Nobody can deny that rock climbing is perhaps one of the most demanding sports out there, one that stimulates a person to their core. It is for this reason that the gear you use when rock climbing should be of the highest standard, not only to save you any discomfort but also to ensure your personal safety. A pair of rock climbing shoes, for example, can make the difference between an enjoyable rock climbing experience and a misfortune awaiting to happen. In this respect, let us find out what are the ten best rock climbing shoes the market has to offer.

Best RockClimbing Shoes – Reviews

10Five Ten Men’s Team 5.10 Climbing Shoe

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Popularly known as the “brand of the brave”, the Five Ten Team 5.10 is built to give you the best you ask for in climbing shoes. Its closure system features elastic Velcro straps for seamless wear and easy removal. Besides a medium-stiff midsole for ample foot support, the Five Ten Men’s climbing shoe has an ultra-thin Stealth HF rubber sole for extra stability, support, and reliability. In fact, reliability should be your first concern when choosing a pair of rock climbing shoes.

9La Sportiva Miura VS Women’s Climbing Shoe

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La Sportiva is a quality committed brand that churns out great deals, always. The Miura VS adds to their collection of great climbing shoes, except this one for women. It has hook-and-loop feature for effortless wearing and, thanks to its sticky, durable leather outsole, you are assured of stability while scaling the rocks. Thanks to its sturdy construction, this particular shoe is perhaps one of the most durable out there.

8SCARPA Helix Men’s Climbing Shoe

buy buttonThe Helix is perhaps the most popular climbing shoe by Scarpa. Providing incredible performance and reliability, it features an extra tongue and improved adjustability to offer an even better fit. It is a traditional Italian model that brings heritage and innovation together to offer an adorable, functional pair. Furthermore, its lace-up and down feature offers greater protection than most climbing shoes on the market.

7Butora Acro Wide Fit Men’s Climbing Shoe

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The Butora Acro Wide Fit is one aggressively down-cambered men’s shoe ideal for bouldering and steep sport climbing. Its upper construction combines natural leather and soft synthetic, while the inner and outsole are carefully crafted to allow for a highly comfortable fit as well as greater performance. The exterior is sleek and beautiful, giving you the confidence of standing out of the crowd. It is slickness that ensures a tight grip on the rocks when climbing, so this is more or less what to look for in a pair of rock climbing shoes.

6Mad Rock Flash 2.0 Men’s Climbing Shoe

buy buttonThe Mad Rock Flash 2.0 is another reliable shoe men climbers can count on. It blends a striking traditional leather upper with ultra-modern Synflex to deliver protection, support and comfort. For the support, you have it sufficient with the Flash 2.0 for its suitable upper, polycarbonate midsole, and a quality rubber outsole that doesn’t fail a bit. Moreover, shock gel lining reduces the impact on your feet, keeping injuries at bay.

5La Sportiva Unisex Tarantula Beginners’ Rock Climbing Shoe

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First, there is simple on-and-off straps design for seamless convenience. Two, it has an exceptionally attractive look. These plus more, yet not at the expense of proper foot protection, La Sportiva Unisex Tarantula shines above many. Great for both men and women beginner rock climbers, it also offers reliable grip thanks to Stick FriXion quality rubber grips for guaranteed safety. As a matter of fact, these are perhaps some of the most adherent shoes in this price range.

4La Sportiva TC Pro Men’s Climbing Shoe

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The Alpinist Mountain Standards Awards winner, La Sportiva’s TC Pro for men doesn’t disappoint any enthusiastic climber. Its design is meant to help you gain greater power on your foot for a competitive climbing performance, no matter the steep. It has strategically placed foam padding for added comfort, while its mid-height provides you cover through crack climbing. It is an ideal pick for those going up the rocks.

3La Sportiva Solution Men’s Climbing Shoe

buy buttonAnother high-performance men’s climbing shoe option from La Sportiva, the Solution is typically its name—the solution. It also offers your toe greater control as well as grip, but still protects it with an aptly designed toe platform. A modern 3D quick-lacing system further recommends the Solution as a top choice, which may explain why these particular shoes enjoy the popularity they currently enjoy.

2Scarpa Vapor V Men’s Climbing Shoe

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An awesome blend of durability and comfort, the Scarpa Vapor V is a striking beauty. Another high-quality men’s climbing shoe, it boasts hippie platform for ensuring you ample room for your foot, yet remaining stable and comfortable. At the same time, its suede and micro-suede midsole is both convenient and durable. Add to this fact that it also doubles as a hiking or trail running shoe and you begin to understand why these particular shoes are so popular among experienced rock climbers.

1Scarpa Instinct VS Men’s Climbing Shoe

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Aptly designed to be resistant to damage and deformation, the Instinct VS is a quality men’s climbing shoe by Scarpa that provides great stability standing on micro-flakes and perilous edges. It has a stylish exterior appearance that speaks volumes about the overall toughness of the shoe. Not only that but its sufficiently charged bi-tension active randing boosts its toe power for scaling more challenging terrains. Overall, these are perhaps some of the best rock climbing shoes out there.


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Rock Climbing Shoes Buying Guide

As a sport, rock climbing is quite demanding both physically and mentally, which is why you should always be aptly prepared for the task at hand. While the mental part is most of your own doing, when it comes to the gear you wear, you should always take the time to consider what the market has to offer thoroughly. We say this because anything less than absolute perfection can cause your gear to become unreliable, rendering you unsafe when climbing. To avoid exposing yourself to the perils of rock climbing, try your best to find a good pair of rock climbing shoes based on these characteristics:


Like with most climbing gear, you want rock climbing shoes to be adherent and flexible. While the adherence part should make you safe and well-balanced while climbing, it is the flexibility of the shoe which guarantees that you will be able to quickly turn during your climb. As any seasoned climber will tell you, a climber’s success is mainly dependent on their mobility going forward, thus the need for flexible gear.


Another thing to consider when buying a pair of rock climbing shoes is the overall toughness and durability. While you do indeed want a pair of flexible shoes, you shouldn’t sacrifice toughness for the sake of mobility. To be more precise, any rubber outsole that seems too thin or flimsy should raise alarm bells in regards to their durability. On a related note, the materials used in their making generally determines how durable the shoes will be long-term, so shy away from anything that seems too cheap or unreliable.


There is also the matter of comfort to consider when buying a pair of shoes, be them climbing shoes, hiking shoes, or any other kind. Although climbing shoes aren’t exactly designed with comfort in mind, you also don’t want to feel any discomfort when wearing them for too long. The last thing you want is to experience cramps and blisters halfway through your climbing adventure, especially if the weather isn’t on your side.


It is important to pay attention to the outsole thickness of any climbing shoes you’re thinking of buying, especially the materials comprising it. With rubber soles, the outsole should be either thick or slim depending on the overall shape of the shoes. In truth, most such shoes have rubber soles, even though a small minority may involve a slightly different construction, which is also reflected in the ruggedness of the shoes.


Rock climbing shoes are made according to certain profiles, each with their own particularities. For the most part, flat profile climbing shoes are better when it comes to slotting your feet into the cracks of the rocks. Thin profile shoes, on the other hand, are much more comfortable to wear over long periods of time, yet less capable of adhering to the surface of most rocks. Like we said, grip is paramount when you’re rock climbing, so take this into consideration when choosing your shoes.


Speaking of choosing your shoes, we mustn’t remind you that a tight fit is always to be preferred when buying climbing gear, shoes in particular. This is because you want to ‘feel’ the rocks underneath your feet as you climb, something loose shoes will not allow you to do. In other terms, a perfect fit results in a perfect climb, or at least this is what seasoned climbers say in regards to climbing shoes.


Last but not least, try your best to always go for reputable brands when choosing a pair of climbing shoes. Although it isn’t uncommon for lesser brands to sometimes make reliable shoes, for the most part, the outsoles are either too thin or too prone to breaking. To be on the safe side, try your best to choose a reputable brand, even if it means you’ll have to spend that extra buck. Trust us, in the end, it will all be worth it.