Top 10 Best Hammock Chairs of 2018 – Reviews

A swinging hammock is perhaps the international symbol of relaxation and comfiness, at least when it comes to relaxing outdoors. The supreme sense of relaxation that a hammock offers cannot be achieved with any other type of chair or mattress, which is perhaps why these items are in such high demand.

Before going into great detail regarding the design and construction of quality hammocks, we should perhaps learn a little bit about what the market has in store. That said, let’s find out what are the ten best hammock chairs money can buy.

Best Hammock Chairs – Reviews

10Prime Garden Hammock Chair/Porch Swing Seat

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If your search revolves around an affordably priced but quality hammock chair, then this is among them. It is made using cotton and polyester together with a robust 40-inch-wide wooden hanging bar rendering it both durable and unbreakable. Its maximum capacity is 300 lbs. and besides its unique design that makes it suitable for both outdoor and indoor settings, it is easy to assemble. What’s more, it is lightweight and features polyester fiberfill on its back and seat for a subsequently comfortable experience.

9SueSport Swing Hanging Rope Chair (Porch Swing Seat)

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The SueSport chair is a cushion rope chair that features a cotton fabric construction plus wood over its bar. Similarly, it is also easy to relocate and even assemble courtesy of its lightweight characteristic. Its most enjoyable aspect is its swing which features a cotton fabric back support. Combine that with a sublime design and you have yourself an ideal accessory for relaxation.

8Cotton Rope Gifts & Decor Hammock Cradle Chair

buy buttonThis is a surprisingly looking hammock chair unbelievably made from recycled cotton. While it does not come accompanied by a pillow, it is easy to assemble and also relocate as inspired by it lightweight characteristic. Furthermore, we should point out that this particular hammock is suitable for hanging either from a tree branch or in a pouch. As such, you can use it freely in almost any environment.

7Calming Desert Hanging Hammock Swing by Sunnydaze

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Sunnydaze, as the name so outwardly suggests, is a colorful and glamorously styled hammock chair that is precisely designed to suit summer holidays. Its construction features two primary components mainly polyester canvas and durable and soft cotton. And like its counterparts on the list, Sunnydaze can also be relocated or hung at any location since it is amazingly lightweight at just 3.9 lbs. And can merely be attached using C-stand steel. Overall, this chair is well suited for outdoor relaxing or sleeping.

6Air Deluxe Hammock Hanging Chair by Best Choice Products

buy buttonAir deluxe from Best Choice products is an outdoor hammock chair that is made using double-layered 600D nylon material that is expediently weather resistant. Contrary to previous models, Deluxe is accompanied by a pillow for great head comfort and features an arm and footrests. What’s more, it is also able to shield users from harmful UV rays, a feature only a select few hammocks possess.

5The Original Club Fun Rope Chair

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If sales numbers are a parameter of measuring the best available hammock chairs, then Original Club Fun chair deserves both the credit and this spot. It comes with a pillow for enhanced comfort and supports not to mention a stunning color which will perfectly blend with your outdoor setting. Moreover, it offers perfect stability when either sitting or lying courtesy of its wooden and rope bars and is easy to assemble and or relocate because of its lightweight.

4Hammock Sky Large Brazilian Hammock Chair

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Large Brazilian is an exclusive hammock chair which derives its design from a renowned and unique style known as the ‘Brazilian Style.’ It prides itself as the best hammock chair regarding quality courtesy of numerous customer reviews and for a good reason. Aside from being durable, this chair also comes at quite an affordable price. Also, it is lightweight at just 3.7 lbs. And is as such not only easy to assemble but also portable. It comprises colorfast cotton thread inspires customers to push towards enjoying its soft sponge material. Large Brazilian is also not only suited for adults but is also ideal for kids and pets.

3Large Caribbean Polyester Hammock Chair

buy buttonThe Large Caribbean is a slightly different hammock chair from standard hammocks primarily because of its luxurious style which features soft-spun polyester material. What’s more, compared to the other listed models, it has a slightly broader spreader bar which gives ultimate relaxation and comfort. More importantly, Large Caribbean is a highly durable option since it comprises polyester and stainless steel cords.

2Hanging Caribbean XL Sunnydaze Hammock Chair

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Just like its predecessor, the Caribbean XL is a Sunnydaze made quality product but with a slight difference in design and model. It is made of a soft polyester material that perfectly augurs with customers and similar to the earlier mentioned models, it is also quite easy to assemble and consequently relocate. Not only that but it also benefits from a surprisingly sturdy construction that recommends it for almost any environment.

1Sorbus Blue Hammock/Swing Chair

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Sorbus Blue hammock chair tops this list as the very best and it is easy to see why. Aside from being ingeniously stylish, it is exceptionally convenient since one can hang it virtually anywhere. Its resilient construct emanates from a blend of cotton and polyester materials that make it ideally soft and better yet, it is suitable for people of all ages. It is perhaps for these reasons that it enjoys the tremendous popularity it has, a well-deserved reputation that speaks volumes about the quality you can expect.


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Choosing The Right Hammock Chair

In order to better understand what constitutes a quality hammock, we should first delve into how they are designed and for what purpose. We say this because there isn’t a single standard when it comes to hammocks; in fact, there is a whole variety of hammocks out there and they each come with their own particularities. It is their construction that defines how you should use them, so we should perhaps establish what types of hammocks one can choose from.

Sleeping Hammocks

Originally designed for sleeping, these hammocks have evolved quite a lot over the years, reaching a point where their use is far more versatile. Even so, their main intended purpose is still to provide a comfortable resting place for you to enjoy. These hammocks are built with comfort in mind, which means that they don’t have any pressure points to look for. As such, sleeping hammocks keep you in a constant suspended and perfectly supported position while you rest.

Lounging Hammocks

These types of hammocks are best used around the house, mostly due to their design. They are designed to not only look great by a pool or in a backyard but to also provide a practical seating option while you rest. Speaking of design, let us point out that these hammocks have wooden spreaders at each end and hanging hooks for suspension. Sometimes these hammocks are suspended by a stand that stretches between the two wooden poles via some sort of fabric. On a related note, it should be said that these hammocks are commonly made from synthetic materials like vinyl and acrylic.

Hiking Hammocks

The main advantage hiking hammocks have over all the others is the long-lasting, durable construction. Built to last, these hammocks can be set up almost anywhere in no time, many thanks to their lightweight, compact design. Despite their size, these hammocks are usually built to withstand loads of up to 400 lbs. They are also built to provide just as much comfort as a lounging hammock with the added benefit of being much more resilient.

Extreme Hammocks

When we talk about ‘extreme’ hammocks, we refer to the hammocks that rock climbers use when climbing particularly tall cliffs. Needless to say, these hammocks have to be extremely resilient because they quite literally provide the only support climbers get when they sleep. Commonly used in vertical camping, these hammocks hang on the side of a cliff by a single point, which
requires them to be very tough so as to not take damage when scraping against the rocks.

Double Hammocks

Also referred to as ‘two-people hammocks’, these hammocks are built to accommodate two people at the same time. Mostly used by couples, these large hammocks are usually built to withstand loads of up to 500 lbs or more. It is also common for them to be pleasantly decorated and to be made of extremely comfortable fabrics. As you would imagine, these hammocks should mainly be used casually, preferably between two reliable trees.


While most hammocks do indeed share the same general characteristics, they tend to differ in terms of construction type. This is because some hammocks require that you hook them onto already existing poles or trees whereas others come equipped with their own support configuration. For the most part, casual hammocks differ very little from one another because they’re usually quite simplistic in their design.

Spreader Bar Hammocks – These hammocks get their name from the wooden/metal bars at the head and feet of the hammock, bars used to provide support and balance. As a result of these spreader bars, these type of hammocks gets stretched extensively to provide an almost perfect surface to lie on. Because of this, spreader bar hammocks are mostly used for sunbathing near pools or any other body of water.

Jungle Hammocks – These hammocks stand out through the breathable materials used in their making. They also boast a fine netting intended to protect the user from any dangerous insects or snakes. At the same time, it is common for these hammocks to also have waterproof covers and/or waterproof sheets to keep the user sagely tucked in whenever the weather outside takes a turn for the worse. Experienced campers also rub insecticides on the suspension ropes to keep insects at bay.

Travel/Camping Hammocks – These hammocks are built to be extremely lightweight and easy to pack. In general, travel hammocks weigh less than two pounds and can fit inside an average backpack without taking up too much space. It is also possible for these hammocks to be fitted with mosquito nets and waterproof covers, but keep in mind that these additions add quite a bit of weight to the package.


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