A well-cleaned and maintained gun is not only more reliable, but it is also safer to use, so it’s important for gun owners to clean their guns regularly. And one of the pieces of equipment that a gun owner can use to keep their firearms in good condition is a gun cleaning kit. A good kit will provide all of the tools a gun owner needs to clean their firearms and a way to keep all of those tools together for convenience. We decided that we wanted to take a look at the best ones available, so we did the research and found the ten best kits for cleaning guns. Now every gun owner can keep their firearms in the best condition possible.

Best Gun Cleaning Kits – Reviews

10Otis Technology Otis Elite Cleaning Kit

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There are several reasons why many firearm enthusiasts consider this product to be the best gun cleaning kit available, but in our opinion, it all comes down to the variety of the tools that it has. This kit has 16 different firearm specific bore brushes that are designed to handle just about anything from a .17 caliber firearm up to a 12-gauge shotgun. It also features 8-inch, 12-inch and 36-inch aircraft-grade memory-flex cables and thread connectors that are useful for breech to muzzle cleaning. And it all comes in a convenient carrying case that holds it all together. And those are the reasons why this is a great cleaning kit for any firearm enthusiast.

9BrownTC Universal Cleaning Kit

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If a gun owner wants to know if this is a quality gun cleaning kit, then all they have to do is take a good look at it. Not only does this kit have a durable carrying case that does a good job of organizing and protecting the tools contained inside of it, but it also has some of the highest quality tools available. This set contains 6 brass rods, 13 brass jags, 4 brass slotted tip, 14 bronze brushes, 3 utility brushes, 9 mops, 4 polishing cloths, 1 empty oil bottle, and 50 cleaning patches. Since most of its cleaning tools are made from brass, firearm enthusiasts never have to worry about broken rods when they’re using this quality kit.

8Otis Technology .223/5.6mm Rifle Cleaning Kit

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Because this gun cleaning kit is only designed to clean .223 caliber/5.56mm rifles, some people might think the uses of this kit is pretty limited, but that’s not the case at all. Not when you think of the variety of rifles that come in those sizes. This kit contains a flexible case that’s very portable and keeps all of the tools together. Some of the tools that can be found in this kit include 8-inch and 30-inch memory-flex cables suitable for breech-to-muzzle cleaning, cotton 2-inch patches, a .223 caliber bronze bore brush and a small obstruction remover.

7Boosteady Universal Handgun Cleaning Kit

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Even though this kit is inexpensive and portable doesn’t mean that it isn’t capable of doing a great job of cleaning handguns. In fact, this kit is designed to provide the handgun owner with everything they need to keep their guns clean, regardless of the caliber. This kit can be used to easily clean .357, .38 and 9mm handguns. Inside of this kit can be found 2 brass cleaning rods that can be threaded to make a 10.5-inch rod, 100 pieces of gun cleaning patches, a metal cleaning pick, small and large slotted nylon tips, phosphor bronze bore brushes and nylon jags. No handgun will go uncleaned by the owner of this kit and that’s for sure.

6IUNIO Universal Gun Cleaning Kit

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This gun cleaning kit is available for purchase with either a bright pink case, a green case or an olive and each one of these are perfect for both casual gun owners or firearm enthusiasts. Inside of these well-designed cases is all of the tools required for the proper maintenance of a firearm. There are 6 gun rods, 1 cleaning mate, 14 bore brushes, 9 gun mops, 13 gun jags, 4 slotted-tips, 3 utility brushes, 3 accessory adapters, 4 polishing cloths, 2 empty oil bottles, and 100 cleaning patches. These tools ensure that the gun owner will be able to clean any firearm they own quickly and efficiently.

5Hoppe’s No. 9 Deluxe Firearm Cleaning Kit

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Not only is this a high-quality gun cleaning kit that has many of the tools required by gun owners to keep their firearms in good condition, but it’s also a nice looking kit. It comes in a durable wood box that not only keeps the cleaning tools safely ensconced inside of it but is beautiful enough to proudly display. Inside of this box are a variety of tools that include phosphor bronze brushes, brass rods, a silicone cleaning cloth, slotted ends, and lubricating oil. It even comes with a gun care manual that gives practical gun cleaning advice. This makes this kit suitable for any gun owner.

4Allen Company Ruger Handgun Cleaning Kit

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Unlike many of the other gun cleaning kits we’ve reviewed so far, this one doesn’t have universal applications. It’s only designed to clean handguns and isn’t made for cleaning shotguns and rifles. Some of the handguns that can be cleaned with this kit include .357 Magnums, .38 Specials, .44 Magnums, and a variety of other handguns including 9mm, 10mm, and .45 ACP guns. Some of the tools that can be found in this handgun cleaning kit include cleaning rods, slotted adapters, bore swabs, muzzle guards, bore brushes, and jags. This selection of tools, as well as a convenient carrying case, make this one of the best handgun kits currently available.

3GloryFire Universal Gun Cleaning Kit

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This all-in-one gun cleaning kit is designed to have the tools needed by gun owners to clean a variety of firearms including pistols, rifles, and shotguns. It comes in a compact case that’s easy to take on the go and keeps all of the tools contained within it safe until they’re needed. The tools found in this kit include brass and nylon plastic tools that are designed to hold up to the rigors of gun cleaning. Some of the tools found in this kit include 9 mops, 1 black-powder jag, 4 slotted-patches, solid brass rods, muzzle guards, and accessory adaptors. It’s an arsenal of tools that’s suitable for cleaning any gun collection.

2Freetime Upgraded Universal Cleaning Kit

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Inside of this grab-and-go green case are some of the more common gun cleaning tools that a gun owner is going to need to use to maintain several different firearms. This kit’s case is made out of a durable material and is designed to keep the brushes and tools from sliding around while the gun owner is traveling with it. This gun cleaning kit comes with 3 solid-brass rods for 17-270 caliber rifles, brass rods for 30-caliber rifles and 14-brass brushes. It also features 9 bore mops, 3 utility brushes, 3 muzzle guards, 1 black powder jag, 12 spear-pointed jags, polishing cloths and cleaning patches. All of which makes this a great universal cleaning kit.

1Ohuhu Universal Firearm Cleaning Kit

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One of the first things that anyone will notice about this universal gun cleaning kit is that it comes with a handy case that keeps all of the tools in one place. It’s a suitcase-type case that keeps all of the tools safe and secure and is easy to put on a shelf or into a cabinet. Inside of this marvelous case is all of the tools a gun owner needs to clean common-caliber firearms. There’s a universal handle, 3 stainless-steel shotgun rods, 3 stainless-steel rifle rods, 10 bronze wire brushes, 5 cotton cleaning brushes, 2 plotted patch loops, a cleaning pact kit and 3 accessory adaptors, too.

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A Guide To Using A Gun Cleaning Kit

Once a person has purchased the best gun cleaning kit that they can afford, it’s time for them to learn how to use that kit effectively. That’s why we decided to write this guide in the first place. Although this guide may not provide experienced gun owners with any new information, it’s a good place to start for anyone new to cleaning their gun. As is always the case, the gun owner should always treat his weapon as if it were loaded—even while, or especially while, they’re cleaning it.

Step One: Have A Gun Cleaning Room Or Space

The first thing the gun owner is going to want to do is to prepare a room for cleaning their weapon. If the person doesn’t have enough floor space to dedicate an entire room of their home, then they should at least clear off an area that’s dedicated to nothing but cleaning their weapon.

This room (or area) needs to be completely away from ammunition. This includes not only loose ammo but also ammo canisters. You don’t want any chance of a weapon that’s in the cleaning area being accidentally loaded with a bullet. The area should also have a stable surface such as a table that the cleaning equipment can be laid out and the gun can be taken apart on. Ammunition should always be stored away from the cleaning area—no ifs, ands or buts.

And lastly, this cleaning area should be away from where children play. It’s also a good idea to make sure that the area is locked and that any firearms that might be in the room are put up and away from anyone who might make it into the room and is securely locked away. The more preventative measures a gun owner can incorporate into their cleaning room the better.

Step Two: Clean Your Hands & Put On Gloves

The next step in cleaning your gun is to thoroughly wash your hands and then place black nitrile gloves on. This will prevent any of your skin’s natural oils from harming the inner and outer parts of your firearm. Good gloves will also prevent your skin from absorbing any of the solvents that you might be used for cleaning your gun.

Step Three: Unload Your Gun

The next thing that’s extremely important is to unload the gun. As we always recommend, even if you think that the weapon is empty, you should still treat it as if it were loaded. This means making sure that the weapon is pointed away from you and that you go through the steps to unload it. And remember, it’s never wrong to double or triple-check that you’ve unloaded your weapon. It’s not being compulsive, it’s being safe.

Step Four: Put Down Your Gun Matt & Use Your Bore Snake

The next step is to place down your gun mat to protect the table or workbench from any of the solvents that you might be using. At this stage, you can also use a bore snake to remove some of your weapon’s gunk before you break out your cleaning rods. That’s not necessary, but it is something a lot of gun owners like to do before disassembling and cleaning their weapons.

Step Five: Secure & Disassemble The Gun

The next step is to disassemble the weapon according to the gun’s manual. For long guns, some people like to place the weapon in a gun cleaning vise to keep it secure. For handguns, that’s not usually something that has to be done. Once the gun is disassembled properly, then you can begin cleaning.

Step Six: Clean The Gun

Now’s the step where the cleaning rods are assembled and the correct size brushes are chosen for cleaning the weapon. Use these cleaning brushes with the appropriate gun cleaning solvent—making sure to keep the recommendations of the gun manufacturer in mind while doing so. Usually, the cleaning rods are pulled through approximately 5-10 times. Notice that we said pull and not push. Cleaning rods should always be pulled through the weapon and never pushed through it.

If the cleaning patches are pulled through the gun and they’re still dark, then you should change them and pull them through as necessary until they come out white. Fortunately, cleaning patches are relatively inexpensive, so if you have to use 10 or 15 of them for a cleaning job, it should be no big deal.

Step Seven: Remove The Solvents

Once the gun has been cleaned, it’s time to remove any remaining solvents that might still be on the weapon. This can be done by using dry cleaning patches and the gun mop attachment. Make sure all solvent is removed before moving on to the next step.

Step Eight: Lubricate The Gun

Using a quality gun lubricate, make sure to properly lubricate the weapon. This will help to keep everything working smoothly and prevent dust from accumulating on the gun.

Step Nine: Clean The Gun’s Exterior

Once the gun has been lubricated, the outside of the gun can be cleaned. This is also a good time to check for signs of corrosion and to make sure all of the mechanics of the weapon is functioning normally.

Step 10: Wash Your Hands And Assemble Your Weapon

Wash your hands and add a little bit of lubricant to them. You can now reassemble the weapon and make sure that the firearm is properly functioning before putting it away. For best results, make sure to regularly clean your weapon to keep it in good shape.