When it comes to the best Jordans, there is more choice than ever. This is why it is hard to separate the quality options, from the ones that just don’t cut it. With hundreds of sneakers available, there is something for most tastes, but if you are looking for collectables, then you will need to do your research.

For the true fan, you don’t want to just stop at one pair, and rotating the Jordans you do have is a must. To keep them in peak condition, you need to look after them properly as well. For Jordans of a particular colour or style, you will find they have you covered. Whether you intend to wear them on-court, or just want to keep up with the latest trends and most popular Jordans, we have created a list of the top ten.

Best Jordans – Reviews

7Jordan Nike Air Future Low Men’s Sneaker

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The unique design of the Air Future sneaker is what draws most people in, but the incredible comfort is what keeps them coming back. The lockdown lacing is easy and these slip-on, hugging the foot with the one-piece upper that looks amazing. This shoe is so lightweight, you can wear them for any occasion, and will help you float around the court when you’re playing with friends. These sneakers are designed for casual wear, and not in-game situations, because of this, they will last longer. They come in several dazzling colours, including mint green, and purple/Bordeaux. They look futuristic but have the jump man logo on the tongue so you know exactly what they are. The woven design is popular, and it is easy to see why.

6Air Jordan 8 Retro

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On it’s way to becoming a classic, this retro sneaker was the first for nearly a decade when it was first released in 2015. Still turning heads and as unique as ever, the color design is reminiscent of the early ’90s and is one of the most popular Jordans of all time. This makes them a must-have for any wardrobe or collector. The colorway was actually worn by Jordan in the 1993 all-star game and with the grippy rubber sole, and leather/synthetic materials, it is going to last a long time. With a handful of designs that all look great, the only question you should be asking yourself is should you get the black with aloe verde, or white with bright red and orange.

5Nike Jordan Men’s Jordan B. Fly

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A fully-fledged basketball shoe, they might not have the same street appeal as a lot of the classics, but they function well as an on-court option when practicality is key. They still look great and could become a classic over time, but for now, they should be given attention for how well they grip to the court, and offer a lot of comfort. The cushioned insole will help you to get the height you need for lay-ups and dunks, and with the mesh style design, they are breathable but look great. The ankle support is what makes it such a good sneaker for quick turns and pivots, and the durable materials mean they will last a long time.

4Jordan Kids’ Nike Air 10 Retro Gs

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If these weren’t strictly kid’s shoes, they would have featured higher in our list, but take nothing away from the classic design that would make your child look great whatever they were doing. The slick black design is timeless and will be able to withstand continuous wear. The Jordan logo is etched onto the heel and sole, and the NYC initials to the side give them a street appeal that you only get with iconic Jordans. They have fused some of the popular elements of early designs to give them a retro look. A premium sneaker that will be the envy of the playground, and one you will wish you could get your own hands on. Jordans aren’t just for the adults, the kids need to look good too.

3AIR Jordan 13 Retro ‘Wheat ‘2017”

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2017’s answer to creating a classic, this wheat colour design is made of quality leather and suede, with a gum rubber sole. Of course, they also come in other colours so if all black, or white with metallic silver red are more to your style, then you can always pick up a pair to match your style. The lace tag contains the Jordan logo, and are bulky but super comfortable. They hug your foot, offering good ankle support as well. The cat-eye hologram to the side helps to complement a unique sneaker that is not found in a lot of Jordan collections. For a sports shoe, this is a design with a different, and when you wear them for the first time, they are the sort of sneaker that your friends will want to take a closer look at.

2Nike Men’s Jordan JU

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These striking Jordans are sure to turn heads, and anyone in the know will be able to recognise them from a mile away. With the iconic jump man logo on the side, and Jordan emblazoned across the tongue and back, these black and red sneakers are what many people believe the Best Jordans ever. Already a collectable, they can be hard to get your hands on at the right price, and you can’t always find them in the right size. this only adds to the exclusivity and makes them a must-have. If you find them in your size, then snap them up before someone else does. A durable sneaker, and one that you will look to keep in pristine condition, they just might be the soul of your collection.

1Nike Air Jordan 6 Retro

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This list is full of classics but in the Retro 6, you are getting a sneaker that will never grow old. With jump man logo and thick lace-up design, these are fast becoming a limited yet essential sneaker. The striking colour blends and options mean there should be more than one that you have your eye on. If you are looking to wear these on-court, then they won’t let you down. Super comfortable, yet with the right amount of grip, they are a valid ball playing sneaker. The clean look means it will complement a lot of outfits and they fit like a glove. The Retro 6 remains a durable option and a good entry-level sneaker for anyone looking to start their collection of the best Jordans.

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