Because of the power that comes with shooting a gun, you need to stay safe. This goes beyond the normal aim and make sure you don’t harm those around you, it is important to protect yourself when you pull the trigger. The sound can be deafening, literally so for some people so you need to make sure you have adequate shooting ear protection.

The market is full of sub-par imitators so you want to make sure you find a product that really works. Be sure to get one that feels comfortable, has the right amount of protection and looks good. There are electronic earmuffs that better suit the shooting range where there is a lot going on as well as passive earmuffs for universal use. Whatever you choose, our top ten shooting ear protection options will help to keep your ears safe.

Best Shooting Ear Protection – Reviews

8Howard Leight Electronic Shooting Earmuff

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These quality shooting earmuffs have the right balance between value and quality making them an excellent shooting ear protection option for anyone. The classic green design helps to keep you undetected when outdoors but keeps sound to 82 dB which allows you to still communicate effectively. They listen and shut off amplification when it gets too loud with a noise reduction rating of 22. The curve at the bottom allows them to shape around a firearm and the adjustable headband allows you to find the perfect fit. There is a 3.5mm cord for MP3 players included and it shuts off after 4 hours of use to save batteries. They fold away into a compact size making them the best in the business.

7Walkers 1006672-SSI Razor Slim Shooter Folding Muff

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A high-end protection that feels like a quality product thanks to the sturdy materials. They have a noise reduction rating of 22dB and they feature noise detection to protect your ears when things get loud. They offer great clarity when it comes to low noise and there are even knobs to control the volume to get the frequency that matches the user.
With a sound compression reaction of 0.02 seconds and compact design when folded, they are some of the most advanced shooting ear protection muffs you can find. They allow you to get close to the loudness of a firearm without affecting your hearing.

6Pro For Sho 34dB Shooting Ear Protection

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These high-quality earmuffs are heavy-duty when it comes to noise reduction, offering 34dB of hearing protection which is up there with the highest. They are padded making them ideal for longer use and are universal enough to be worn during shooting, woodwork, hunting, and beyond. They come in all sorts of colours including army green, and teal, as well as different sizes making them a great option for kids and parents. The adjustable headband allows for a snug fit that doesn’t slip and they fold down into a compact size making them easily portable at the bottom of your bag.

5MSA Sordin Supreme Pro X with green cups

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These quality earmuffs do more than provide shooting ear protection, they are intelligent and come with a neckband to make sure they never slip. The cups are shaped to accommodate both right and left-hand shooters and the microphones are waterproof and well protected to make sure you always get a clear, quality sound. They can be worn comfortably with a helmet. The safety rating is 25dB which isn’t as high as others but is still good enough for most conditions. You get 600 hours of battery life out of these electronic earmuffs which are among the most economical and it also comes with gel ear seals.

4Peltor Sport Shotgunner II Low-Profile Hearing Protector

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The low profile design of this shooting ear protection earmuff has been specifically designed to add a label of comfort to hunting and shooting rifles and shotguns. The headband is adjustable to help them fit easily and you also get a noise reduction rating of 24dB which is good in this price range. The foam cushioning is forgiving and keeps everything in place well. They are slim, fold away nicely and are fine for use of a few hours maximum but are an affordable option that is well suited to outdoor shooting.

33M Peltor SportTac Shooting Model Folding Headband

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There might not be as much in the way of noise protection with the rating of 20dB falling shorter than some of the competition but this still offers adequate protection and distortion-free application when it comes to the likes of low sounds. They are also economical and you get around 500 hours of use per battery change. They shut-down after two hours of being left alone and the contoured headband is one of the more comfortable going. This means you can wear them for longer periods, this is especially good as there is an mp3 port to allow you to tune into your music in-between trips to the shooting range.

2Surefire EP4 Sonic Ear Defenders

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Anyone who doesn’t have the budget for electronic earmuffs or just wants ear shooting ear protection that doesn’t take up so much room will appreciate these simple ear defenders. They have a protection rating of 24 dB and are made from a durable polymer that is soft on skin and fits the grooves of your ear to stay in place. Anything above 85 dB is lowered which makes them a good option to keep in your bag when going to the shooting range. They can be worn with a mask or helmet and can be worn with or without the included lanyard.

1Decibullz – Custom Molded Earplugs

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If you struggle with the fit and feel of regular earplugs then the moulded version from Decibullz could provide a viable option. The molding is simple, leave them in boiling water then let them cool for a bit before shaping them to your ears. If they don’t work the first time you can try again and re-mould them. They feature the highest noise-canceling rating of 31dB which makes them safe for shooting but they are so discreet they are also great for concerts. Because they fit in your ears so well they are very comfortable and also make wearing protective glasses easier.

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