Top 10 Best Bike Phone Mounts of 2018 – Reviews

Smartphones are miraculous devices that make our lives easier on a daily basis. They allow us to communicate with our friends and family, listen to music on the go and to pull up detailed GPS maps to help us navigate to our destination. Unfortunately, as incredible as these devices are, they can also kill us if we’re not careful.

Every year, over 1.6 million accidents occur and these accidents result in approximately 330,000 injuries per year.  About twenty-five percent of all accidents in the U.S are the result of one or more parties using their cell phone while driving. And many of these accidents can be avoided by using a phone mount in the car and turning on turn-by-turn voice directions.  It’s even more dangerous for bicycle and motorcycle riders because taking their eyes off of the road for even one second can be disastrous.

Smartphone mounts can keep your cell phone at eye level so it doesn’t have to be held in your hand. In fact, if users enable the voice feature on their phones, then they don’t have to touch their phones at all while using one of these devices. If more people used these devices, then the roads would be safer and there would be fewer accidents.

Before purchasing one of these units, however, there are a few things to consider. After all, there are a variety of different models made by a number of different manufacturers. Each of these come with their own particular set of specs and features and this can make it difficult for consumers to choose the best phone mount.

This guide will cut through much of the noise, however, and help you find one that fits your needs. It will also introduce you to ten of the best smartphone mounts and give you a brief summary of the features and benefits.

Best Bike Phone Mounts – Reviews

10Tao Tronics Universal Bicycle Mount

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Designed to be installed on the handlebars of motorcycles, bicycles and even on the handles of baby strollers, this mount is easy to install and keeps your mobile phone close to you at all times. This unit can hold devices as wide as 3.94-inches and can be rotated a full 360-degrees, so you can adjust the angle of the phone for the best viewing experience. Another great feature of this unit is that it has a one-click release that allows you to unclip the phone and take it with you. It’s a great way to keep your phone exactly where you need it.

9GVDV Bike Mount for Cell Phones

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This universal mount for iOS and Android cell phones is designed to be clipped on bicycles and motorcycles and to stay securely in place. It has a durable silicone non-slip grip that grabs on to your device and holds onto it—even when your riding over uneven or bumpy roads. Since it’s a universal mount, it can accommodate most cell phones, including the Samsung Galaxy S7 & S8 and the iPhone 6 & 7. It will even accommodate cell phones that are in a protective casing like the Otter Box. It has an anti-shock design that provides some protection against bumps when you’re cycling.

8IPOW Universal Bike Mount for iOS and Android Phones

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Easily mountable on the handlebars of a motorcycle or a bicycle, this universal cell mount keeps cell phones close at hand at all times. It’s designed using two silicone butterfly bands that are interchangeable and can hold the phone at just about any angle. This unit can hold a wide variety of different phones from an iPhone 6 to a Galaxy S6 and an HTC One. This unit will allow you to carry your phone with you as you explore the great outdoors and take your bike out on the road—whether it’s on the streets of the city or a rural country road.

7UP UPKJ Universal Bicycle and Motorcycle Mount for Smart Phones

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This mount can not only be used on the handlebars of motorcycles and bikes but can also be mounted to the handles of shopping carts, strollers, and mopeds so you can take your phone just about anywhere you need to take it. This holder is approximately 6.5-inches long, 3-inches wide and has a thickness of up to .7-inches, which allows it to hold phones that are up to 6-inches. Another feature of this holder is that it has black foam cushions that will help keep your phone safe and secure while you go about your day performing your daily routines.

6Wall Fire Handle Bar Mount For Touch Screen Phones

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This Wall Fire handle bar mount is different than many other cell phone holders because it not only holds the phone in place on your bike but also helps protect it from rain and splashing water. While it’s not completely waterproof it can protect the phone from light rain and sunlight. And while it encloses the phone, you can use the touch screen while it’s being protected. It also has a sun visor that makes it easier to see your phone’s screen while you’re biking your favorite trail. This unit is easy-to-install using a Velcro strap and can hold smartphones under 6-inches.

5Roam Universal Motorcycle Mount for Androis & iOS Phones

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Designed to be used by motorcycle and bicycle enthusiast, this mount has a universal design that will fit handlebars from 7/8″ to 1 & 1/4″ inch in diameter. It will also hold a variety of cell phones–all the way up to 3.5-inches wide. Which means it will hold phones such as the iPhone 7 to Galaxy S7 Edge and the HTC 10. Unlike some other mounts which only use one point of contact to hold your phone to your handlebars, this unit uses two points of contact so you know that your device is being held tightly by the mount.

4Visnfa Universal Mobile Mount for Android & iPhone Smartphones

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This universal mount is designed for cyclists who lead an active lifestyle and need to take their phones out on the road with them. It features a secure clamp that supports all four corners of your smartphone to keep it exactly where you put it on the handlebars of your bicycle. And since this unit is a universal mount, it will hold a variety of devices between 3.5-inches and 6.5-inches wide. This means it will hold just about any iPhone or Android. Another important feature of this mount is that it allows the phone to be rotated a full 360-degrees.

3Okra Bicycle Mount Handlebar Holder for Smartphones

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Easy to install and easy to use, this mount will hold a wide variety of different smartphone models including, but not limited to, the iPhone 6. Samsung Galaxy and HTC phones. It has a rotating angles base that allows you to adjust the angle of your smartphone when it’s mounted and it also allows you to tilt the phone in a number of different positions. This model attaches securely to the handlebars of your bike using silicone bands that hold the device firmly in place. All of these features allow you to use the GPS on your phone to navigate where you need to navigate.

2Mongoora Mount for Smart Phones

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This Mongoora mount is designed for very active bicyclists who want to take their bicycles and their phones out into the wilderness or out on the road. It has a universal design that will fit a wide variety of different devices included iPhones 5s through iPhones 7s, Nexus phones, LG phones and any device up to 3.7-inches wide. It’s universal design also means that it will fit a variety of handlebars on bicycles and motorcycles from .9-inch to 1.3-inch in diameter. While mounted, your phone can be rotated a full 360-degrees. The manufacturer stands behind this high-quality product with a no-hassle money-back guarantee.

1Vibrelli Universal Cellphone Mount

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This universal cellphone mount will fit just about any smartphone or device that are up to 3.7-inches wide and is not only easy to install but is also easy to remove when you need to unclip it from your bike. This unit will fit a variety of handlebars from .9-inch to 1.3-inch and has a flexible design that not only allows you to adjust your device to any angle but also allows you to rotate it a full 360-degrees. This mount also comes with silicone bands in 3 different colors, so you can choose the one that fits your style.


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Finding the Best Bicycle and Motorcycle Mount

Deciding what kind of mount to buy to attach your cell phone to the handlebars of your bike or motorcycle is not much different from choosing one for your car, although there are a few extra things to consider – especially if you are going to be riding your bike off road or on bumpy rural roads.

Mounts that can be used to hold smartphones onto the handlebars of bicycles and motorcycles have a variety of features. All that you need to do is find one that fits your phone, you bike and your lifestyle. Fortunately, there’s a dozens, if not hundreds, of different models on the market today, so one’s sure to fit your needs. Below are some tips to keep in mind when purchasing one of these units.


If you’re going to strap your cell phone to the handlebars of your bicycle or motorcycle, then you are going to want to get a mount that’s durable enough to not only keep your phone exactly where you put it but keep it safe as well. Quality mounts are usually made of silicone, plastic or rubber. Be sure to choose a unit that has a strong strap to attach to your handlebars.

Cell Phone Size

You’ll also want to make sure that your particular cell phone fits the mount you are intending on purchasing. This is quite easy to do because most mounts will tell you which cell phones they are compatible with and if they don’t, then they’ll at least tell you the length and width of the phone will fit in them.

Mount Design

Modern mounts come with a variety of features which make them more useful for riders. Some of them are water resistant, offer some form of shock resistance and some can shade the phone from the sunlight so you can see the screen while you’re riding. Other common features include silicone bands for extra security, 360-degree rotation, tilt positioning and a quick release function.

Handlebar Size

Another thing to keep in mind is the size of your handlebars. While most mounts have a universal design that ensures the unit will fit on most handlebars, don’t assume that’s always going to be the case because some off-brand models may not fit your particular bicycle’s or motorcycle’s handlebars.

Full Access

The next thing to keep in mind is whether you particular mount allows you to use all of the functions of your cell phone. Some models allow you to use all of the buttons and jacks on your phone, while others completely encapsulate the phone. Be sure to buy a model that gives you the just the amount of access you need to the phone.

Warranty Options

The last thing you’ll want to consider is whether the company which manufactures your product stands by it and what kind of protection they offer if the unit fails. Some units have no warranty, other warranties offer unlimited lifetime warranties. However, in my experience, I’ve found that most of the mounts on the market today fall somewhere in between these two extremes.


As can be clearly seen, there are a lot of things to consider before purchasing a mount. Hopefully, we’ve cleared up some of the confusion by pointing you in the direction of some of the top models available and by giving you tips that make finding the perfect mount a whole lot easier. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you find just the exact mount you want.


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