Top 10 Best Pocket Knives of 2018 – Reviews

One of the most important tools man ever learned to use, other than fire, is the humble knife. Knives not only allowed mankind to defend themselves and prepare their food but they also allowed mankind to civilize large tracts of the wilderness a lot easier than would’ve been possible if these tools hadn’t been invented.  The knife has been an essential tool for survival for thousands of years.

Knives are as important nowadays as they were when mankind tamed the wild. In fact, a  pocket knife is an essential tool that every man should carry with them on a daily basis. Why? Because they can be used for a variety of different tasks. For example, they can be used to open boxes, cutting off tags, cutting rope, eating an apple, carving something out of wood or going all “MacGyver” with your Swiss army knife when you’re in a sticky situation and need to escape.

Unfortunately, few people take the time to pick out the best pocket knife. A knife that not only complements their personal style but also their personality. A tool that feels good in their hand and is helpful to them in just about any situation which arises. They simply pick one out and throw it in their pocket – forgetting about it until they need it again.

Instead of just choosing any old blade they can find, a person should take the time to choose one that will fit their needs. A blade that he or she can take pride in carrying and will serve them well when the need for a knife arises. Below are some of the best models currently available – followed by a guide on how to choose the best pocket knives for your needs.

Best Pocket Knives – Reviews

10Kershaw Clash Black Serrated Knife

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Built to exacting standards, the Kershaw lash is a knife with a 3.1-inch stainless steel blade that’s coated in Black Oxide and has a glass-filled nylon handle. The drop-point blade is partially serrated and makes short work of cord, webbing or just about any other material it’s used on. This knife also features a Speed Safe thumb stud that allows it to be quickly and safely opened. This is a knife that can be carried by just about anyone—from a hiker, hunter or a fisherman to a gardener, lawyer or anyone else who needs a reliable every-day-carry knife.

9SOG Aegis Assisted Folding Knife

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Named after the Greek word for “shield,” the Aegis is a knife that’s sure to be a faithful protector in just about any situation. It features a 3.5-inch folding steel blade that has a tanto shape and a partially serrated edge. This easy-to-use and handle blade has a glass-reinforced Nylon handle with a camouflage design that has a digi-grip that makes it easier to hold. And once its blade is opened, it has a Piston lock that provides additional safety while in use. This is a knife that’s a welcome companion to just about any outdoorsman—whether they are hiking, biking, hunting or fishing.

8MTech Ballistic MT-A705 Series Folding Knife

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This inexpensive spring-assisted folding knife can be quickly and easily opened with one hand and once opened, can be securely locked into place with it’s safe and secure liner lock. The straight-edged blade of this knife is made of stainless steel and is approximately 3.75-inches long and approximately 3-millimeters thick. It’s titanium coated aluminum handle has a bottle opener built into it, so a bottle of your favorite beverage can always be opened no matter where you are. This started knife is perfect for anyone looking for something for their EDC (every-day-carry), for use in an emergency kit or simply used as a backup.

7Blade Mate Tactical Folding Survival Knife

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This Blade Mate survival knife is a tactical knife that can be easily inserted to just about anyone’s everyday carry kit, their bug out bag or their emergency kit. It has a really sharp 3.5-inch stainless-steel Tanto blade with a serrated edge that’s designed to prevent corrosion in even the most extreme conditions. Its handle features two tools which could prove to be real lifesavers in an emergency – a seat-belt cutter and a glass breaker. These tools allow the bearer to escape from a vehicle in the event of an accident. All of these features make this knife the perfect gift for yourself or for the handyman in your family.

6Elk Ridge Knife With Personalized Engraving

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This Elk Ridge knife can be personally engraved online with up to twenty characters per line on two lines. It features a 3.25-inch blade and a handle that comes in a variety of different styles—from wood grain to black. The personalized nature of this knife makes it a great gift for wedding parties, anniversaries and even bachelor parties. It’s also a great way to memorialize important dates, either to honor the death of a friend or the anniversary of a wedding. Either way, it’s a gift that’s sure to last a long time and be passed down to future generations.

5Spyderco Delica 4 Plain Edge Knife

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The Spyderco Delica 4 Plain Edge Knife is the perfect knife to be packed in the every-day-carry kits of anyone who needs a nice sharp knife that’s sure to last a long time. It features a fiberglass reinforced nylon handle that can be purchased with the color of your choice—from blue to green to purple and has an easy-to-clean screw together construction. It also features a flat-ground VG-10 blade that’s not only sharp but also durable as well. This is a knife well suited to a number of different tasks and also makes a perfect gift.

4Kershaw Blur Black EDC Pocketknife

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The Kershaw Blur Black has a number of features which make it the perfect every-day-carry knife—whether you’re heading to work or to the great outdoors. This knife has a Speed Safe Assisted open that allows both left handed and right handed individuals open it easily with just one hand. It also has a reversible pocket-clip so you can change which side the knife carries and since it sits pretty deep in your pocket while you’re carrying it, it’s also very discreet. The most important thing about this blade, however, is its durable 3.4-inch stainless steel drop point blade that can make quick work of the opening boxes, carving wood or any other task you set a pocket knife to do.

3Victorinox Swiss Army Classic

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This Victorinox Swiss Army Classic pocketknife has a number of different tools that are helpful not only in wilderness survival situations but on a day-to-day basis. It comes with a key chain, a nail file with screwdriver, scissors, a toothpick, and tweezers. It also comes with a small 1.25-inch blade, which takes up a good portion of this knife’s total size of 2.25-inches. This makes this knife small enough to carry with you every day. However, just because it’s small doesn’t mean it isn’t durable. This Swiss made knife is backed by a lifetime guarantee against defects in workmanship.

2Benchmade Barrage 581 Drop Point Knife

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Manufactured by a company that’s been in business since 1988, the Benchmade Barrage 581 Drop Point Knife is the culmination of years of hard work and commitment to building a high-quality knife. It has a nice design that allows it to be easily opened by either your right or left hand and is designed to open very quickly when needed. It has a drop-point utility blade that is resistant to corrosion and wear, yet still offers the ability to cut smoothly. This knife also has a G10 handle that’s impact-resistant, and resistant to hot and cold temperatures as well as moisture.

1Benchmade Adamas 275 Drop Point Knife

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The Benchmade Adamas 275 knife is designed to be a very strong knife that will hold up to extreme conditions and was originally designed to be used as a tactical knife. It has a G10 handle that’s resistant to moisture, heat, and cold and comes equipped with handle scales, and a thick smooth edge blade that can slice quickly and efficiently. This knife’s design also allows it to be used by both left and right handed individuals and it can be opened quickly and efficiently. Other features of this knife include a reversible pocket clip and a Cordura sheath.


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Choosing the Best Pocket Knife

We all know that knives are some of the most useful tools on the planet. They allow us to perform a variety of tasks we ordinarily wouldn’t be able to perform without them. So why is it so difficult to choose one? Probably because this tool has evolved over centuries and now they are hundreds upon hundreds of different varieties. It’s not that there aren’t a whole lot of excellent knives out there, the trick is to choose the one that’s right for you. Below are some tips to help you do just that.

Choosing Blade Design

When it comes to a pocketknife’s blade, there are two things to consider. The number of blades it has and the type of blade it has. There are single blades, multiple blades and multi-tool models in the number of blades department, and there are serrated, smooth edged blades and partially serrated edges in the blade type department. Let’s examine these features.

Single Blades

The blade is the star of the show with single blade knife models, so they are usually designed to be bigger and sturdier than multi-blade or multi-tool models. Another key component of these blades is that they often come with a very sturdy locking mechanism since its designed to be used for heavier work. Many of these models also come equipped with a mechanism which allows them to open with one hand. The biggest drawback of these knives is that you only have one blade available for everything you need it to do.


Knives with multiple blades give the user the option of having different blades at their disposal for different purposes. Perhaps they need a blade to whittle a piece of wood but need a separate blade for peeling an apple. Having a number of different blade options is always nice but it also means that the blades usually aren’t as big or as durable as single blade models.

Multi-Tool & Swiss Army Models

Some people prefer pocket models that offer a variety of different tools in one. Swiss Army Knives usually have tweezers, toothpicks, corkscrews, can openers, nail files and other such tools. Multi-tool models usually have wire cutters, pliers, files and other such tools. Both of these models are good for when you need a variety of tools close at hand. Swiss Army models really don’t have the blade quality that single blade knives do. Multi-tool models come closer to single blade durability and strength but they are still small and multi-tools can be somewhat more expensive.

Plain Edge Blades

These types of knives are better suited for push cuts. This allows the user to have enhanced control over the knife and to perform cleaner and more accurate cuts. They are also much easier to sharpen than other types of blades. However, they also aren’t at good at performing pull cuts or using it to saw through a material. These types of blades are usually good for applications such as skinning animals.

Serrated Edge Blades

These types of blades do a better job at performing pull cuts and for employing sawing motions. They are also better at cutting through harder materials. That’s because the serrations provide the blades with more surface area which allows more surface pressure to be used for cuts. However, they are less surgical than plain edge blades and may even be a bit clumsy. They are good for hard cutting applications but not so good for jobs that require control and accuracy.

Partially-Serrated Edge

Also known as a combo edge, this type of blade seems to provide the user with the advantages of both a plain edge and a serrated edge blade. However, they are also plagued with the problems that both these types of knives have. For instance, they are tough to sharpen.

Blade Length

The last thing to consider is blade length. As a general rule, you’ll want to choose the blade size that you need. Remember, bigger is not always better. Besides, each blade type has a use which it excels at. Let’s take a look at the task each blade length is good at doing.

  • Small Blades (Under 2.75-Inches): Good for opening boxes and cutting string. Not good for larger tasks.
  • Medium Blades (2.75-Inches to 4-Inches): Good for both light-duty and heavy-duty tasks. May or may violate local laws in your area.
  • Large Blades (4-Inches and highers): Usually seen as novelty blades or used for self-defence. May not be legal in your area.

Just One More Thing…

Of course, there are other things to consider before purchasing a knife for your pocket. Things such as what the blade is made from, whether it has an assisted opening mechanism, types of locking mechanisms on blades, handle composition and price but the above is a good primer for getting you started. Choose a knife that suits your needs and it will be a trusty companion for a long time to come.


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