Top 10 Best Mattresses for Camping in 2018 – Reviews

Any experienced camper knows the importance of having reliable gear to count on and this involves camping mattresses. While you shouldn’t expect a high standard of comfort when camping, it certainly couldn’t hurt to have a comfy mattress to lie on inside the privacy of your tent.

You could, of course, use a camping mattress to sleep outdoors, but that kind of defeats the purpose of using one to begin with. That said, let us find out what are the ten best mattresses for camping the market has to offer at this point in time.

Best Mattresses for Camping – Reviews

10Coleman EasyStay Airbed

buy buttonIdeal for both indoor and outdoor utilization, the Coleman EasyStay Airbed is uniquely built to withstand rugged surfaces. Featuring a velvet top surface, this airbed offers optimal comfort and luxury ensuring you get a good night’s sleep. It comes equipped with special heavy duty coils that offer even distribution of pressure making sure you relax and get ample support. Thanks to its sturdy, robust construction, this airbed does not leak and is resistant to damage. It also comes with a dual lock valve that enables quick inflation and deflation.

9Coleman QuickBed Elite

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In comparison to other Airbeds of its kind, the Coleman QuickBed Elite offers 47% more resistance to punctures and outer damage, 25% more stability and strength and 26% less weight, than other Coleman beds of its size. Thanks to its latest Durarest bonded fabric, the surface of this mattress is ultra-soft and luxurious to touch. Tested and certified, the airtight mechanism ensures the mattress does not leak. Measuring 73 by 38 by 8 inches approximately, it can support up to 300 pounds of weight. Thanks to its easy storage feature, it can be wrapped and rolled and carried around with ease.

8ALPS Mountaineering Airbed

buy buttonThanks to its strong, heavy-duty design and construction, solid coils and super-soft flocked top surface, the ALPS Mountaineering Airbed can be comfortably utilized while trekking, hiking or on your next adventure. Easy to inflate, deflate and carry around, this bed can be recharged and is perfect for both indoor and outdoor utilization. Equipped to withstand all kinds of rough surfaces without getting damaged, this mountaineering airbed comes in two sizes, being twin size and queen size.

7Coleman SupportRest Airbed

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The Coleman SupportRest Airbed is a double high airbed that comes with a luxurious and soft sleeping surface. Thanks to its heavy-duty PVC construction, it offers durability and reliability. In order to inflate this airbed, an external electric pump is required. This sturdy mattress also comes with an airtight system that ensures there are no leaks. Available in a variety of sizes, this airbed ensures optimal comfort and relaxation while sleeping.

6Intex Classic Downy Airbed

buy buttonThe Intex Classic Downy Airbed is an inflatable sturdy mattress that comes with a 20.8-gauge and waterproof exterior. Equipped with a flocked surface all around, it offers optimal levels of comfort and grip, preventing the bed from sliding. It also comes with a 2 in 1 valve and 14 gauge beams with a 15 gauge base. The firmness of the bed depends on the location, temperature, and the humidity and requires occasional re-inflation, as the bed relaxes over time. The actual measurements of this Airbed depend on how much air is inflated into it.

5Coleman Soft Plush Top Inflated Quickbed

buy buttonThanks to its high-quality comfortable coil system, the Coleman Soft Plush Top Inflated Quickbed offers high levels of support and durability. It features a soft, luxurious top layer and an airtight system with a valve that comes with dual locking to ensure your mattress stays firm and inflated for longer. This mattress measures 78 inches by 58 inches by 8 inches approximately and fits standard size sheets with ease. It can be easily stored thanks to its wrap and roll mechanism. This airbed tends to relax and deflate with time and requires inflation depending upon the utilization and level of firmness required.

4Intex Prestige Downy Airbed

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The Intex Prestige Downy Airbed is a large-sized inflated mattress that is ideal for utilization at home as well as outdoors. With the ability to withstand rough and rugged surfaces, this mattress is made of high-quality material and is resistant to water and punctures. Thanks to its soft, luxurious flocked surface, it offers optimal levels of comfort while sleeping. The mattress can be inflated with the handy pump, powered by batteries, that comes along with it. It also features a 3 in 1 valve with extra large openings and weighs approximately 600 pounds. It is raised by 8.75 inches from the floor and tightly fits standard size sheets. This mattress folds into a compact storage box that makes it easy to carry around.

3SoundAsleep Camping Series Air Mattress

buy buttonFeaturing ComfortCoil technology, the SoundAsleep Camping Series Air Mattress comes designed and equipped with 40 air coils for optimal support and durability. Thanks to its handy 1 click pump, you can inflate and deflate the mattress within a few minutes. Ideal for guests who are spending the night as well as for in-home utilization, this mattress offers a good night’s sleep. Measuring 75 by 58 inches approximately, it comes with a double chamber construction and height and a sure-grip base for added stability and prevention from sliding. Extremely thick, and packed with multi-layering, this mattress is waterproof and resistant to damage and punctures. For ease of transportation, it comes with a handy carry case.

2Lightspeed Outdoors Deluxe Airbed

buy buttonUniquely designed for 2 people, the Lightspeed Outdoors Deluxe Airbed, measures 79 by 55 inches and weighs approximately 6 pounds. Made from high-quality phthalate and free from PVC, this mattress offers ultra durability thanks to its TPU material, heavy duty construction. It features a two-way valve and a stabilizer that allows you to adjust the firmness and softness. Unlike other mattresses of its kind, this one is resistant to outer damage and temperature stable. It comes equipped with a pump that is battery operated, enabling you to easily inflate and deflate the airbed.

1SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress

buy buttonThe SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress is a queen size ultra durable, high-quality mattress that comes equipped with the latest ComfortCoil technology. Packed with 40 air coils, this mattress stays firm and offers optimal support and comfort. With a one-click pump, it can easily be inflated and deflated in less than 4 minutes. Unlike other mattresses of its kind, the Dream Series Air mattress comes with a waterproof top layer and a sure-grip bottom layer for that added comfort and stability. It also features a double layered construction with double height and comes with a carry bag making it easy to transport.


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Camping Mattresses Buying Guide

If you’re in the market for a camping mattress, you should first of all make sure that you know exactly what type of mattress best suits your needs. We say this because the offer is quite versatile, with some manufacturers focusing on practicality rather than comfort and vice versa. That said, there are a few of characteristics that best describe a good camping mattress, just don’t expect to find one that has all of them within your price range. Economics aside, here is what to look for when shopping for a camping mattress:

The pump

Depending on the manufacturer, your mattress of choice might employ a traditional pump, a hand pump, a foot pump, or an electric pump. Each type of pump is suitable for a specific type of inflation at a specific speed. While inflatable mattresses may have some shortcomings, they are preferable to traditional mattresses because of obvious reasons. The type of pump determines how fast you will be able to inflate a camping mattress, for which reason you should invest in a mattress that boasts the type of pump you want.

Hand/foot pumps – Mattresses that come equipped with hand/foot pumps are usually low-end as far as pricing goes, which also means that they are quite simplistic by nature. These pumps are designed to pump air into the mattress as quickly as you pump them, a process that is 100% manual with these type of pumps. Although lightweight and portable, these pumps aren’t as efficient as electric pumps.

Electric pumps – With electric pumps, you will inflate a mattress at almost ten times the speed of a manual pump, not to mention how effortless the whole process is. These pumps, although efficient when it comes to pumping out air, do have quite the shortcoming – they require a power outlet. Given the fact that you have to plug in an electric pump to work, some people prefer to use manual pumps instead. If you do decide to get an electric pump, however, keep in mind that there are three types of electric pumps – AC pumps that require a traditional outlet, DC pumps that can be connected to your car’s outlet, and battery powered pumps that you can recharge at will.

Self-inflating – While on the subject, we should also point out that some of these mattresses are equipped with built-in inflation systems that allow them to inflate without the use of an external pump. Like you might have already guessed, these mattresses are usually more expensive than your average camping mattress. Although preferable to other types of mattresses, we should point out that self-inflating mattresses are usually less comfortable because of their thin design.


It is imperative for any mattress to be comfortable, not just camping ones. In this respect, always keep an eye out for high-density foam mattresses because they usually provide the highest standard of comfort. Even though you shouldn’t shy away from low-density foam either, keep in mind that they are usually thinner and thus provide less of a surface area. If possible, get a mattress that uses memory foam instead of regular foam.


Another thing to consider is a mattress’ size and how it translates to your sleeping needs. For instance, make sure that any mattress you’re thinking of buying can fit into your tent and that it does so comfortably. It is for this reason that you are advised to purchase the mattress before buying the actual tent. While a king-sized mattress should be enough to accommodate a small family, finding a camping tent to match might be a bit difficult.


You should also keep in mind that you’re going to have to carry around whatever camping mattress you set your eyes on. The larger the mattress the heavier your burden will be, which is the type of effort many people try to avoid when they go camping. For the most part, you should be able to fold down these mattresses to a fairly compact size, but you have to take into consideration the extra bedding accessories they require, not to mention the pump.


Perhaps the main difference between camping mattresses and the mattresses people use at home is the construction type. Although less comfortable than regular mattresses, you can expect camping mattresses to be a lot more resilient and durable. In this regard, always look for mattresses that can withstand sudden changes in weather conditions, preferably with a thick outer lining to prevent them from taking damage from the terrain underneath. As a matter of fact, always look for a thick mattress, no matter how much harder it would be for you to look after it.


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