When men are shopping for boots, they’re looking for a few key characteristics that will help them decide whether or not the boots are suitable for them. The durability of the boots, how they look, and how they fit are some of the metrics men will keep in mind when they’re shopping for new footwear, but there are a few other things to consider.

Because it can be especially difficult for men to find what they’re looking for among all of the boot varieties available in stores and online, we’ve decided to list the ten best boots for men below. The following list will enable any man to find the footwear they need and do it without having to do a bunch of research.

Best Boots For Men – Reviews

10Columbia Men’s Newton Ridge Plus Boots

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A man knows no bounds when they’re wearing a pair of these quality hiking boots from Columbia. It doesn’t matter if they wear them on the street or the trail, these boots are going to provide them with the traction and support they need to get through their day. They are manufactured with a high-quality suede that makes them water-resistant but does it without making them excessively bulky. They also have a light midsole that provides superior comfort and have a rubber sole that provides plenty of traction for just about any trail or street. And because it comes in colors that range from mountain red to black to deep rust, they’re also an extremely stylish choice, too.

9Merrel Men’s Moab 2 Hiking Boots

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These quality hiking boots from Merrel laugh at just about any trail they have to traverse. That’s because they’re designed to hold up to a variety of different conditions and to keep the wearer’s feet comfortable while they’re doing it. They have a breathable mesh lining that is comfortable and wicks away excess foot moisture. These boots also have a protective rubber toe cap, a removable insole and a quality Vibram sole that provides excellent traction in all weather conditions. It doesn’t matter if these boots are worn during winter or spring, summer or fall because they’re capable of handling just about everything thrown at them.

8Timberland Men’s White Ledge Ankle Boots

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No part of the world is out of reach when men are wearing this high-quality hiking boots. They are made out of 100% leather with a seam-sealed construction that keeps water from getting inside of them. They also have a rubber sole that provides the wearer with the traction they need to tackle just about any trail, regardless of how treacherous it is. And they’re also equipped with speed-lace hardware that’s resistant to rust and is designed to hold up under any conditions. It’s no wonder that these hiking boots are used by hikers for use all around the world.

7Ariat Work Men’s Groundbreaker Boots

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Ariat is a company that’s well known for making some of the most revolutionary riding boots currently available and these boots are no exception. They’re not only designed to look good, but they’re also designed to be durable and functional at the same time. They are engineered from the sole up to meet the needs of today’s top equestrian athletes, as well as ranch hands who need a pair of boots to protect their feet. As such, they’re made out of 100% full-grain leather, have suede uppers and are made with a rubber sole that provides the rider with the traction he needs out in the field.

6Skechers Men’s Blaine Orsen Ankle Boots

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These slip-on boots have a casual style and an outdoor ruggedness that any man is going to appreciate. They’re made with an oiled leather upper that’s equipped with elastic side panels for a more comfortable fit. They are also designed with a round toe, front and back pull tabs and full-contrast stitching for durability. These boots also have a fabric liner that’s comfortable on the feet and helps to wick away excessive moisture. Regardless of whether the man wears these boots with a pair of khakis or a pair of blue jeans, they’re sure to look good wearing these stylish boots.

5Ferro Aldo Mid-Top Casual Boots

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Although these boots are often described as being suitable for casual wear, the truth is that these boots can be worn in just about any circumstance imaginable. It’s easy to see men wearing these boots on the factory floor, in the boardroom or while they’re out on the town. They just have that classic style that allows them to fit in anywhere and they’re durable enough to hold up to just about any situation. They are made with renewable resources as well and are considered to be a vegan pair of boots. All of which makes these boots suitable for anyone who’s looking for durable footwear and is not only conscious of their style but is also conscious of the environment as well.

4Timberland Pro Men’s Pit Boss Boots

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Available in black, brown or wheat, these steel-toe boots are designed to be as fashionable as they are functional. They are made using real leather and are designed to be resistant to abrasions caused by rolling or falling objects. They also have a rubber outsole that’s designed to be resistant to oil and to provide the wearer they need for on-job performance. These boots meet relevant ANSI safety standards and are also designed to be extremely comfortable. It’s no surprise that these steel-toe boots are used by workers all over the world who not only want to protect their feet but also want to be comfortable while they’re standing for long periods.

3Under Armour Men’s Valsetz RTS Boots

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These boots are suitable for work or play, and indoor or outdoor use. They’re made with a very supportive mid-foot support that’s neither too soft nor too rigid and helps to keep the feet balanced during a variety of physical activities. They also have a TPU toe cap that helps to protect the toes from injury and are made with an outsole that provides plenty of traction. On this inside of these boots is an antimicrobial Ortholite sock liner that helps to wick away moisture and helps to keep the feet comfortable and healthy. All of this comes together quite well to make a pair of boots that reduce foot fatigue, even if they’re worn all day.

2Rockport Men’s Waterproof Storm Surge Boots

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Often described as work boots with a dress shoe sensibility to them, these Storm Surge Boots from Rockport can easily be worn from the boardroom to the great outdoors. They’re made using a high-quality leather that not only ensures that they’re extremely durable but also gives them a classic look. These boots also have a traditional lace-up closure that looks good but still provides an adequate fit. Because its rubber outsole is well made and slip-resistant, it will provide the wearer with the traction they need to overcome just about any situation. These boots come in one of two colors, two and that includes either black or tan.

1Maelstrom Men’s Tac Force Work Boots

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Some people describe these boots at tactical boots and others as work boots, but it doesn’t matter what they’re called because this footwear is extremely versatile. It can be used for just about any situation, and because it comes in either black or tan, it can be used with just about any uniform. These boots are made with full-grain leather and a nylon upper that’s durable but still allows them to look very professional. They also have a heavy-duty zipper on the side, a strong rubber outsole for improved traction, and a moisture-wicking lining that keeps the wearer’s feet comfortable.


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