A good pair of men’s slippers not only keeps the feet warm on cold winter nights, but they also convey a sense of comfort to the wearer. Few things are finer than slipping off your work shoes or boots and slipping on a pair of slippers that keep the feet warm and take the pressure off of the arches of the feet. They allow the day’s tension to melt away and enable the wearer to fully ease into relaxation mode. That’s why we’ve decided to review ten of the best slippers for men available so that every man can enjoy the comfort and luxury of owning a pair of these slippers.

Best Men’s Slippers – Reviews

10Sorel Manawan Slippers

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This men’s slipper shoe has the features and the quality construction that men expect out of their slippers. It’s made out of 100% leather, has a soft suede upper and has a thick inner lining that keeps feet warm and cozy on cold winter evenings. They also have natural rubber soles that provide the wearer with incredible traction, both inside and outside the home. Other features found in these shoes include a removable EVA insole, whipstitched moccasin toes and very nice arch support. These slippers also come in one of two different colors—either marsh tan or dark bark brown.

9Sorel Falcon Ridge Slippers

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These quality manufactured slippers come in a number of different colors and are made with premium materials. These shoes are available in colors such as black, blue, marsh, grey or shale and come in a variety of sizes from a US 7 to a US 14. They are made with suede uppers and have a faux fur lining that’s capable of keeping men’s feet warm and cozy. These shoes also have a removable EVA footbed and have an outer sole that’s made out of rubber. All of which makes these slippers perfect for men who not only care about comfort but also care about quality.

8UGG Men’s Ascot Slippers

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These men’s slippers may cost more than some lesser quality shoes, but that’s because they’re made with premium materials. Not only are they made from genuine leather, but they also have lamb’s wool interiors and a durable rubber sole. Their suede leather uppers are resistant to water and provide the man’s feet with the support they need. These slippers are also very stylish and come in an assortment of different colors including chestnut, black suede, charcoal, espresso, moss green, and navy blue. And because they’re made with premium materials, they’re sure to provide the wearer with many years of comfort.

7Orthofeet Asheville Orthopedic Leather Slippers

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These slippers not only are comfortable, but they also provide the support that men’s feet need. They provide true orthotic support so that the arch is properly supported and the user’s heel is cushioned as they walk. Since they support the entire foot, the support benefits can be felt not only up through the knees but also up through the hips and lower back as well. This means that the wearer of these fine slippers will have less back pain and will be able to enjoy their downtime more. And since these shoes are made with brown leather, they’re as durable as they are comfortable and supportive.

6Dearfoams Microsuede Whipstitch Slippers

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Available in a number of different sizes and in one of two colors including black or coffee, these quality slippers are ready to become an integral part of any man’s relaxation routine. These are manufactured with a microsuede that’s been whipstitched and have memory foam inner soles that help to cradle a man’s feet. These slippers have enough insulation to keep a person’s feet warm during the frigid winter months, but not so much that the person’s feet suffocate during the summer months. Overall, it’s a high-quality pair of shoes that should bring joy and comfort to many slipper wearers around the world.

5Rock Dove Men’s Memory Foam Slippers

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Even though these memory foam slippers aren’t really suitable for outdoor use, other than when heading to the mailbox, they are probably one of the most comfortable slippers available. They are made using 95% cotton and 5% spandex, so they not only flex with the user’s foot movements, but they also allow air to get to the feet. This makes them cool on hot summer days and prevents foot odor from getting out of hand. They’re also made with memory foam that really cushions the arches of the foot and provides the support men’s feet need after a hard day of work.

4IZOD Men’s Classic Two-Tone Winter Slippers

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These indoor slippers are manufactured using a classic style that is as fashionable as they are comfortable. They have a sole that’s made from TP rubber and gives the wearer the traction he needs both indoors and outdoors. It also has generous memory foam cushioning that not only helps to support the arch but also helps to hold in heat. These no-ace slippers are easy to put on and take off, so they can be left next to the bed and easily put on for those midnight trips to the restroom. These shoes are available in sizes from size 8 through size 13 and come in a number of colors including brown, tan, and grey.

3Home Top Wool Micro-Suede Moccasin Slippers

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If owning a pair of slippers that are made with micro-suede and have a classic style sounds good to you, then you may want to finish reading the description for these high-quality men’s slippers. These whipstitched moccasins feature a micro-suede trim and collar lacing and are constructed with memory foam for added arch support. They have nice slip-resistant gripped soles that are made out of rubber and provide the man with the traction he needs for indoor or outdoor use. And since these shoes are available in sizes from a US 7 all the way to a US 14, there’s a pair that will fit just about any man.

2Hane’s Men’s Moccasin House Shoes

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Available in sizes from US 6.5 to size 15, and in colors that range from tan or black to grey or brown, these high-quality house shoes not only will fit most men’s feet, but they’ll also look good while they’re at it. These shoes are made with a durable, high-quality construction that allows them to be used both indoors and outdoors. They’re made with thick memory foam cushioning that absorbs shock and is equipped with odor protection. They also have thick gripped soles that provide men with the traction to go through the house or beyond their yard.

1Hanes Moccasin Comfort Indoor Shoes

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These well made indoor shoes are designed to convey comfort and luxury to anyone who wears them. They’re designed in US sizes from 6.5 all the way through 15 and are available in a number of different colors including navy, gray, black and dark black. They’re manufactured with durable soles that provide great grip, even on slippery floors, and with memory foam cushioning that helps to support the feet’s arches. These men’s slippers are also designed well enough that they can even be worn outdoors, if necessary, and are made with the quality construction one would expect out of a great pair of slippers.

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A Guide To Buying Men’s Slippers

We sincerely believe that any of the ten of the best men’s slippers that we listed would be the perfect footwear for wearing after a long day, we do understand that some people may want help determining the one that’s perfect for them or perhaps they might even want to look for something else. That’s okay, we understand. We wrote this guide to help all of our readers narrow down their search and choose the men’s slippers that are best for them.

Choose The Right Slipper Style

Anyone casually browsing a list of men’s slippers will quickly find out that they come in a seemingly endless number of styles. There are slip-on slippers, mules, boot slippers, loafers, orthopedic slippers, moccasins, and even novelty slippers. This can make choosing one appears difficult, but that’s not really the case once you understand the differences between the different types. Let’s take a quick look at some of them so that all of our readers can select the one that best fits their style.

Novelty Slippers

We’re going to start with novelty slippers because this type of slipper is probably the one that’s the least useful for anyone to wear. These slippers come in fun shapes that can include everything from animal paws to fictional characters. While these slippers might be fun for people to wear, they do little to protect the wearer’s foot and provide even less support. That means that unless you’re just looking to entertain yourself, then you should probably avoid these slippers or only buy them to give them away as gifts.

Boot Slippers

A great contrast to novelty slippers is boot slippers. That’s because boot slippers actually do serve a purpose and are great for keeping the wearer’s feet warm in colder climates. It doesn’t matter if they’re worn by someone who wants to go out and get the mail during a winter storm, or are just looking for a warm pair of slippers to wear around the cabin—these shoes will keep their feet toasty warm.

Mule Or Clog Slippers

Mule and clog slippers are essentially the same types of footwear. They’re both designed with the toes fitting into them and the heel exposed. These slippers do a good job of keeping the toes warm but tend to neglect the rest of the foot. With that said, however, the main advantage to these slippers is that they’re easy to slip-on, and they can be slipped on without a person having to bend over. That makes them great for people with back problems or people who have trouble putting on other types of slippers.

Loafers And Slip-On Slippers

The last type of slippers we’d like to discuss are loafers and slip-on slippers. Loafers are more formal of the two, but otherwise, these two types of slippers are pretty close to one another in style. These slippers cover both the heel and toes, and some of them are equipped with laces, but most of them are not. These slippers are stylish and are good for wearing around the house.


As one can probably tell from our list of the best men’s slippers, we’re very fond of moccasins. That’s because these types of slippers provide coverage for both the toes and heels and they’re very lightweight. They’re also extremely durable as well—which is probably why they were worn by Native Americans and pioneers for such a long time.

Orthopedic Slippers

These slippers are designed for people who have back and/or heel problems. They provide the wearer with great arch support and help to maintain proper foot and leg alignment. This makes them perfect for people who deal with problems such as plantar fasciitis.

Choose The Right Material

Once a person has selected the style of men’s slippers that they feel work best for their style, then it’s time to think about what materials they want their slippers to be made from. When it comes to modern slippers, consumers have several choices and those include animal hides and synthetic materials. Although animal hides cost more they also tend to be more durable than slippers made with synthetic materials. Slippers made with synthetic materials are cheaper and less durable, but they’re easier to clean when they get dirty. That’s because slippers made with animal hides might need to be professionally cleaned to avoid ruining the leather.

Other Features To Think About

While the above sections cover the basics of what everyone should know about buying men’s slippers, there are a few “upgrades” that the consumer might want to think about when they’re shopping for their next pair. Let’s take a quick look at them to see how a person can benefit from them.

Additional Features To Consider:

  • Slip-resistant soles
  • Memory foam cushioning
  • Antimicrobial additives to combat foot odor
  • Extra padding and/or shock absorption