A ski boot bag is a piece of equipment that doesn’t get the credit it deserves. That’s because many people wonder why they need one of these bags in the first place. After all, can’t they just throw their boots in the trunk of their car and head out? Sure, it can be done that way but that’s overlooking the basic practicality of these items. They just aren’t made for boots.

While these bags are designed to keep your boots dry and right where you can easily get to them, they also have other practical purposes as well. They make it easier to transport the boots by plane or train, can usually hold a number of other objects and can actually make it easier to carry the boots from the car to the lodge. Which is why it’s important to choose the best ski boot bag that you can.

Best Ski Boot Bag – Reviews

10Transpack Edge Isosceles Bag

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Designed to help the skier get their boots to the top of the mountain easily and efficiently, this isosceles shaped bag has the features a person would need in one of these bags. It’s made from 600-denier polyester that’s coated with a PVC material, has double locking zippers and adjustable shoulder straps which give the user another option while carrying their boots. It even has an internal zippered pocket that gives the user additional storage options. And since this bag comes in any one of a number of different colors, from black to lime to red, they are also the fashionable choice for carrying boots and other equipment.

9Kulkea Powder Trekker

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Able to hold a pair of men’s boots up to a U.S size 10.5 and a woman’s size up to a U.S 11.5, this bag is able to accommodate the boots of almost everyone. It’s manufactured with a variety of nylon and tarpaulin materials that make it durable and water-resistant as well. This bag is available in one of a number of different colors, from black & white with pink or teal with gray, this bag is also able to match up with the individual style of the skier, too.  These features make this bag appropriate for carrying equipment for a day out on the slopes.

8Pulse Ski & Snowboard Bag

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Sized just big enough to hold one U.S men’s shoe size up to a size 13, this bag can hold what a skier needs it to hold without being overly bulky or heavy. This bag is 15-inches by 16-inches by 10-inches in size and is made from a water-resistant material that will help keep boots nice and dry. And since it’s double stitched and has reinforced paddle handles, it’s sure to be able to hold up to just about any abuse that it will encounter on the ski slopes and should provide the user with years of use.

7Athalon Tri-Athalon Ski Bag

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This bag is designed to be a high-quality bag that’s not only very durable but is also lightweight as well. It’s also not only designed to hold ski boots but is large enough to hold gloves or other items as well. It features a ventilated boot section and zippered side entry that’s placed in the bag for convenience sake. This makes it a great bag to take boots up to the top of the mountain for a day on the slopes or to take on an airplane for a quick ski trip. And it will do so with style.

6Kulkea Speed Star

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Stylish and well designed, this bag has many of the features a skier is looking for in a bag to hold his or her boots. It has a foam padded back panel, a large hybrid pocket, and a zipped interior pocket to hold personal items, as well as two boot-shaped side pockets that are contoured to fit boots and has grommets in them to allow air to flow. This bag also has kid comfort straps that are wide and adjustable. It also comes in a number of different colors, so they can be matched with the rest of a person’s ski equipment.

5Dakine Boot Locker Bag

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Sometimes a simple option requires a simple bag and this concept is proved by this bag. It’s big enough to hold a pair of boots and has a tarp line compartment that can also be used as a changing mat. This bag also has a padded shoulder strap and comes in any one of a number of exciting colors, from black to dark navy to burnt rose. If a person needs a bag to do one thing and one thing only – hold their ski boots – then this bag is a good choice to make and gets the job done without a whole lot of nonsense.

4Transpack XTW Bag

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Available in a number of colors which range from the wild to the loud, this bag is designed to hold a person’s ski boots and to keep them safe until they are retrieved later on. It uses an isosceles storage system that allows air to get to the boots so they dry quickly and also has grommets that allow air into and out of the bag. Another feature of this bag is that it has backpack straps so it can be easily carried and has enough space to hold not only ski boot but also ski goggles as well. This makes this a good bag for just about any skiing adventure.

3Athletico Skiing & Snowboarding Bag

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This bag has all of the features a skier would need in their bag. It is large enough to accommodate most ski boots separately, and also has a large main compartment that can be used for personal items. This bag has top padded handles, a padded lumbar back support, and hidden carry straps. On its front, are bungee cords that can be used to secure hats or gloves and the bag has reflective accents to add an extra layer of safety to carrying it. Other features include durable metal hardware, a headphone cord port, and ventilation grommets. It’s a useful bag no matter if the skier is currently on the slopes or on the train heading to a ski trip.

2Kulkea Boot Trekker

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Designed from a technical standpoint and not from a style standpoint, like many other bags currently available, this model is designed to carry the skier’s boots without being cumbersome. It’s made from a combination of tarpaulin, nylon and polyester that makes this bag resistant to water and it can hold ski boots up to a US size of 13. It also features a pack release, drainage grommets in the bottom of the bag and two large side boot pockets that are equipped to provide adequate air ventilation. This bag might not have the fashion sense other bags do but it does do a good job at fulfilling its function of keeping the user’s boots secure and dry.

1Athalon Everything Boot Pack

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This bag is designed to be a perfect combination of style and function. They come in a variety of different colors and styles including black, yellow and lumberjack, but also keep all of the features a skier would expect out of a boot pack. The boots can be stored away from each other in the pack and there is a separate zippered side entry that allows access. On the front of the unit is a bungee cord setup which can be used to hold things like gloves or goggles and the center section can hold a jacket or helmet.  There are also drainage grommets on the bottom of the bag that allow moisture to escape and help keep the boots nice and dry.


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How to Select the Best Ski Boot Bag

It used to be that these bags were once an afterthought. No one really paid much attention to them and as long as they held ski boots, everyone seemed satisfied. Then manufacturer’s began adding extra features to their bags to help distinguish their bags from their competitors. The results are bags that have more features and make themselves more useful to skiers. They are no longer just to house boots for skiing but can be used to hold other objects, such as gloves or hats, as well.

Of course, this can also make it difficult for people to find the best bags available out of all of the ones on the market. Fortunately, this is the very subject of this article. Below are some of the features which can be found in the best bags. While not every great bag will have every feature listed, the following features are a good starting point for anyone to begin their search.

Side Boot Pockets

While some bags just clump all of the boots together, which doesn’t allow much air flow to get to the boots to allow them to dry, bags with side boot pockets keep the boots separate – one on each side. This not only promotes better air flow and drying but also usually creates a large center section which can be used to hold additional gear such as sunglasses, gloves, a hat or a jacket. Side pockets also make it easier to find the enclosed boots because they won’t be buried under a bunch of other items.

Split Level Bags

Split level bags don’t separate the boots from one another but keep them together in one portion of the bag, either on top or on the bottom of the bag, and the rest of the skier’s gear is placed in the other compartment. This doesn’t promote as much airflow as side pockets do and often leads to the person having to dig through a bunch of gear to get their boots. However, these bags also tend to be larger than side pocket bags, so the pros and cons of each should be weighed individually.

Air Flow & Drainage Grommets

Another thing that needs to be thoroughly considered is how the bag deals with air flow and moisture. Most bags have grommets that allow for air to get into and out of the bag. The better-made bags also have water drainage grommets in them as well which allows water out of the bag.

Multiple Carrying Options

Another thing that can be found on the better bags and packs is the ability to handle the bags in a number of different ways. These bags often have a variety of handles which can include a top handle, backpack straps, back handles or any combination of the three. This makes it easier and more convenient for the skier to handle and transport the bag.

Additional Storage

Having the ability to store a number of other objects is always a useful feature to have in any bag. This can be a side pocket or a inside pocket that can be used to store things like hats or gloves. Having a small security pocket is also a good idea and can be used to hold credit cards, driver’s licenses or other forms of identification.

Some packs increase their available storage by using some sort of bungee cord on the lid or the front of the bag. This can be used to store all manner of different objects such as maps, sunglasses or gloves. It’s a useful feature to have and is showing up on more of the packs manufactured nowadays.

Lockable Zippers

While lockable zippers won’t completely protect your small personal items from theft at your local ski lodge, it will keep your nosy fellow skiers from looking through your things.

Material & Construction

It’s important to make sure that the bag is made out of materials that make it water-resistant. Some of the best bags on the market today use a combination of tarpaulin, nylon, and polyester to ensure that their bag is either waterproof or at the very least, water resistant.


The last consideration that needs to be made before a bag is purchased is its size. It’s important that a bag is chosen that has a sufficient size for the skier to hold the items they need to hold. At the very least, a bag should hold a pair of ski boots, a pair of gloves and maybe, a pair of sunglasses. Anything smaller than that is probably too small for the needs of most skiers.