Top 10 Best Hiking Boots for Kids in 2018 – Reviews

hiking boots for kids

Hiking isn’t just an adult-oriented activity, mind you, no matter what some of you might think. It is actually recommended that you bring your kids along every time you go out for a hike. The fresh air, the atmosphere, the adventure, they’re all good enough reasons to introduce your kids to mother nature so that they may develop a personal relationship with the environment, one that will hopefully help them later in life.

Just like adults, kids need quality gear when they’re out in nature, none perhaps more important than reliable footwear. Let us then find out what are the ten best hiking boots for kids and what to look for when shopping for a pair.

Hiking Boots For Boys

10Deer Stag Drew Hiking Boot

buy buttonAvailable for kids of between 4 and 12 years, this is a wonderful ballistic nylon and leather boot. It has a synthetic sole not to mention its 4.5-inch shaft with an ensuing 0.5-inch platform. The boot also comes with a toe cap that is abrasion resistant to boost coziness and security. What’s more, it also boasts amazing traction courtesy of TPR outsole composition which subsequently offers an amazing grip for excellent stability. This Deer Stag boot is sturdy, protective and of course durable. In addition, it is quite comfortable. It is lightweight thus quite easy to move with and also very simple to fit in. Finally, besides this boot being waterproof courtesy of its seam-sealed builds, it is also a pretty fast dryer that adds to its convenience.

9Columbia Youth (Newton Ridge) Hiking Boot

buy buttonMade using leather coated polyurethane material and accompanied by rust-proof laces, this is both a sturdy and comfortable boot. Columbia Youth comes with a rubber outer sole that enhances grip shock not to mention a 4-inch shaft from its arch. It is precisely designed to cruise through difficult landscapes and rigid topographies as exhibited not just by its durability, but also by its water-resistance. The boot is also lightweight and warm making it an ideal option to wear without causing strain or fatigue.

8Rocky Boys’ Insulated Boot

buy buttonRocky Boys is an insulated waterproof boot that suits both preteens and infants alike. It comprises an Ultra insulation Thinsulate material that inspires its water resistance, a high 5-inch ankle, an outer TPR rubber sole that guarantees maximum traction and grip and an amazingly sturdy and durable construct courtesy of its nylon material (900 Denier). What’s more, this boot is wonderfully comfortable and considering how lightweight it is, your kid can trek miles with it before complaining of exhaustion or strain. It is available in one color-mossy oak which is accentuated by a characteristic camouflage print that enables it to perfectly blend with nature.

7Timberland Pawtuckaway Hiking Boot

buy buttonAvailable in several size options for kids aged between 1 and 12 years, Pawtuckaway is the ideal fit for hiking activities. It boats a grain leather waterproof construct that makes it water resistant not to mention its signature rubber soles that optimize its balance and stability. Moreover, it has a rust-proof outer part making it durable and sturdy and with a characteristic Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) footbed, this boot is extremely comfortable. What’s more, this stylish hiking boot boasts shock absorption technology that keeps the feet both safe and secure not to mention its high breathability that adds to the comfort and convenience.

6Timberland White Ledge Hiking Boot

buy buttonDesigned for kids aging between 1 and 12 years, this White Ledge Timberland is among the most comfortable hiking options available. Besides exhibiting an EVA-inspired foot bed and a well-padded ankle area to offer optimal comfort, White Ledge comes with a synthetic material sole that also comprises a supportive shank designed from nylon. Furthermore, this sole which also boasts a seam-sealed waterproof sole build keeps the feet both dry and warm all day long. Furthermore, the boot has a characteristic 3.25-inch shaft from its arch and is particularly breathable allowing the feet to remain both non-sticky and moisture-free.

Best Hiking Boots for Girls

5Hi-Tec Penrith Hiking Shoes

buy buttonA stylish and sturdy boot designed from leather and textile, Penrith Hi-Tec is also a lightweight, comfortable and flexible hiking option for girls of all ages. Besides coming with a detachable sock liner (EVA) and a Dri-Tec mid-sole, this boot is also features cushioned mid-sole to offer both shock absorption and arch support. At the same time, these lightweight shoes can very well be worn socially given their exquisite design.

4Merell Chameleon Shoes

buy buttonAvailable in 2 exclusive heights; mid-height and low-ankle, this is among the most secure, comfortable and sturdy hiking boots for girls between ages 4 and 12 years. Merell is packed with numerous features among them a detachable footbed, M-Select FRESH feature that prevents odor naturally even before it surfaces, and M-Select DRY technology that makes it water resistant. Furthermore, it is a durable, strong yet stylish and breathable boot ideal for any long tours and hikes in dense and wet atmospheres.

3KEEN Koven Hiking Boot

buy buttonMade from a blend of synthetic materials and leather, the KEEN hiking boot is designed for girls between age 1 and 12 years. It boasts a rubber outsole for better comfort not to mention a characteristic waterproof membrane that keeps the feet dry. Additionally, it has a 4.5-inch shaft that allows great stability and ankle support. This makes the Keen Hoven boot a must-have for any kid who’s going to be spending a lot of time in nature walking on difficult terrain.

2Hi-Tec Logan Hiking Boots

buy buttonLogan Hi-Tec boots are an amazing hiking option made from textile and leather and offering exclusive Big-Fit system. To boost stability, these boots boast a unique 4-inch steel shank. Moreover, these boots which are complemented by a midsole EVA cushion plus a rubber outsole that prevent both pain and strains on the legs, are breathable, durable and of course comfortable.

1Hi-Tec Kid’s Tucano Boots

buy buttonDesigned to cater for girls of all ages, this Big-Fit System technology enabled boot comes with an exclusive EVA molded mid-sole and characteristic rubber sole to offer better shock absorption. In addition, it features a unique waterproof Dri-Tec liner that retains water and keeps the feet dry and warm not to mention a hell-bound lock system for enhanced safety. This boost is exceedingly durable and conveniently easy to wear and remove courtesy of its lacing system that combines traditional and ghillie laces and offers an extremely snug fit plus exceptional stability and balance.


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The Importance Of Good Hiking Boots For Your Kids

hiking boots kidsThe first thing you need to understand is that kids aren’t as resilient as adults, especially when dealing with a harsh environment. Kids sometimes hurt themselves doing superficial tasks, so having them hike on rough terrain is bound to pose some difficulties.

Seeing how their bodies are still growing, you want to prevent any long-term injury while still allowing them free reign when going for a hike, a balance you will only achieve by using the proper gear.

On average, kids require a lot more protection than adults when it comes to hiking or camping, which is where the importance of good protective gear becomes obvious. It is footwear that best determines how enjoyable a kid’s experience will be, reason enough for you to pick a pair of hiking boots that is not only protective but comfortable as well. Different from regular shoes, these boots usually employ a host of added features aimed at protecting the kid’s feet against sharp rocks, spines, and fallen branches.

Another thing to remember is that good hiking boots are almost all waterproof or at least water resistant. While impermeable, they still have to allow the feet to breathe, which is why high-quality hiking boots are so difficult to find and quite expensive when you do find them. Seeing how hiking requires that your kids walk a lot more on average than they do on a regular basis, the importance of finding a pair that is both protective and comfortable cannot be understated.

Choosing The Right Hiking Boots For Kids

A great deal of vigilance is required when shopping for a pair of kids hiking boots, not to mention how critical you have to be when judging each individual feature that might cause your kid any sort of discomfort. Starting from the actual weight of the boots and all the way to their impermeability, you want to ensure that the boot is built using lightweight yet resilient materials like polyester derivatives on the surface.

Speaking of which, here is what you have to look for when buying a pair of hiking boots for your kids:

The Material – Like we said, the material construction of a pair of hiking boots is paramount. In general, hiking shoes are made of either leather, synthetic, or rubber, with the added notion that some pairs feature all of them combined. With leather shoes, you get the benefit of strength and durability. Their only real issues being that they’re usually quite expensive and they’re not waterproof. Synthetic shoes, on the other hand, are both waterproof and comfortable but not as tough as leather ones. When it comes to rubber shoes, they are the most waterproof of all three materials, even though their breathability leaves a lot to be desired.

The Parts – The first thing to look for when trying to determine the durability of a pair of hiking boots is to see how its comprising parts are made. First of all, the sole must be thick and sturdy so as to protect your kid in the eventuality that they step on something sharp. Additionally, the sole should also be oil resistant and waterproof to some extent, for when you and your kid have to pass through a swamp, stream, or puddle. On a related note, the outer part of the shoes must also be water resistant or waterproof, while still robust enough to protect against the harsh environment.

Ankle Support – With hiking boots, you want a high ankle support both for your kid’s shoes and your own. When hiking, there is always a danger of falling and getting bruised, which is why a high-ankled pair of boots is to be desired. Not only that but high ankle support also allows you some freedom when trekking through the bushes. A high shaft can, therefore, serve multiple purposes, especially if you’re planning to hike on different types of terrain.

Additional Features – There is also a chance that you will find a pair of boots that offers an improved construction or additional features aimed to protect the feet to a greater extent than most boots. In this regard, some bots will boast a synthetic and sometimes ballistic nylon construction that vastly improves the boot’s water resistance at a much lower weight than most rubber or leather boots. It is also likely that some boots boast a reinforced outsole for when you sometimes kick various objects on the ground, which is where an abrasion resistant toe cap also shows its worth.


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