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What’s not to like about going for a hike as long as you have the right equipment and the will to do it? It is by far one of the most relaxing activities to occupy your spare time with, even more so nowadays when technology impedes our will to take the time to enjoy trekking, camping, or enjoying mother nature any other way.

When it comes to hiking, a good way to ensure that you’re going to have a good time is to make sure that you have the proper gear. No other piece of equipment is perhaps more important than hiking boots in this respect because you want your feet to be well protected and comfortable at all times. With this in mind, let us find out what are the ten best hiking boots the market has to offer at this point in time.

Best Hiking Boots for Men – Reviews

9Lowa Men’s Renegade Pro Gore-Tex Hiking Boots

buy buttonThis leather & Gore-Tex hiking boots are among the most durable out there, not only in terms of structural integrity but also when it comes to how much abuse they can take before showing sings of damage. Equipped with quality synthetic soles and a surprisingly large shaft, they’re also pretty comfortable to wear and easy to put on. Not only that but they also boast D-ring lacing hardware and contrast-hued laces for good measure.

8Asolo Men’s TPS 520 GV Hiking Boots

buy buttonIf you’re looking for durability above everything else, then Asolo Men’s TPS 520 GV is the way to go. These leather hiking boots feature lug-sole soles of the highest quality to ensure a perfect fit at all times, regardless of how humid the environment may get. Speaking of which, these particular boots are 100% waterproof, which is definitely something to look for when shopping for a pair of hiking boots.

7Danner Men’s Radical 452 GTX Outdoor Boots

buy buttonThanks to a leather & fabric construction of the highest quality, these hiking boots are guaranteed to offer a much higher standard of comfort than most, while still retaining an impressive level of durability. For this purpose, these boots boast a synthetic sole and a durable, nubuck leather upper with lightweight 1,000 denier nylon in its composition. As such, you can expect these boots to be very light in weight and easy to store.

6Columbia Men’s Bugaboot Plus III Omni Cold-Weather Boots

buy buttonWhat makes these particular boots stand out is their Techlite lightweight midsole which provides long-lasting comfort, superior cushioning, and a high energy return for you to enjoy. They also boast an Omni-Grip non-marking traction rubber outsole to improve your grip on whatever terrain you might be hiking on. Given how tall these boots are, you can also expect a much better standard of protection for your ankles.

5Maelstrom Men’s TAC FORCE Military Tactical Work Boots

buy buttonThanks to their polishable leather and nylon upper, these particular boots are extremely easy to clean up. The also enjoy removable high-performance shock-absorbent cushion inserts to provide you with a high degree of comfort throughout the day. Their padded collars and tongues ensure that you won’t have any issues with cold temperatures while their athletic cemented construction ensure that you won’t tire after wearing them for too long.

4Lowa Men’s Renegade GTX Mid Hiking Boots

buy buttonIt is the Vibram soles that make these boots stand out, the type of soles you normally find on all high-end, professional footwear. These boots also have Nubuck leather uppers and a sturdy platform to reduce stress to your heels. Given how tall the shaft of these boots is, you can rest assured that your ankles will always be protected from any potentially damaging element in the environment without making the boots too heavy.

3Columbia Men’s Newton Ridge Plus II Waterproof Hiking Boots

buy buttonWith these particular boots, you are guaranteed to enjoy a high degree of comfort while trekking to virtually any environment. Furthermore, the fact that these boots enjoy a PU coated leather, suede, mesh, and metal hardware construction makes them much more durable than most without making them too bulky or uncomfortable. As a matter of fact, their waterproof, seam-sealed construction makes them quite comfortable by most standards.

2Merrell Men’s Moab Mid Waterproof Hiking Boots

buy buttonA good choice when it comes to hiking boots is to go for a pair that features bellows tongues to keep debris out. This is precisely the case with the Merrell Men’s Moab Mid Hiking Boots which are designed to safeguard the wearer against all types of debris and dirt in the environment. They also feature a sturdy, breathable mesh and ghillie lacing with speed-lace hardware for added comfort and sturdiness.

1Timberland Men’s Chocorua Trail Gore-Tex Mid Hiking Boots

buy buttonThese are without a doubt, some of the best hiking boots money can buy right now and it’s easy to see why. Equipped with a thick, sturdy one-inch heel and a five-inch shaft, these boots make it easier for you to trek over any rough terrain of your choosing. They also enjoy a premium full-grain waterproof leather construction which boosts their overall durability and abrasion resistance. At the same time, these boots are surprisingly breathable while still being 100% waterproof thanks to their seam-sealed Gore-Tex membrane.


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Types Of Hiking Boots

types of hiking boots

While some of you might be inclined to think that hiking boots are pretty universal and versatile by nature, you will find that their design changes from one brand to another. Not only that but some hiking boots are much better at handling changes in weather than others, not to mention how much more comfortable some of them are.

To be more precise, there are three types of hiking boots to choose from, each with their own particularities:

Hiking Shoes – Like the name suggests, these low-cut shoes are designed to provide comfort above everything else. Due to their flexible midsoles, they are perfect for day hiking or relaxing walks across forest paths. Interestingly enough, some hikers also use low-cut hiking shoes for trail-running or long-distance journeys. Like we said, their overall design recommends them for any sort of ‘casual’ trekking you might be interested in.

Day Hiking Boots – With day hiking boots, you can expect both a standard degree of protection and a high degree of comfort. Often sacrificing durability in favor of comfort, these boots are usually recommended for people who prefer to take short-range hikes. These boots also flex easily and require almost no break-in time, even though they sometimes lack the support and durability of bigger boots.

Backpacking Boots – Not everyone who goes hiking wants to deal with the tiresome effects of trekking through rough terrain throughout the day. Many people, in fact, prefer to go out hiking with a backpack of sorts to carry whatever stuff they bring along. It is for these people that backpacking boots were invented as they are perfect when it comes to the support, comfort, and durability they offer. That said, these are also the type of boots with very little leeway when it comes to what you use them for.

What To Look For When Buying Hiking Boots

hiking boots for menEven though high-end hiking boots all share a similar standard, each particular model features specific characteristics. In order to find a good balance between a comfortable pair and a long-lasting one, you’re going to have to pay attention to some pretty straightforward features. Not to say that high-end models can be sub-par in any way, although some of them are usually designed with a specific purpose in mind.

Having said that, here is what you want to look for when shopping for a pair:

Quality Uppers – As far as uppers go, hiking boots can either have full-grain, split-grain, or nubuck leather uppers. Alternatively, they can also employ synthetics and waterproof membranes to protect the feet against the weather outside. With synthetics, you also get the benefit of having pretty lightweight boots along with a much better insulation during the cold season. At the same time, you should never sacrifice comfort for the sake of durability, no matter how cozy a pair of boots might seem.

Comfortable Midsoles – The midsole section of a boot determines the cushioning, buffering, and shock resistance of a boot. In this respect, you want a pair of boots that can handle the rough terrain without inconveniencing you in any way. A good way to ensure that happens is to look for EVA cushioning which is far cushier than bulky midsoles. If not, look for polyurethane midsoles because they also add to the boot’s structural integrity durability-wise.

Internal Support – Another thing to consider when shopping for hiking boots is the internal support each pair has to offer. We say this because some boots boast shanks inserts between a boot’s midsole and outsole, an addition that increases the load-bearing stiffness of the midsole. If not, they will usually have thin plates installed which are designed to protect the feet from bruises caused by roots or sharp rocks.

Hard Outsoles – Unlike regular walking shoes that have to be flexible and adherent, hiking shoes have the main task to protect a hiker’s feet against sharp roots or rocks. For this reason, rubber & carbon outsoles seem to offer the ideal protection, be it in a lug pattern or a heel brake design. While lug pattern boots have the purpose of improving a hiker’s grip, heel brakes are intended to reduce the chance of sliding during steep descents.

How To Choose The Best Hiking Boots