tent

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This canopy has a tapered design that makes it 10-feet by 10-feet at the base and approximately 8-feet by 8-feet at the canopy. This provides up to 64-square feet of shade for people who decided to congregate underneath it. It has two adjustable heights, with 8-feet 9-inches being the maximum, and is made using a high-grade powder coated frame that is resistant to rust, corrosion, and peeling. The canopy itself is made from a fire resistant fabric, CPAI-84, which blocks out around 99% of harmful ultraviolet rays. And thanks to its innovative design, this model can be easily set up and taken down without a whole lot of trouble.

2Core 10-Foot By 10-Foot Instant Pop-Up Shelter

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This 10-foot by 10-foot popup shelter provides approximately 100-square feet if shade to the people standing underneath it. It has a height of about 9-feet, at the center portion of the canopy, and is made with fully taped seams that give the whole unit weather protection. After only about 2-minutes worth of setup time, this canopy is then set to provide 50+ UV protection for its inhabitants. This makes this a great system for taking to festivals, backyard events or for tailgating. It comes with everything needed to set it up, including a wheeled carry bag and tie downs and ground stakes.

1Eurmax 10-Foot By 10-Foot Ez Popup Canopy

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This well designed and sturdy unit has a number of features which makes it perfect for wedding receptions, a day at the beach and flea markets. It’s made using durable and high-quality steel frames and a heavy-duty 400D polyester fabric top that is not only 100% waterproof but also blocks out 95% of all UV rays and is CPAI-84 certified to be fire retardant. This model can be easily set up and taken down and is quite portable thanks to its roller bag with a 2.7-inch wheel. Other features of this unit include a big foot pad, a thumb lock slider, and an easy-to-use thumb lock height adjuster.


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Tips for Buying the Best Beach Canopy

Purchasing a sun shade canopy might seem like a fairly easy proposition to most people. After all, most people figure that they should just buy one that’s in their price range and that they are fond of and that’s everything they need to consider. Unfortunately, it’s a little bit more complicated than that. While it shouldn’t be a difficult process to choose one that fits a person’s needs, there are only a few things that really need to be considered because of their importance. The following is what to look for when choosing a sun shade canopy.

Choosing a Material

One of the most important considerations to make when purchasing one of these canopies is the material that it’s made out of—not only what the frame is constructed from but also the material the canopy is composed of. You’ll want to choose either powder-coated stainless steel or aluminum for the frame. That’s because these materials are weather-resistant and aren’t prone to rust. The main difference between these two types of materials is that the aluminum frame is usually lighter than the stainless steel one. Both of them are excellent as far as strength is concerned, however.

You’ll want to choose a fabric that’s at least water-resistant and offers some form of UV protection. Most of the models on the market today are made from polyester or nylon and some of them are coated with a chemical agent that makes them waterproof. Fabrics that aren’t water-resistant may begin to develop mold or mildew over time, which is why most cotton fabrics are out as a fabric choice.  Also make sure that the fabric is at least 95% UV resistant, although 98 or 99% is even better.

Choosing the Size of the Canopy

Another consideration that needs to be made is how large you want or need the canopy to be. And that really depends on whether you are using cocktail tables or some other form of seating. As a general rule, a 10-foot by 10-foot canopy will comfortably hold about 15 people standing or about 10 people seated. A 15-foot by 15-foot model will hold about 34 people standing or about 20 people seated and a 20-foot by 20-foot table will hold 68 standing people or about 40 people sitting at a table. Of course, there are even bigger canopies than that available, some of them being in the 60-feet by 120-feet range capable of holding about 1000 people.

When considering canopy size, attention needs to be paid to whether a listing states the base size of the unit or the actual canopy size. In some instances, sizes listed in product listings lists the base size. For example, a sunshade may say that it’s a 10-by-10 foot model but is actually an 8-by-8 foot canopy with a 10-by-10 foot base size.

Choosing the Sun Shade Type

When it comes to sun shades there are three basic types. There are Pole Canopies which have a very simple design and are easy to set up. These units can usually be set up by one or two people and can be taken down just as easily. However, they are usually the least stable canopy type. The next type of canopy is the Frame Canopy. These canopies are sturdier than pole models but they are also harder to transport. The third option is Pop-up Canopies. These are as transportable as pole canopies but offer the durability of frame canopies, which makes them a very popular choice nowadays.

Slant Vs. Straight Legs

Even the shape of the canopy’s legs are an important consideration, While straight legs are usually stable enough for most purposes, slanted legs can provide a little bit more stability and should be considered for windy locations.

Tie Downs, Stakes and Other Stabilization Measures

Canopies are secured in place using a number of different methods. Some of them stake into the ground and some of them use weights. Some of them even require you to fill up pockets with soil, sand or rocks to keep the canopy in place. Be sure that one is chosen that will provide the most stability for the event you are hosting. After all, no one wants their canopy to blow away during a special event. The better models use several different methods for securing the canopy to the ground.


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