Top 10 Best Kayak Anchors of 2018 – Reviews

One of the biggest challenges facing a kayak enthusiast who spends any amount of time on the water is keeping their kayak in one place and facing the direction they want it to face. Which is why so many kayakers are purchasing a kayak anchor for their kayaks. These high-quality anchors not only keep the kayak in one place but they have a number of other benefits.

These anchors keep a person from having to use a dangerous homemade anchor that could damage their kayak or put their life in danger and it can help keep you securely in place even when water currents are strong. Before discussing the qualities the best kayak anchor models possess, let’s take a look at the top ten models currently available.

Best Kayak Anchors – Reviews

10Ocean Motion Anchor Kit For Kayaks

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This kit has just about everything a person would need to keep their kayak stationary while they’re fishing, swimming or doing other activities on the water. It features a collapsible anchor that’s easy to store when not in use and connects to a removable shackle. This kit just doesn’t include an anchor, however. It’s a complete kit that includes 40-feet of reflective and strong nylon braid rope and a convenient storage bag. This kit is not only good for kayaks but can be used for a variety of watercraft including john boats, paddle-boards, and other vessels. It’s a great gift to purchase for yourself or for a friend who happens to be a kayak enthusiast.

9Airhead Kayak & SUP Anchor Set AHSUP-A015

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This kayak set has just what a kayak enthusiast needs to keep their kayak or small personal watercraft anchored. This bright red grapnel anchor only weighs 1.5-pounds, which makes it easy to transport and just enough weight to hold a kayak in one place. This set also comes with about 15-feet of bright yellow anchor line that’s easy-to-see by other people on the water and a spring hook that’s made of stainless steel and is designed to attach to a stand-up paddle board—otherwise known as a SUP. It also comes with a nylon storage bag that comes complete with a D-ring that allows it to be attached to the kayak or SUP.

8Extreme Max Folding Grapnel Anchor

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This grapnel anchor is designed for kayak and SUP enthusiasts who need a reliable solution for temporarily keeping their vessel in one place on the water. It’s particularly suited for low current conditions on bodies of water that have rocky bottoms. It can be used not only for kayaks and SUPs but can also be used for a variety of watercraft including Jon boats, canoes and inflatable boats. This anchor only weighs about 3.5-pounds and folds up easily for storage.  It’s an ideal solution for anyone looking to anchor their vessel or for giving as a gift to a friend or relative with a personal watercraft.

7Danielson Galvanized Folding Anchor

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Galvanized so it can hold up to even the harshest of marine environments, this folding anchor is ideal for the personal watercraft owner who needs a temporary anchor for the Jon boat, kayak or dinghy. It has four flukes that allow it to securely latch on to the bottom of the river or lake and easily fold up when it’s not in use. This anchor weighs a mere 1.5-pounds, so it doesn’t add a lot of additional weight to the vessel and is easy to take along on the next expedition that’s planned.  It’s a good solution for personal water craft enthusiasts who only need an anchor and nothing else.

6Seattle Sports Anchor Kit

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This kit not only includes an anchor that suitable for use on a variety of small vessels, including kayaks but also has everything else required to attach that anchor to a personal watercraft. It comes with 2-carabiners, a sturdy metal ring and 50-feet of line, plus a bag to hold everything. The anchors can be purchased in either 1.5-pound or 3.25-pound sizes and are galvanized so they can hold up to tough marine conditions. This no-nonsense solution solves the problem of how to anchor your kayak for an afternoon fishing expedition or swim and is reliable enough to be used for short periods of time.

5Yak Gear Grapnel Anchor

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This well designed 3.3-pound grapnel anchor has 4 separate 6-inch tines that will help hold a kayak to a river’s bottom but can be easily folded up for storage. This anchor is for the kayak enthusiast who has everything else they need to anchor their kayak, except for the anchor itself and therefore this model doesn’t come with the carabiners, rings, rope or other attachments one would need to use it. When paired with these items, however, this galvanized anchor will keep your small vessel anchored even in harsh marine conditions and is designed to last a long time.

4Extreme Max Boat Tector Complete Anchor Kit

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Everything needed to secure a canoe, kayak or other personal watercraft (PWC) is included in the complete kit. It not only features a 3.5-pound grapnel anchor that has 4 shanks that can really dig into rock or coral to hold the vessel in place but also has a number of accessories that attach that anchor to the PWC. This includes 25-feet of hollow-braid polythene rope with a plated steel snap hook, a marker buoy made of marine-grade foam and a storage bag to hold everything.  It’s ideal for anyone looking for a simple solution to their anchoring problem.

3Compass Kayak Kit

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Designed with the sole purpose of keeping kayaks from drifting off, this kit has everything a person would need to make sure their personal watercraft stays in place. This includes a 3.5-pound steel anchor that’s powder coated so it won’t rust or corrode; 40-feet of marine grade rope, a stainless steel snap hook, and a buoy. It also has a storage bag that will hold all of the items together. All of the equipment has been tested by the manufacturer to ensure that the anchor will work on a variety of different water bottoms, whether it’s rocky, sandy or muddy. This makes this kit an ideal solution for anyone who’s looking for an anchor kit that will keep their watercraft in place and prevent it from drifting.

2Airhead Complete Anchor System

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Kayak enthusiasts who are searching for a complete anchoring solution for their kayak can turn to the Airhead Complete Anchor System. This system has all of the equipment necessary to temporarily secure a kayak or other personal water craft so that it doesn’t float away. In this kit, there is a 3.3-pound anchor that has 4-flukes that are designed to dig into mud, gravel, rock, and sand. This anchor is not only durable and resistant to corrosion in harsh marine environments but will also fold up when not in use. Other accessories to be found in this system include 25-feet of marine-grade rope and a durable storage bag to hold everything in.

1BEST Marine & Outdoors Anchor

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This anchor is different from some of its competitors because it is made out of pure galvanized iron and doesn’t rely on a powder-coated or painted coating to resist corrosion. This 3.5-pound anchor has a 4-fluke design that really enables it to dig down into mud, sand or rock and can be folded to a size of 12-inches by 3-inches so that it can be easily stored away. It also comes with 40-feet of marine-grade rope, a stainless steel hook, and a buoy ball. Just about everything one would need to keep their kayak or other personal water craft in one position.


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How to Choose the Best Kayak Anchor

While it’s true that some people use bricks, hand weights or other objects to anchor their fishing kayaks, the truth of the matter is that this isn’t safe at all and could become a serious problem. These “improvised” anchors can slip off of the rope or get stuck on rocks or other debris at the bottom of a body of water they kayak fisherman is fishing. All of which is just more hassle than its worth.

If a person is serious about their kayaking, then they should also be serious about their gear and buy a quality anchor that will get the job done right. A good anchor is not only reliable and will grip a variety of different bottoms but will keep the kayak nice and steady. While most models sold today will get the job done, some are definitely better than others and that is why this guide was written—to help people navigate these type of anchors. With that in mind, here are some things to think about before purchasing your next anchor.

Anchor Design

As far as traditional anchors are concerned, there are really only two different kinds. There are Folding Anchors and Bruce Style Anchors. Sure, there are also Drift Chutes, Stake Out Poles and Brush Grippers, but these aren’t technically anchors but are merely other ways to secure a kayak in place. While these may work in some circumstances, they are really only useful for limited circumstances. Only Folding and Bruce Style anchors are good for a variety of different conditions. Here are the differences between the two:

Folding Anchors-Folding anchors usually come in the 1.5-pound and 3-pound sizes and are convenient because they fold up. They are generally designed to anchor to anchor in areas that have a rocky bottom or where there are a lot of tree stumps or downed trees at the bottom of the lake or river. They are also good for anchoring to coral, although most regulations prevent this practice. These type of anchors aren’t good for bodies of water that have sandy or silty bottoms. In those conditions, it can fail to properly grip the bottom.

Bruce Style Anchors-Bruce Style anchors come in the 2 to 4-pound range and are usually designed to dig into bottoms that have a loose medium, like sand or silt. They don’t work well in areas with rocky bottoms and they can be somewhat inconvenient to carry around.

Anchor Weight

Another thing that needs to be considered is the weight of the anchor. If you are using a folding anchor, then you will have a choice between a 1.5-pound model and a 3-pound size. For light or no current, the 1.5-pound anchor is perfect. However, if there are current or rougher waters, then a 3-pound size is the way to go.

Anchor Composition

The composition of the anchor is another important consideration. After all, you don’t want to buy an anchor that’s not going to hold up in a marine environment and is going to end up corroding or rusting. That is why an anchor needs to have special protections. It either needs a powder-coating on it, it needs to be painted or it needs to be galvanized.

When it comes to the protective coating on your anchor, it does matter which one of these three you choose. Painted coatings are okay for awhile but the problem with them is they tend to flake and peel after awhile. Powder coatings are a good alternative, however, and should last a good long time. However, nothing compares to a galvanized anchor. These are the most durable of the three.

Anchor Accessories

The final consideration that needs to be made is what accessories come with the anchor, if any. Some people only need the anchor, so that’s definitely what they should purchase. However, some people need all of the equipment needed to secure the anchor to the kayak and fortunately there are a number of kits available.

Kayak kits usually come with rope, rings, carabiners and a storage bag. Make sure that the kit comes with a rope that’s marine-grade quality and that the metal accessories are made of stainless steel. That way you can rest assured that the kit is high-quality enough to hold together while anchoring. Also, make sure that you buy a kit with enough rope for your needs. As a general rule, you need three times the amount of rope that is needed for the anchor to reach the bottom of the lake. For example, if the lake bottom is 10-feet, then you need 30-feet of rope.


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