Top 10 Best Camping Cook Sets of 2018 – Reviews

Campers spend a lot of time figuring out what’s equipment is best for them. They seek out the toughest backpacks, top-notch navigational equipment and the most comfortable and waterproof boots they can find. Why shouldn’t they take some time to figure out the best camping cook set for their needs? After all, if you don’t have the right equipment, then your outdoor activities won’t be as enjoyable as they could be.

Choosing a camping cook set isn’t all that easy, however. There are dozens of different camping equipment manufacturers making hundreds – if not thousands – of different camping cooking set brands. Which makes it time-consuming to go through all of them and determine which one is right for you.

Fortunately, I have some recommendations that will give you some quick options. I’ve selected ten of the best models that were currently available and listed them for your convenience. Some of them are for just solitary campers and some of them are for groups of campers, but all of them are worth taking a look at.

Following my recommendations for finding the best one possible, I’ve also included some things to consider before purchasing a set. While many novice campers will just choose the cheapest set available or will choose one randomly, most experienced campers know that they need to put a little bit of thought into their cookware selection. These tips will help you to decide what your cookware should be made of, what pieces you may need to cook properly and other things that you may not have thought about.

Best Camping Cook Sets – Reviews

10Texsport Kangaroo 7-Piece Camping Cookware With Storage Bag

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Packed in a mesh storage bag, this 7-piece camping cookware set is designed to be easily taken into the wilderness for your next camping trip or car camping trip. It’s made out of aluminum, so it’s not only durable but also lightweight-weighing only about 2-pounds. This kit contains a 1-quart pot, 2 frying pans, a 1 & 1/2-quart pot, a 2 &1/2-quart pot, and other pots. These pots have a heat treated exterior finish and an interior that has a non-stick coating, so it’s easy to clean.  This set is ready to accompany you into the great outdoors and give you some nice cooking options.

9Esbit 3-Piece Lightweight Cook Set for Camping

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There are camping trips or hikes in which you don’t want to bring a full cook set and everything from a frying pan to the kitchen sink. Sometimes, simplicity is key and for those instances, this Esbit cook set is ready to deliver. It’s just three components a 585-milliliter pot, a lid, and a pot stand. Simple to carry and easy to use, this set will provide many trips worth of hot soups and beverages. This set uses solid fuel cubes, which are sold separately, and heats up pretty quickly. It’s a good set for hikers and campers who want to keep things a little bit light.

8Stanley Base Camp Set For Four Cookware

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This 19-piece kit is perfect for base camp cooking for multiple campers or hikers or for RV owners. This kit features everything you need to prep, cook and serve your meals outside, except for the fire or fuel source. It features service for four and contains a pot with a lid, cutting board, spatula, frying pan, 4 sporks, serving spoons, bowls, plates, a trivet and a dish drying rack. And since it only weighs a total of 5 & 1/2-pounds, it’s easy to pack and transport. It’s a great way to bring a little bit of home with you on your next adventure.

7G4Free Outdoor Set for Cooking

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Made of FDA approved anodized aluminum, this set is not only lightweight and convenient to use but you can rest assured that it’s also safe. This set features a big pot, small pot, big frying pan and a small frying pan. The pots and pans not only heat up quickly but also have foldable handles that make them easy to pack away. This cookware kit fits together in such a way that it makes it easy to store other items with it such as salt or spices, matches, sponges or other items. This set has a variety of uses for camping, backpacking, hiking or as part of a survival kit.

6Stansport Premium Stainless Steel 7-Piece Family Cook Set

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This family cook set has all of the cookware that a family would need when they went out camping or took the RV out on the road. It features four pots with sizes from 1-quart up to 4-quarts, a 10-inch frying pan, a universal fit lid and a detachable universal handle that can be used on the pan and all of the pots. This set is easy to use and clean and they even nest together so they’re also easy to transport from one place to another. The pots are made from 18/10 stainless-steel and the frying pan has a bottom that facilities even heat distribution.

5Bisgear Camping Cooking Gear Set

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This camping cooking gear set is made from FDA approved anodized aluminum and is not only convenient to take on camping trips or out in the RV but is also easy to use and clean. It comes with a foldable knife/fork/spoon combination, a nonstick pot, 2 BPA-free bowls, a canister stand tripod, a rice ladle, mini-stove and a nylon bag to carry it all in. It’s a set that basically has just about everything you would need to make a nice meal while you’re exploring the great outdoors. This set is easy-to-use, easy-to-carry and is easy-to-clean.

4Yodo Anodized Aluminum Camping Kitchen Set

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Designed to be used by up to five people, this camping kitchen set has all of the cooking gear necessary to make a great outdoor meal. This makes it a good set for campers, RV’ers, hikers or anyone else who needs to cook up a meal while on the go. It comes with pots in 3-sizes (small, medium & large), a frying pan, 5 bowls, 2 medium plates, 1 large plate, 1 rice ladle, 1 soup spoon, a loofah sponge and a storage bag made from mesh. The pots and pans are made of anodized aluminum and the plates and bowls are made from Polypropylene.

3Gold Armour 17-Piece Camping Mess Kit

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This 17-piece cookware mess kit can be purchased in one of four different colors and contains all the equipment one would need to make a delicious meal while camping or out on the trail. It comes with an anodized aluminum pot, a nonstick frying pan, a rice ladle, a loofah sponge, 2 BPA-free bowls, a BPA-free spoon, a fire starter, a mini-stove and a nylon bag. This set is not only easy to use and use but is also fairly easy to transport. It also makes a great gift for that outdoors man, camper or RV enthusiast on your holiday list.

2Stanley 24-Ounce Camp Cook Set

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This 24-ounce camp cook set is made for travelers, campers, hikers and RV enthusiasts who like to keep their cooking gear to a minimum. After all, sometimes simplicity is the best policy. This set comes with a 24-ounce 18/8 stainless steel pot with a locking handle that folds to save space and extends when you need to cook. The container also has a vented lid and has markings that tell you exactly how much you have a cup. This set has two insulated 10-ounce cups that nest inside it so you can easily transport it.  All of these features mean this set is ready to cook up your favorite soup or hot beverage at a moments notice.

1Mallo Me Backpacking Cook Set

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Whether you need a cookware set for camping, to take with you as your biking the great outdoors or you simply need a cook set for your survival gear, this set is sure to please. This 10-piece set has a collapsible design that’s easy to store and easy to carry. This set comes with an anodized aluminum 1-liter nonstick pot, a pot cover, 2 BPA-free bowls, a nonstick pan, a BPA-free soup spoon, a folding stainless steel spork, a wooden spoon spatula, a cleaning sponge and a nylon drawstring travel bag. Everything you need to whip up a great meal when you’re away from your home kitchen.


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How to Choose the Best Camping Cook Set

When it comes to finding sets for cooking, there are three things that need to be considered – at least, in my opinion. These three things are what material the cookware is made of, the pieces that come with it and the extras you may need to cook. Let’s examine each of these individually.

Cookware Composition

Cookware sets for camping are made from a number of different materials but the mains materials they are made from include anodized aluminum, aluminum, titanium, stainless-steel and cast iron. Each of these materials have their pros and their cons and it’s up to the individual to determine which is right for them. Here are the pros and cons of each.

Anodized Aluminum

Anodized aluminum is not only popular among campers but it’s also popular among home cooks. That’s because it offers some really great features. However, it also has its drawbacks.

-Heats evenly

-More expensive than aluminum


Aluminum pans have many of the same benefits of anodized aluminum but they also tend to have a few more drawbacks.


-Dents easily
-May react with acidic and alkaline foods


With almost half the weight of aluminum, Titanium is quickly becoming a popular choice among campers and hikers.

-Heats quickly

-Poor conductivity leads to hot spots

Stainless Steel

While stainless steel doesn’t heat as well as some materials, it’s still pretty light and durable-which makes it a popular choice.

-Scratch resistant

-Heavier than Aluminum or Titanium
-Has hot spots which can lead to scorching

Cast Iron

This material has been popular for thousands of years-and for good reason, although it does have its drawbacks as well.

-Lasts for generations
-Naturally non-stick
-Can be used for cooking and baking
-Cooks evenly

-Needs to be regularly seasoned
-May rust in moist conditions

Needed Cookware Pieces

Deciding what to pack for camping or hiking is a very personal decision, there are some guidelines to consider when choosing what cookware you’ll need for your trip. While you’re free to pack whatever you want, here are a few guidelines for cookware packing depending on what kind of camping or hiking you’re planning on doing.

For Light Camping or Backpacking

  • A 1-liter pot (serves up to 4 people)
  • A spoon or spork for each person
  • A water canteen
  • MREs (meals ready to eat) for each person

Normal Backpacking

  • Knife
  • Spoon or spork for each person
  • plate or bowl each person
  • Mug each person
  • Water canteen
  • A 2-liter pot (for every 4 people)

Car Camping or Base Camp

  • 4-liter pot
  • 2-liter pot
  • frying pan
  • A Universal lid
  • Cutting board
  • Knife
  • Spoon or spork for each person
  • Mug each person
  • Clean up equipment

Extras to Consider

Another thing that should be considered are the odds and ends that you may need for cooking. These are items that may not be necessary but are nice to have on extended trips. Here are a few things that you may want to consider.

  • Rice ladles
  • Spoon ladles
  • Portable stove
  • Trivets
  • SOS Pads
  • Removable pot handles or silicone pot grabbers
  • Biodegradable soap
  • Camp towels
  • Paper towels

You’ll also want to decide whether you need specialized cookware equipment for your camping or hiking trip as well. This can include things such as solar ovens, cast iron dutch ovens, rice steamers, and teapots. These are items that can bring a little luxury to your campsite but they also brink extra weight to it, too.


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