Tables for inversion therapy may look like funny devices and like something Batman would use, but these devices actually serve several helpful therapeutic benefits. They can stretch and relax the back, be a helpful tool for strength building, and even help relieve pain. That’s probably why this tool can be found in physical therapist’s offices all over the world.

Fortunately, these devices aren’t just for the offices of medical professionals. Nowadays consumers can buy their own models that they can use in their home. And although it may not be easy to choose among the many models available, it’s still worth it to own one of the devices. That’s why we’ve decided to review ten of the best inversion tables currently available.

Best Inversion Tables – Reviews

10Ironman Gravity-Assist Inversion Table

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This Ironman table is not only one of the best inversion tables because it’s made with a heavy-duty tubular steel frame that can support an impressive 350-pounds, but it’s also because it has the features that people expect these type of therapeutic tables to have. This model features 180-degrees of inversion, has non-skid floor stabilizers for added stability and features a thick 2.5-inch memory foam backrest. It also features a double-lock ratchet tooth mechanism, a scratch-resistant powder coating finish and has stretch handles that make it easy for just about anyone to use. All of which makes it a handy tool that can be used by anyone with back pain.

9Exerpeutic Surelock Therapy Table

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Although this model only has a 250-pound weight capacity, it is capable of supporting individuals up to 6’4″ in size and is designed to be an inexpensive therapy table solution for most people. This model features Airsoft ankle holders that not only hold the user securely in place but also does it while keeping the user’s ankles comfortable. This table also features a removable pillow for the lumbar region, a 3-angle position adjustable crossbar, and a double lock ratchet-tooth mechanism. It also provides up to 165 degrees of inversion and can be folded easily for storage.

8Teeter EP-560 Pain Relief Table

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The Teeter EP-560 is another inversion table that’s a good balance between its features and its price tag. This model is designed to accommodate people of just about any size, has ergonomic ankle cups that provide a secure fit and it allows the user to use arm movements to either invert the table or return to an upright position. This product is made from heavy-duty gauge steel and has an easy five-step assembly system. It can also be quickly folded up for storage, so it can be stored against a wall or placed into an appropriate size closet.

7Innova ITM5900 Advanced Heat & Massage Table

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What makes this inversion table one of the better ones available is that it’s a great balance between cost and the features that people expect out of these type of therapy tables. It features a vertical massage bad that can deliver both heat and vibrations to a person’s back area, a precision system that makes it easy to invert the table and a heavy-duty steel frame. It also features a comfortable ankle holding system that doesn’t pinch the user, a 6-pin angle selection system, and is capable of supporting a person up to 300-pounds and 6’6″ in height.

6Innova ITX9600 Heavy-Duty Adjustable Table

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The manufacturer of these inversion tables has tried to make their product stand out from the pack. And they’ve done that by incorporating several exciting features into their products. Some of these features include a heavy-duty steel frame, a 6-pin angle selection system, a balanced precision system that make inversion quite easy and an ankle holding system that’s secure and comfortable at the same time. This table has a maximum weight capacity of 300-pounds and can hold a person up to 6’6″ in height. All of these features make these tables ones that some people may want to seriously consider.

5Teeter EP-960 FDA-Registered Inversion Table

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It doesn’t matter if you’re as small as 4’8″ tall or as large as 6’6″ tall because this inversion table is designed to accommodate just about anyone. It has a maximum weight capacity of 300-pounds, has wrap-around ankle cups designed for comfort, and has extra-long handles. This model is balanced for precision and has a lock-out that keeps it stable while it’s in full inversion. Additional features that can be found on this model include a lumbar bridge, 5-step assembly, and traction handles. And since it folds up quite nicely, it can easily be stored away when it’s not in use.

4Yoleo Gravity Heavy-Duty Pain Relief Table

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This table has almost universal usability because it can be enjoyed by anyone just under 5-feet in size up to 6’6″. It has a maximum support weight of 300-pounds, has a 3 position adjustable rear crossbar and is made using materials that are not only ergonomic but are also comfortable as well. This model uses foam rollers on its ankle holders, so the user can be securely held but remain comfortable at the same time. And since this table folds up easily, it can be stored away into a closet or leaned against the wall until it’s needed again.

3Exerpeutic All-Inclusive Heavy Duty Table

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This inversion table has one of the highest weight capacities of any commercially available table and can easily support a person up to 350-pounds. It can also support a person anywhere from 4’11” up to 6’6″ in size, so almost everyone can get the benefit of using this table. It’s made with a 2.3-inch foam backrest for maximum comfort, and it has special ankle holders that hold the user securely in place without pinching their ankles. This model also folds up easily, so it can be put away until it’s needed. And it even has a brake system that prevents inversion from happening too quickly.

2Innova ITM4800 Advanced Heat Therapeutic Table

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Designed for individuals up to 6’6″ tall and up to 300-pounds in weight, this table can be used for theurapeutic purposes for just about anyone. It has a 6-position adjustable pin system and a protective covering that not only makes the inversion process more comfortable but also makes it safer than some of the cheaper models currently available. Another feature that can be found on this table is an adjustable lumbar pad that provides heat and massages to the users back. And it also has a secure ankle locking system that holds the user’s ankle firmly in place during inversion.

1Health Gear ITM5500 Heavy-Duty Table

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This inversion table is designed for heavy-duty use and accomodate user anywhere from 5’1″ tall to 6’4″ tall and with a weight capacity of up to 300-pounds. It features a memory foam style backrest that fits the back well and provides the user with the support they need. It also comes with a removable heating massage pad that can vibrate and provide heat to the back area. Additional features that can be found on this model is a 4-position side inversion pin system, a locking arm that prevents the user’s back from bending when they’re getting off of the table and an ankle support system.

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A Guide To Inversion Tables

All Batman jokes aside, inversion tables are remarkable tools that consumers can use to achieve their therapeutic goals, strength-building goals, or pain relief goals. Before they can put these tables to good use, however, they first have to find out which inversion tables are the best. With that goal in mind, we’ve decided to write this guide on inversion tables. A guide that will tell all of our readers everything they ever wanted to know about these tables.

Consider The Inversion Table’s Frame

The very first thing that consumers should consider when buying the best inversion table for their needs is the composition of the table’s frame. After all, consumers are going to be placing their full weight on this table and then inverting it at different angles, so it’s important that the frame is durable and constructed to last. In our opinion, the best inversion tables are the ones that are made with durable steel frames and have non-skid floor protectors equipped on their feet. Steel is a metal that’s capable of withstanding heavy-duty use without suffering any major structural changes the way that aluminum can. The floor protectors will ensure that the table doesn’t “walk” during the inversion process and will also help to protect the floor’s surface. As a general rule, the larger the frame of the table the more stable it will be, so that’s something else the consumer might want to think about.

Consider The Table’s Weight Limit

It’s very important to consider the weight limit of the inversion table. Although we could’ve easily placed this in the previous section where we discussed the table’s frame, we thought it was important enough for it to warrant its very own section. Never attempt to use an inversion table that isn’t weighted to hold your entire body weight. While some tables will support 300 to 400 pounds of weight, the vast majority of the tables available will fall in the 250 pounds or lighter range. If you purchase a table that’s incapable of holding your entire body weight, then it can easily fail—which could lead to serious physical injury. Therefore, be honest with yourself when choosing a new inversion table and buy one that’s rated for your body weight.

Choose A Table With Certifications And/Or Ratings

It’s also a good idea to choose an inversion table that carries some sort of third-party certification or rating. This can either be an approval rating from the FDA or Underwriters Laboratories. For an inversion table to be rated as a medical device, it has to have an FDA approval and be registered as a Medical Device. The Underwriting Laboratories Rating, also known as the UL standard, certifies that the table is safe to use. According to the UL standard, inversion tables have to perform 30,000 to 35,000 simulated use cycles at maximum user’s weight to be considered for a UL listing. Although there are good inversion tables that don’t carry these ratings, it can be hard to distinguish them from the poorly made ones without some sort of rating attached to them.

How Much Space Does The Inversion Table Use?

Another important thing to consider that’s often overlooked by many people is how much space the inversion table is going to take up in their home. Not only the space that the unit requires during storage but also the space it used during use. If you live in an apartment or a home that’s smaller than average, then you might want to consider purchasing an inversion table that can be folded up so it can be stored away. For larger homes, consumers might find a permanent model to be more suitable for their needs. No matter which one you choose, however, be sure that you have enough space for the table to invert.

Consider The Table’s Safety Features

It’s also important to consider some of the safety features that you might want to consider when choosing a new inversion table. We’ve already gone over steel frames and floor stabilizers, which help the table to withstand constant use and do it without scooting across the floor, and now it’s time to talk about other safety features that you might need the table to have. For example, one of the features that we appreciate when we see it on an inversion table is vinyl side covers. These side covers can prevent the user from getting their fingers in between the table’s bars while they’re heading into the inverted state. This is quite helpful since so many people do end up getting their fingers crushed in their tables. Another important safety feature found on quality tables is ankle locks. Ankle locks keep the user’s feet in place and prevent them from moving. And as anyone who has been inverted knows, that’s almost more than just a safety feature but is practically a necessity.

Consider The Comfort Level Of The Table

The last thing to consider when using an inversion table is just how comfortable the model is going to be during use. Although this might be a trivial consideration for some people, for us it’s vitally important to buy the best inversion table available. After all, if the table isn’t comfortable to use, then you’re probably going to end up not using it. Therefore, consumers need to look for tables that provide some thick pads for various parts of the body. If the user has back pain, then they may want to find a table that specifically features a lumbar support system. Other types of padding that can be found on many inversion tables are neck pads and pads around the table’s ankle support system.