Top 10 Best Camping Chairs of 2018 – Reviews

Don’t even think of going on a long camping trip without packing a reliable camping chair for you to sit on. According to experienced campers, a camping chair can be just as important as a tent or a sleeping bag, so make sure to bring one along next time you go camping.

Seeing how most camping activities require a lot of effort on your part, it would be nice to have a nice, comfortable chair to rest on after doing your chores around the camp. To help you find one that best suits your needs, we put together a list of the ten best camping chairs money can buy.

Best Camping Chairs – Reviews

10Trekk Outdoor Chair

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The Trekk Outdoor chair is a high-quality folding chair made using premium canvas and a breathable mesh back for a proper fresh air ventilation. Trekk Outdoor also features a triple enforced stitching that gives it not only durability but also a top-grade finish. And what’s more, it is not just lightweight (3lbs) courtesy of its robust pole pocket construction; it also includes a state of the art swivel mechanism which rotates 360 degrees to make it ideal for camping and campsite events.

9KingCamp Sofa Chair

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The KingCamp Chair is a durable and quality sofa chair made of premium steel and pure polyester Cotton Oxford material. It also features padding in its sitting area for better comfort, extra straps for extra stability and firmness and an easy to fold and open system that makes it user-friendly. Aside from its strapped carrying bag that accompanies it, it also comes with a limited manufacturer warranty.

8Timber Ridge Smooth Glide


buy buttonThe Timer Ridge chair is a modern chair made from a durable 600D polyester material not to mention its sturdy steel frame all fully padded. The chair features plastic armrests, an exclusive locking system for added stability, and a comfortable and user-friendly folding and setup mode. Furthermore, aside from its 300lbs user weight capacity, it also includes a 1-year manufacturer warranty.

7Lafuma Futura XL Zero Gravity Chair

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The Lafuma Futura is a sizeable campsite seat designed to give optimal comfort. It features among others a lever-lock system which enables numerous positions, a mattress-to-frame clip system that helps boost support no matter your sitting position, and a user-friendly folding system. Also, its zero gravity position offers you a more comfortable and relaxed sitting position feeling, aside from its smart suspension system that clip links the steel tubing and fabrics to enable proper back support and comfort. Besides its eco-styles fabric that is treated using an anti-fungal spray for mildew prevention and UV resistance, it also comes with a detachable headrest cushion, footrest, and footpads.

6ALPRANG Folding Camping Chair

buy buttonThis folding chair made using durable aluminum alloy is not only portable but also lightweight and straightforward to fold that makes it easy to use. It has a sturdy frame that allows it to support your body weight and offers it an angled position that provides comfort for your back. What’s more aside from this chair being user-friendly, it is also lightweight and includes pre-joined hinges that allow both a comfortable but even a quick connection that is hassle-free.

5STRONGBACK Low Gravity Chair

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The Strongback chair is one that prides itself with boasting a cherished design with an exclusive lumbar support and ability to align your posture in the best way to avoid unwanted tension. It features an ergonomic design also that allows it to improve its comfort besides being quite simple to use and extremely portable. What’s more, aside from coming with extra-large feet, it also has an inbuilt cup holder, a lock for its open position, and an underlying polyester fabric that is wear-and-tear resistant not to mention a powder coated frame. It also comes with a free carry case that features double straps for easier portability.

4STRONGBACK Elite Camping Chair

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Strongback Elite is an exclusive folding camping chair that features a cherished patented frame-integrated lumbar support design aligns your body posture in the best of manners relieving spine relief and muscle tension. This chair is lightweight, user-friendly, simple to use, and features a carrying case with double straps for easier portability. Lastly, it comprises a wear and tear resistant, heavy-duty polyester not to mention a durable UV resistant coated frame.

3Quik Shade Camp Chair

buy buttonQuick Shade canopy chair is an ideal option for any outdoor experience courtesy of its adjustable canopy. It features a patented design that makes the canopy flexible from side to side, is easy to fold away and assemble, and is made using a durable steel frame and tough, water and stain resistant polyester. Aside from its 9lb lightweight capacity, it has two mesh and fabric cup holders and supports a total weight of about 225lbs.

2Stylish Camping Full Back Folding Chair

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This lightweight camping chair comes with an integrated side table and a comfortable, wonderfully designed seat made using an anodized aluminum frame. It features a stylish look courtesy of its underlying polyester fabric (black) that is not only mildew resistant but also simple to wash. Aside from the incorporate table, it also includes padded armrests, footrests, a storage net (under the seat), not to mention an extra back-positioned storage punch. What’s more, aside from folding well, it also comes with a storage bag and carrying handles that ease its portability.

1Coleman Aluminum Deck Chair

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This is an affordable aluminum made deck chair made to support a maximum 225lb weight capacity. This chair offers added advantage for its accompanying integrated cup holder and side table. What’s more, it features an angled sitting position, solid padded armrests and a cushioned backpack for total relaxation. Coleman has also made it using weather-resistant material which is efficiently convenient, and with its easy to fold up capacity and padded carry handles, it makes it an easily portable accessory.


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What To Look For In A Camping Chair

Even though most people look for comfort in a chair above everything else, when it comes to camping chairs one must also pay attention to the construction. We say this because camping chairs have to withstand a lot more abuse than your average patio chair. For this reason, a good camping chair should enjoy a quality stitching, flexible yet durable materials, and a foldable design for easy storage. In fact, let us find out what characteristics best describe a quality camping chair.

Types of camping chairs

Depending on their construction, camping chairs can vary in size, design, and versatility. While for the most part, a comfortable camping chair should do the trick for casual campers, a longer camping trip requires a differently abled chair. For such a trip, you need a chair that will not only fold down to a fairly compact size for easy transport but also one that enjoys a sturdy construction to survive all potential dangers that such a trip can pose.

Compact camping chairs – These chairs may lack the comfort that larger camping chairs provide, but they surely compensate by being lightweight and easy to store. So easy to store, in fact, that people generally carry multiple such chairs when going on camping trips. Given their size, you cannot expect these chairs to boast too many additional features other than perhaps a small cushion for your lower back.

Regular camping chairs – Standard camping chairs also share a standard size for the most part, which means that you can rest assured about how they will fit inside your luggage if you buy a
new one to replace an old, worn-out camping chair you might already own. These chairs also boast a few quite interesting features like comfortable armrests, large undersides for added stability, and even extra cushioning for your neck and shoulders.

Luxurious camping chairs – We include in the ‘luxurious’ class all those camping chairs that are designed for absolute comfort above all else. These are akin to the recliners many of us have in our homes and they include the features to match. They tend to boast a wide array of interesting features like cup holders, leg rests, reclining capabilities, and lots more. They are also a bit more expensive than your average camping chair but that should be expected given their overall quality.

Consider the weight

You should also pay attention to a camping chair’s weight before making any sort of purchase. Too heavy and you’re going to have issues carrying it around. Too light and it might not provide the adequate support you require. In this respect, compact camping chairs are the most convenient, because not only do they provide a decent standard of support but they also weigh very little. At the same time, keep in mind that an average camping chair should accommodate up to 250 lbs of weight at any given time without taking any structural damage.


Camping chairs can be made out of various materials chosen mostly for their flexibility and durability. On average, the legs of a camping chair are made of aluminum due to its overall strength and because of how lightweight it is. The fabric used for such a chair can involve coated rip-stop nylon, which is most common, or closed cell foam padding which doesn’t absorb any water. Furthermore, folding seats tend to boast a carbon fiber construction so as to retain their rigidity at all times.

Extended pads

It is common for folding seats to have extended pads. These pads provide cushioning for added comfort, they fold out to insulate your legs, and they can generally be extended to turn the chair into a sleeping pad. Although not all camping chairs have them, chairs with extended pads should always be preferred to traditional versions, not only for the comfort they provide but also for protecting your legs from all the dirt and dust in the camp’s environment.


Last but not least, a camping chair should not only be sturdy and comfortable but also easy to carry. For this reason, most camping chairs enjoy a foldable design, making them easy to store and even easier to carry around in a bag or backpack. Slightly larger camping chairs, on the other hand, come equipped with their very own carrying case with straps to facilitate easy transport. For the most part, these cases are weatherproof and guaranteed to protect the chairs against any sort of damage.


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