In the past, there wasn’t the variety of raincoats and jackets available there are these days. When shopping for a rain jacket for women, the shopper would often have to select a model that was more fashion than function or choose from one of the men’s models – which protected better against the elements but were often oversize and just plain ugly.

Nowadays, women have a variety of different raincoats available to them. They come in all shapes, all sizes and with a wide variety of different features. All that has to be done is to determine which rain jacket is the best rain jacket for women – a problem solved by the following top ten list and guide to buying a woman’s rain jacket.

Best Rain Jacket For Women – Reviews

10Soteer Lightweight Hooded Raincoat

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This long sleeve, hooded raincoat is made from 100% waterproof materials and is designed to keep the woman safe from the elements, no matter how strong the storm. It fits just above the knees and has a slim style that is lightweight and easy to store. This raincoat comes in a number of different colors which include solid colors such as army green, blue, yellow and pink. It’s a great raincoat for women who love the outdoors and can be used while hiking, fishing or camping. This rain jacket comes with buttons that are easy-to-close and a hood that can be cinched using a drawstring.

9Columbia Women’s Splash A Little Rain Jacket

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This regular fit women’s raincoat is made from 100% polyester and is sized to be a regular or modern classic fit. It’s manufactured with an Omni-Tech waterproof but fully breathable sealed seam that’s designed to keep the wearer as warm and dry as possible. This jacket also has adjustable cuffs, an interior security pocket, and zippered hand pockets. Also featured on this raincoat is an attached and adjustable storm hood and a lining that’s made from 100% 210T nylon taffeta. As stylish as it is functional, this jacket also comes in a variety of different colors which may include black or ruby red or bright geranium lace print.

8Columbia Women’s Switchback II Jacket

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This lightweight nylon jacket is manufactured using an Omni-Shield advanced repellent that makes it waterproof but allows it to remain comfortable enough to wear on a regular basis. It has a universal modern classic fit that allows for a full range of motion, even while performing physical activities. This makes this a jacket that’s perfect for wearing while heading down to the coffee shop or while out on the hiking trail. And since it comes in a variety of different colors, from bright rose to spring yellow to coral bloom, this jacket is as fashionable as it is useful.

7Columbia Shine Struck II Waterproof Rain Jacket

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This great jacket is available in a variety of different colors, which means that it is not only a jacket that will protect you from the rain but one that will also work well with anything you choose to wear. It’s designed using 100% nylon that is waterproof and is equipped with a two-way zipper and an adjustable hood that will enable you to fit this jacket to your body according to your needs. It also has back venting, an adjustable inner waist cord and long sleeves with snaps. The only thing it doesn’t have is a liner, so if one is required for colder weather then this jacket probably isn’t a good choice. However, if a jacket is needed for mild spring weather, then this jacket is a good one to consider.

6Charles River Apparel Classic Pullover

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Stylish, comfortable and functional are just a few ways to describe this Charles River Apparel Classic Pullover. It’s designed to be larger than conventional jackets, which makes this oversize jacket a comfortable choice for many women. This jacket is also designed to resist wind and water and it does so by using a River Tec Nylon that keeps the wearer dry and gives protection against strong winds. The inside of this jacked is flannel lined, which makes it soft, cozy and toasty warm. This jacket comes with a convenient front pocket and is sold in a variety of colors which include colors such as maroon, black, yellow and purple, among others.

5Marmot Precip Lightweight Rain Jacket

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Designed to keep the wearer dry and warm, even in cold and wet conditions, this rain jacket has all of the features a woman needs while she is walking, hiking, or doing any other physical activity where there’s a concern for rain. It has taped seams to prevent leaks and has an adjustable hood that provides protection to the head. It has a drawstring hem, adjustable Velcro cuffs and is made out of a polyester material equipped with a double velour fleece. This jacket is a piece of rain protection that will be valued by women just about anywhere.

4Charles River Apparel New Englander Rain Jacket

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Designed with a preference given to function over style, this New England style rain jacket has all of the features a jacket needs to protect the wearer against the wind and rain. It’s made out of 100% polyurethane and is equipped with a breathable mesh lining, hand pockets and a bungee cord hood that allows the wearer to seal out the elements. Other features of this jackets include hook and loop wrists straps and underarm vents to allow air to circulate. And while this jacket isn’t designed to be stylish, it is manufactured in a number of colors which include black, reflective aqua, reflective red and violet.

3Columbia Arcadia II Jacket

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Similar to the Columbia Switchback II, except with more features, the Acadia II Jacket is designed to hold up well against spring rains and wind. It is made out of 100% nylon with a zipper closure and is seam sealed to make it waterproof. It also has an adjustable storm hood that’s equipped with a draw-cord hem, zippered and hand vented pockets and is easily packed into a pocket. All of these features combine in this jacket to give the wearer the security and comfort they need while braving the wind and the rain. This makes it suitable for any woman who likes being in the great outdoors.

2The North Face Venture 2 Jacket

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Designed with features that make it equally at home on the trail as it is in the city, this rain jacket is perfect for women who are on the go and need a dependable jacket to protect them against the rain and wind. It has a waterproof and windproof shell that’s paired with a polyurethane-coated inner layer that’s breathable and doesn’t get clammy like older raincoats used to get. This jacket also comes with an adjustable hood and a hem cinch-cord that the wearer can adjust to their particular preferences. All of these features make a raincoat that will protect the wearer against the elements but will ensure that they don’t feel like they’ve been locked in a rubber suit all day.

1Paradox Breathable & Waterproof Rain Jacket

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This rain jacket is not only lightweight and comfortable but is also breathable. It’s designed with a shell that’s made from 100% polyester and is coated with a polyurethane coating. This gives the jacket the ability to repel water but still allow moisture to escape from the inside of the jacket. And it’s windproof thanks to it being seam sealed. All of these features allow this jacket to be lightweight, functional and very stylish as well. It’s the sort of jacket that can be worn around town or equally well while camping. And it’s available in a number of colors which include plum, black or navy print.


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Choosing the Best Rain Jacket for Women

Jackets for women now come in a number of different styles and each of these styles has their own features. Which can make it hard to find one that protects you from the wind and the rain, while still conforming itself to your particular needs and lifestyle. Here are a few things to consider before purchasing the next rain jacket.

How Will it be Used?

If the jacket is going to be used extensively out in the woods or out on the trail, then you are probably going to want to get a jacket that’s not only durable but also breathes. However, if you are instead just going to be using it around town, then perhaps, you don’t need a jacket that’s very durable. This is entirely up to you to decide. Another thing you’ll want to consider is how waterproof the jacket is. After all, if you’re going to spend a lot of time in the rain, you better have a jacket that’s truly waterproof.  And don’t forget about factoring in the weight of the jacket, especially if you are going to be doing a lot of hiking or backpacking.

The Outer Shell

When considering the outer shell, you basically have two different options – the hard shell and the rain shell. Hard shells offer the most protection against wind and rain, but they can be expensive – with some models being in excess of $400 or more. Rain shells are usually the more economical cost and cost anywhere from around $50 to $350, depending on style, manufacturer, and features. And when it comes to rain shells you are basically talking about three different types of outer shells: 2-Layer Shells and 2.5 Layer Shells, plus Soft Shells. Here are the differences between them.

2-Layer Shells

The two-layer jacket features a mesh lining on the inside of the jacket that prevents the actual outer fabric from making contact with the skin. This makes this inexpensive option more breathable but it can also feel too bulky and warm as well. This means that they aren’t very good if you do a lot of physical activities in them. However, if you’re just heading to your favorite coffee shop, then this option is probably fine.

2.5-Layer Shells

The 2.5-layer jacket is much like the 2-layer jacket but with one key difference. Instead of having the inside mesh, it features a partial or half layer that’s usually sprayed on to the protective layer. This makes them easy to pack and lightweight.

Soft Shells

Designed for extremely active people, soft shells are another option to consider. While these jackets are waterproof and wind resistant, they are usually more expensive than 2-layer and 2.5-layer shells. In fact, they are probably somewhere in between 2.5-layer shells and hard shells.

Other Features to Consider

Usage, style and shell options aren’t the only features to consider when purchasing a rain jacket. There are a whole range of other options that can also be factored into the decision. After all, modern jackets seem to be brimming with options to make them more attractive to the consumer. Here are some of the more available options:

  • Attached or detachable adjustable hoods
  • Drop tails
  • Zippered or flapped hand pockets
  • Vented hand pockets
  • Interior security pockets

Sealed Seams

Sealed seams are an extremely important attribute of any raincoat. After all, if the seams aren’t sealed on a rain jacket, then it can’t truly be waterproof. Sure, it might be water-resistant but it will not be waterproof. So it’s important that if you need your jacket to be waterproof, that you choose a model with sealed seams. No exceptions.


As can be clearly seen, there are a lot of things to consider before dropping hard earned cash on a new rain jacket. There are not only the quality of the materials that have to be decided upon but also how it’s all put together and the features the jacket comes with. And that’s not even mentioning price, which is an important factor to just about everyone. Which is why it’s important to do your homework and think about your purchase beforehand. In that way, you can rest assured that you are buying the best jacket for the money.