Top 10 Best Hiking Sandals for Women in 2018 – Reviews

You expect hiking sandals to be as supportive and comfortable as possible, a balance that isn’t always easy to find. Because your feet are susceptible to injury when trekking on rough terrain, a pair of hiking sandals should first and foremost protect your feet from getting hurt, with the added benefit of a good airflow and comfort being second.

Unlike hiking boots, sandals are a lot lighter and easier to store, which means that they won’t slow you down in the slightest when going on a camping trip. Having said that, let us find out what are the ten best hiking sandals for women the market has to offer right now.

Best Hiking Sandals for Women – Reviews

10Kamik Women’s Bali Sandal

buy buttonEquipped with a synthetic nubuck and a synthetic sole, these sandals are unlikely to hold any water when trekking through a humid environment. Their construction also makes them very lightweight and comfortable, which are the features most people look for in a pair of quality hiking sandals. Furthermore, these sandals benefit from an adjustable heel and forefoot strap and a quick-drying moisture wicking lining for added convenience.

9Columbia Women’s Kyra Vent Sandal

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What makes these particular sandals stand out is their feminine yet highly functional design. Boasting a two-strap hook and loop upper, you will find these sandals to be very easy to put on and take off. At the same time, these sandals have a non-marking Omni-grip outsole which makes them surprisingly sturdy and durable. Also worth mentioning is that they have 100% rubber soles to guarantee a good grip and adherence on almost any terrain.

8Skechers Women’s Reggae-Luau Toe Ring Sandal

buy buttonDue to their textile upper, these hiking sandals are a lot lighter than most, not to mention how easy they are to put on. The fact that they also boast a durable, synthetic sole should be a good indication of just how accommodating they can be. Speaking of which, they are perhaps among the most comfortable hiking sandals in this price range, which says a lot about the build quality you can expect.

7Ahnu Women’s Tilden V Sport Sandal

buy buttonIt is their dual-density polyurethane construction that makes these sandals stand out, a design not many hiking sandals have. Because of this, you can expect these sandals to be much sturdier than your average sandals, with the added benefit of being water-resistant to an impressive standard. At the same time, these sandals benefit from an Aegis anti-microbial footbed to minimize odor-causing bacteria as much as possible.

6Merrell Women’s Terran Lattice II Sandal

buy buttonThis high-end hiking sandals from Merrell sport a synthetic construction with a reliable rubber sole as stand-out features along with a mesh and 3D print mesh upper. They also benefit from a breathable mesh lining with a bellows tongue to keep out debris at all times. Not only that but they also have a removable ace footbed and a superior Merrell air cushioning system to absorb shock and add a great deal of stability.

5Chaco Women’s ZX2 Classic Athletic Sandal

buy buttonIt is convenience and comfort that best describe some of the best hiking sandals out there which are the exact features that make this particular pair stand out. These sandals enjoy a fabric/rubber construction that offers them great stability on any terrain. Combined with a jacquard-webbed upper, these features make Chaco Women’s Zx2 Classic Athletic Sandals a viable solution for anyone looking to go hiking through a rough environment.

4ECCO Women’s Yucatan Sandal

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With these particular sandals, you don’t just get protection and stability but also an aesthetically pleasing design as well. For this reason, you could very well wear these sandals in a casual setting, which might explain their price tag. It is because of this versatility that these sandals enjoy the tremendous popularity they do, one that they also owe to a sporty omnidirectional rubber outsole and to a dual hook-and-loop closure system.

3Teva Women’s Hurricane XLT Sandal

buy buttonEquipped with a tough, synthetic sole and a soft textile upper, these sandals will not only help you walk on rough terrain effortlessly but they will also provide you with an impressive standard of comfort in the process. With a heel that measures about one inch in thickness, they are perfect for anyone who’s thinking about taking a walk through a harsh environment. In this regard, let us also point out that it also benefits from a wide surface area that makes them very stable overall.

2KEEN Women’s Rose Sandal

buy buttonThese feminine and sporty sandals boast webbed-look straps at vamp and a signature rubber toe bumper for good measure. They also have an adjustable hook-and-loop strapping system that makes them easy to put on and take off in a breeze. As for their construction, let us point out that it involves a combination of leather and textile fabrics which not only make the sandals sturdy but also quite comfortable as well.

1KEEN Women’s Whisper Sandal

buy buttonKeen’s Whisper Sandals are without a doubt, the very best hiking sandals a woman can wear right now. These textile/synthetic sandals employ a bungee lace capture system that makes them easy to put on and a metatomical footbed design aimed at providing excellent arch support so as to cradle the natural contours of the wearer’s feet. Not only that but these sandals also enjoy a hydrophobic mesh lining with a non-marking rubber outsole to further their resistance when faced with a tough environment. Overall, they are perhaps the best hiking sandals money can buy.


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Choosing A Pair Of Hiking Sandals?

Hiking sandals have to be tough, flexible, and comfortable at the same time. For this reason, finding a pair that balances all these attributes in a single, affordable package can be quite difficult. The amount of cushioning, toughness, or elasticity that these sandals offer should provide you with a good understanding of what quality you can expect. Having said that, here are the main attributes to look for when shopping for a pair of hiking sandals.

Support – The first thing to consider when buying a pair of hiking sandals is the support they offer. Whether we’re talking about actual support for the foot or the cushioning inside the sandal, the general idea remains the same – good sandals have to provide good support at all times. Similar to hiking boots, most hiking sandals also offer good protection from the harsh environment, which is why having a supportive cushioning is so important. Not to say that it’s the only thing to look for but definitely an important aspect of any pair of quality hiking sandals.

Materials – The materials used in their making should also tell you a lot about the overall quality a pair of hiking sandals will have. Although some, if not most people prefer synthetic materials for their water-resistant properties, there are also those who prefer leather and cotton-based fabrics. One thing to consider here is that you will most likely wear these sandals across harsh terrain types, so having something that tears easily is ill-advised. For the most part, high-end hiking sandals employ nylon or mesh straps, synthetic uppers, and rubber soles.

Straps – The strapping system is also important in a pair of sandals, especially when it comes to hiking sandals which are subjected to a lot more abuse than regular footwear. These straps are designed to easily fasten around the wearer’s feet as comfortable as possible. It is for this reason that you should always ensure that your preferred sandals do not rub against the top of your feet or cause you any discomfort whatsoever. Uncomfortable sandals can cause blisters and you don’t want that when you’re out in the wild.

Toe guards – Another thing to consider is whether not your desired sandals come equipped with toe guards. Although not a necessity, the quality of a toe guard feature can tell you a lot about the overall quality of a pair of sandals, not just hiking ones. With hiking sandals, it is common for the toe guards to be as tough and prominent as possible without overstepping the boundaries of comfort over practicality. Seen as a fashion accessory in casual sandals, toe guards are almost necessary when it comes to hiking sandals.

Traction – You should also pay attention to the adherence and grip a pair of hiking sandals offers. To do this effectively, take into account the materials used in the making of the soles, a construction that should always involve thick rubber. You want a pair of hiking sandals to employ thick rubber soles with deep grooves and patterns for maximum adherence. This will prevent you from slipping on wet ground while providing you with that extra bit of stability you desire when walking on uneven ground.

Arch support – Last but not least, consider the arch support a pair of sandals offers. This feature will protect your tendons from any sort of injury by aligning your feet properly, a feature that will also improve your overall stability. In this respect, let us point out that deep heel cups are quite common in hiking sandals as they prevent the wearer’s feet from going off center when picking up the pace.

Choosing Sandals Over Boots?

The first argument to be made in favor of sandals is the freedom they provide in terms of mobility. While thick, bulky hiking boots may indeed provide better protection most of the time, they can be quite uncomfortable when worn for long periods of time. Hiking sandals, on the other hand, offer great breathability and ventilation, especially when worn for hours on end in humid or warm environments.

Another argument for choosing sandals over boots is that they are a lot easier to carry, store, and maintain. Think about it, no matter what pair of boots you might buy, chances are that they’ll require their own bag, which makes for a very difficult baggage to have when going on the road. With sandals, you can force them into any bag and not have to worry about damaging them in any way. Not only that but they also dry quickly after getting wet, which makes it easier for you when it comes to washing them.


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