When it comes to boxing gloves, you need something that is going to feel comfortable but also protects your hands. Some of the cheaper options might seem like a bargain, but they can lead to long-term problems, and reduce the enjoyment of boxing. Not every glove is made the same, there are a fair few differences and when it comes to the elite, you need to know what suits you.

Materials, size, and padding are just some of the things to consider. You can usually rely on the bigger brands, but even they make some products that are better than others. Before you try and make your way up the pound-for-pound list, you need to start with a reliable pair of boxing gloves. With your next jab in mind, here are ten of the best.

Best Boxing Gloves – Reviews

9Everlast Pro Style Training Gloves

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The famous name on the gloves means you are getting a reliable pair of gloves. Will padding exactly where it should be, including the back of the wrist, each impact is supported as it should be. You can choose from black, blue, or red, as well as 12, 14, and 16 oz. The palm has breathable meshing to increase the comfort which helps to keep your hand in place. Perfect for a tough spar, pad work or just hitting the bag. The synthetic leather has been constructed to last a long time. there could be a little more coverage over the wrist which would make things more comfortable, but with the easy on and off and ThumbLock technology which reduces the risk of injury, they are a proper glove.

8Venum Elite Boxing Gloves

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On your first day, it’s not always the best idea to stand out in the gym. Still, if you’re feeling confident then some of the eye-catching designs such as the ‘Mexican inspired’ colours will be of interest. Even still, there are more subtle colours if you want to get your hands on a pair of these high-performing boxing gloves. The triple-density of the foam gives true padding that supports the right places. The skintex leather used is of high-quality and they are handmade in Thailand. The long cuffs and reinforced palms ensure a protected fit that will help you to avoid injuries. The chock absorption is among the best. You will find that they still hold up well after the first year, and will serve you well beyond that.

7Hawk Boxing Gloves for Men & Women

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A stylish, yet functional option that is becoming one of the most popular. They are stuff with V layered foam that helps to prevent hand injuries and is incredibly durable. They maintain their support through over wrist joint support which helps to prevent wrist injuries. The tiny holes in the palm aid breathability, making them a comfortable wear. The hook and loop design makes them easy to remove so you can pack away quickly. You can get them in 8oz for kids sizes, and everything from 10- 16 oz depending on your needs. They come with a 1-year warranty meaning a purchase is risk-free, and are an excellent option for beginners, or anyone who needs a cheap pair for pad work and sparring.

6Fairtex Microfibre Boxing Gloves

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These colourful gloves look great and are among the most comfortable thanks to the zip. The hand compartment is tight but will loosen a little for your hand. The idea is that everything stays in place, making sure you avoid injuries. You get added knuckle and hand protection thanks to the Fairtex foam system that will really protect you with every punch. The velcro straps make them easy to get on and off. these limited edition gloves come in some unusual designs including graffiti, the Australian flag, as well as some bright and fun colours. Good for training and bag hitting, then will are a good option for both men and women who want a reliable boxing glove.

5Cleto Reyes Hook & Loop Training Gloves

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With some added flair thrown in, these gloves impress with their high standards and quality materials. Using goatskin leather, they look great. With the water-repellant lining, they will help to keep your hands dry so you are not distracted when throwing your punches. The attached thumb area helps to avoid injuries, and latex foam pads the glove, protecting your fist. They are suitable for sparring and pad work and are easy to get on and off thanks to the hook and loop closing method. they have a reputation for being hard-hitting gloves and can withstand heavy use. For many people, buying a durable pair of gloves that can be used several times a week, all-year-round is important, making these an attractive option.

4Starpro Boxing Gloves for Men & Women

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Like all good boxing gloves, these come in a variety of colours. But don’t let that be the thing you remember about them, they are better than their lack of reputation suggests. the curved, moulded foam adds a good layer of protection for hours of jabbing and is consistent throughout the areas you need the most support. The moisture-wicking mesh has been strategically placed to make sure your hands stay dry and hygienic. The secure velcro strap gives wrist stability, making sure you avoid injuries. The thumb area has been designed with your security in mind, so injuries are less likely. They come in a range of sizes, including 6oz and 8oz for kids. A good, value for money option that will please the beginner to the intermediate boxer.

3Anthem Athletics STORMBRINGER II

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An excellent glove for all sorts of martial arts as well as boxing, they are made in small batches, which often makes them sought after. Despite the quality materials, they are reasonably priced. The real buffalo leather means they will last a long time, and in the triple foam, they will offer you the padding to leave the impact on the target, not your fist. With breathable mesh where you need it, they will maintain their comfort throughout your spar or rounds of pad work. Designed in the USA, they don’t use celebrity endorsements which means they can keep pricing down. They are an emerging brand that are making waves, so people might be asking you where you got your gloves from. In the quality materials and comfortable feel, you’ll be eager to tell them.

2Elite Sports Boxing Gloves

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In sizes that range from the small kid’s gloves, up to the bigger adults sizes, these entry-level gloves offer good value. The shape has been moulded to be a comfortable fit, so you can concentrate on your next move, and not think about the glove at any point. The triple-density foam allows you to land at will, the impact is comfortable, and your hand is protected in all the right places. Made from Maya hide leather, they are incredibly light and easy to clean. The leather wrist is stretchable, yet held in place by a velcro strap. this reduces the likelihood of injuries and installs confidence in the user. They stay cool throughout thanks to the breathable design and will offer a lot of hours and days of use.

1Wesing Pro Grade Boxing Gloves for Women and Men

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For a reasonably priced, yet durable boxing glove, Wesing has created a good place to start. The machine produced mould feels good, and the padding extends to both the front and back for increased support. They are available in sizes from 8oz – 16oz and come in a variety of eye-catching colours. Using non-irritating materials, they will be fine for casual use, as well as extended wear from more advanced boxers. The protection is there when you strike, your fist will be where you want it, and every punch feels good. The lifespan is better than a lot of products that are double in price so the value you get when you buy a pair of Wesing gloves is worth it alone.

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