For far too long, kettlebells and dumbbells have overshadowed the humble resistance band. And that’s a shame because there’s probably no product that’s more capable of delivering the toned body a person wants, and do it while ensuring that the user can workout just about anywhere. Once these bands are placed in a handbag, backpack, or gym bag, it’s like carrying a gym around with you all of the time.

However, even though these bands are truly amazing, that doesn’t mean that a person should pick up just any old pair they come across. No, the consumer should do their due diligence, so they end up with bands that are durable and effective. To help out with that task, we’ve found ten of the best resistance bands available and have listed them below for convenience. Now, these bands can be enjoyed by everyone looking to tone their body.

Best Resistance Bands – Reviews

10Letsfit Exercise Bands With Handles

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This set of 5 exercise bands has everything anyone needs to get a good workout. It comes with a 5-pound yellow band, a 10-pound blue band, a 20-pound green band, a 30-pound red band, and a 35-pound grey band. Each of these bands can be used individually or together to create a custom workout program for the user. This set also comes with a door anchor and ankle straps that make the set easier to use, and a bag to hold all of the equipment so that it can be easily transported. All of this means that this set is a great resistance band set that’s great for pilates, strength training, yoga, Crossfit or just about any training regimen.

9Etoplus Toplus Resistance Loop Bands

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These resistance bands don’t need a door anchor or ankle hooks, because they have built-in loops that allow hands or feet to be slipped into so that they can be easily used. This set of 5 bands each have a different level of resistance: from extra light to light and medium, and heavy to extra heavy. This allows them to be easily used for glute training, strength training, body shaping, yoga, physical therapy, or Crossfit training. They are 12×2-inches in size and come with a travel pouch that allows them to be taken virtually anywhere for working out on the go.

8Veick Stackable Exercise Bands

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Although most resistance bands do a good job of providing the user with the resistance they need for stretching or building muscle, they don’t provide anything that makes it easier to use them for those said purposes. In other words, they don’t provide the door anchors or ankle straps to use the bands. Fortunately, this set of bands comes with everything needed to immediately use the bands. The come with the door ankle and leg straps, so they can be put right into use. The bands in this set are 48-inches in length and have a combined resistance of 150-pounds.

7WOOSL Exercise Hip Bands

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It doesn’t matter if a person wants to shape their glutes, quads, hamstrings, calves or abs, this set of resistance bands can handle it all. It can even be used to tone arms, pecs and other parts of the body as well. That makes them a good tool for Crossfit, yoga, or any other exercise program that can benefit from a tool that uses resistance to strengthen and tone muscles. These bands are grouped into three different levels of resistance, so the user can mix and match them to get the exact workout they want. And since they’re small enough to throw in a bag, they’re easy to take on the road, so the user can workout anywhere.

6Olar Hike 13-Piece Band Set

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This band set comes with 5 color-coded bands that can be mixed and matched to create a unique workout routine. Each of the bands come with different resistance levels and can be combined to provide the user with up to 150-pounds of resistance. There’s a red 50-pound band, a black 40-pound band, a green 30-pound band, a yellow 10-pound band, and a blue 20-pound band. Each of these bands is made from 100% naturally-sourced latex and are equipped with a metal hook that allows it to be hooked up to doorknob to keep it in place.

5Potok Latex 3-Pack Elastic Band Set

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This 3-pack elastic band set is probably one of the easiest exercise sets to use. Each of the bands is color-coded, so the user knows exactly how much resistance they’re getting. This set comes with a yellow band that offers light resistance, a green band that offers medium resistance and a purple band that offers heavy resistance. This product is easy to grip and use, so it can be used for yoga, CrossFit training or even for strength resistance training. It can also be used for physical therapy and can be used for stretching or martial arts training, too.

4Perfect Peach Athletics Glute Bands

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People are born with perfect glutes, they have to build them, and by using this set that’s precisely what they can do. This set contains 5 latex bands that can be used individually or together to create the perfect workout routine. These bands can be used in the home, or easily thrown into a bag for working out at the gym. And since this set comes with a mesh bag at no additional costs, it’s extremely easy to take this set anywhere. Consumers who purchase this band set also get a free glute and leg ebook that can be used to take their glute exercise routines to the next level.

3Tribe Resistance Workout Bands Set

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One of the more common uses of resistance bands is to use them to assist power squats for building up the butt area, and these bands are perfect for that goal. That’s because it features 12-bands that have a combined maximum resistance of 105-pounds and can be used in different combinations for different exercises. Each band is color-coded, so the user knows exactly how much resistance it provides, and the kit comes with a door anchor, a couple of ankle straps, and a waterproof carrying bag for holding everything. Now everyone can build up their butt using these high-quality latex bands.

2Serious Steel Resistance & Stretch Band

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These resistance bands are a set of 6 bands that each has different resistive properties. The resistance of the orange band is 2 to 15-pounds, the red band is 10 to 50-pounds, the blue band is 25 to 80-pounds, the green one is 50 to 120-pounds and the black band up to 150-pounds. These bands can be used singularly or paired together to tailor the perfect workout for the user. These bands can be used for pull-up assistance or other types of exercises. And since they’re made from high-quality latex, they are designed to hold up to daily use without stretching out or snapping.

1Intey Pull-Up Assist Bands

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Even though these bands are designed to be used as pull-up assist bands, the fact of the matter is that they can be used for a variety of different exercises. These bands come in 4-different resistance levels and can be used to workout legs, arms, back or butt area quite easily. The red bands have a resistance of 15 to 35-pounds, the black bands have a resistance of 25 to 65-pounds, the purple ones are rated at 35 to 85-pounds and the green ones have a resistive capacity of 50 to 125-pounds. These bands are made out of a durable material that’s designed to resist snapping and take up very little space when placed into a gym bag or backpack.


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