By creating a seamless wrap across your face, ski goggles protect your eyes from the sun, wind, and snow so that you can enjoy your skiing experience. You don’t want to come back from a day skiing with sun spots or frostbite, which is why you should consider investing in a pair of ski goggles if you haven’t already.

To help you in this regard, we took the time to scout the market in search of the ten best ski goggles money can buy.

Best Ski Goggles – Reviews

10Gonex Cylindrical Lens Ski Goggles

buy buttonGonex’s Cylindrical Lens Ski Goggles are an affordable ski accessory that features high-end provisions which make them durable and comfortable. They offer technically enhanced features and simple styling for optimal performance. It also comes with Over the Helmet (OTH) technology fit that is designed to ensure a perfectly smooth fit. Moreover, these goggles also comprise double-layer form face which reinforces a soft face layer (micro-fleece). Finally, they also comprise a thermal barrier (double lens) that establishes a thermal barrier while offering clear optics and a superior seal.

9IV2 Ski and Snowboard Goggles

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The IV2 goggles are accessories that come with an anti-fog (dual-lens) technology that enhances their functionality and performance. They are helmet comfortable and comprise adjustable, extra long straps for an exclusive custom fit not to mention the anti-scratch mirrored lens which facilitates distortion-free vision. Finally, these goggles provide 100% UV protection that promotes safety above everything else.

8Oakley O-Frame MX Goggles

buy buttonO-Frame MX are exclusive ski-goggles designed with an innovative and resistant frame construction. They feature a unique urethane frame build which facilitates great flexibility despite the condition and Lexan lens that is scratch resistant and provide ultimate optical clarity. What’s more, they also comprise an exclusive O-Matter flexible frame that provides an optimized peripheral view. Also, they feature a silicone lining on the strap’s inside that offers a stable and secure fit not to mention face foam (triple-layer). Their adjustable straps are simple to wear ensuring long outdoor periods.

7Gonex Oversized Professional Ski Goggles

buy buttonGonex is ski goggles made from flexible urethane material for maximum performance. Besides their polycarbonate lens that allows them to provide UV400 protection, it also comprises flexible elastic straps that boost helmet compatibility and adjustability not to mention fog-free performance. Furthermore, these goggles also boast a triple-layer face foam coverage for enhanced comfort and stability.

6Zionor Snowmobile & Snowboard Goggles

buy buttonZionor’s Snowmobile goggles are a superior quality pair of goggles that come with an unprecedented extra-length boarder visibility. Their frame features TPU construction that offers excellent performance and ultimate flexibility. At the same time, these googles have a detachable strap to ensure a perfect fit at all times, even in situations when you’re performing quick shifts in direction at full speed.

5ZIONOR Lagopus XA Ski Snowboard Goggles

buy buttonFor goggles that guarantee both simplicity and ease of use, ZIONOR’s Lagopus XA Ski Snowboard Goggles might just be what you need. They come with a spherical ultra-wide frameless design not to mention a quick magnetic lens change system that allows easy lens replacement and cleaning. They feature 100% UV400 protection characterized by triple-layer foam to enhance comfort and moisture management. These accessories also feature dual-pane lenses which establish a natural thermal barrier which is designed to reduce fogging while optimizing air flow inside and over their lens.

4Bolle Mirrored Ski Goggles

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These Bolle ski goggles come with a characteristic P80+ anti-fog feature which disperses water across the inner surface of the lens to hinder moisture build-up that dims and impeded the clear view. These accessories also feature exclusive face foam (double-layer) that supports a soft face layer (micro-fleece). Finally, these goggles also include a unique flow-tech venting provision among other equally useful features.

3OutdoorMaster Protection Goggles

buy buttonOutdoorMasters ski goggles have a detachable large magnetic lens which snaps on/off for easy cleaning, an anti-fog technology that allows fog-free performance and an adjustable elastic no-slip strap that ensures optimal helmet compatibility. Moreover, its great optical clarity comprises 3-core foam padding (for face) to ensure ultimate compatibility. Finally, it also comes with a 6-month warranty, an accompanying carrying pouch, and a protective case for good measure.

2OutdoorMaster Ski Goggles PRO

buy buttonOutdoorMaster is ski and snowboard goggles designed with ultimate comfort and visibility in mind. They come with a panoramic lens (spherical) that allows you accurately unobstructed and wide field of view. Its lens is attached to the main frame courtesy of 10 strong magnets allowing it to be easily snapped on/off for easy cleaning. The goggles also include no-slip adjustable straps which guarantee maximum adjustability and compatibility and feature anti-fog coating (dual-side) which facilitates fog-free performance.

1Bolle Mojo Snow Goggles

buy buttonMojo is a medium-to-large and classic goggles that offer a throwback styling courtesy of its enhanced stunning lens technology to guarantee great optical clarity and fog-free performance. They comprise venting ports which prevent clogging and control airflow form snow and ice. These accessories also boast exclusive a double lens design which not only offers clear optics and excellent seal while creating a thermal barrier. Last but not least, these goggles feature a Carbo GLAS or P80 Plus (anti-fog/anti-scratch) coating which protects against lens fogging and scratching.


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Ski Goggles Buying Guide?

The first thing you want to do when buying a pair of ski goggles is to think real hard about what type of protection you need and to which extent. Although there are a few goggles out there that can protect you against almost any threat, they do tend to be slightly uncomfortable, especially when you wear them for hours at a time. Other than that, you should think about whether you want these goggles to protect you from snow alone or if you also want them to protect you from wind or sunlight as well. That said, here is what to consider when buying a pair of ski goggles:

Frame Size – The frame size of a pair of ski goggles can vary according to the size of a person’s head or according to the style he/she is going for. At this point in time, large or oversized framed goggles have become quite popular, not to mention fashionable. Still, we should point out that small frame goggles have a smaller fit by being narrower, shorter, and shallower than regular goggles. As such, they are designed for skiers with small or slim faces, unlike medium frame goggles which are designed to meet a more generic standard. With large frame goggles, you get more protection at the cost of a larger frame.

Lens Type – When it comes to lens type, we should point out that there are several options to choose from. With polarized lenses, you get a reduced amount of glare from the sun and snow, which makes it easier on the eyes. You also get the option to use photochromatic lenses which are supposed to lighten or darken your vision according to your surrounding light conditions. Next are the mirrored lenses which are also sometimes referred to as Chrome lenses. They have the purpose of blocking bright lights and to help reduce glare by reflecting more light than regular lenses. There are also goggles with non-mirrored lenses which don’t have any reflective properties but make up by filtering light to make it more easy on the eye when you’re out skying in bright light conditions.

Lens Shape – There is also the matter of lens shape to be considered, mainly because different type of lenses offer different visual adjustments. With spherical lenses, for example, you get a shape that matches the curvature of your eyes, thus giving you a less distorted field of vision and an increase in peripheral vision. On the other hand, flat lens types offer a limited field of vision but offer minimal distortion as far as optics are concerned.

Lens Color – Another thing to consider is the lens color or tint. With a wide variety to choose from, you are bound to find a color that best matches your style, but you should perhaps be more worried about how the coloring affects your vision. Each lens color filters light differently and some even offer specific advantages in certain weather conditions. The amount of light a lens allows through is called a Visible Light Transmission and is expressed through percentages. The most common are yellow, rose, and blue lenses which offer a VLT that ranges from 60 to 90 percent. Black, gray, and gold lenses offer VLT between five to twenty percent, which is what you want if you’re about to go skiing in bright light conditions.

Interchangeable Lenses – You will also find ski goggles with lenses that can be changed at will. Having multiple lens colors to choose from is definitely a big advantage, not only in terms of aesthetics but also to maximize your visibility in any lighting conditions. Although not very widespread, such goggles do indeed exist and they provide optimal visibility across a large spectrum of lighting and weather conditions, which is why an interchangeable lens-capable pair of goggles is always to be desired. We should point out, however, that these type of goggles are usually a bit more expensive than most.

Ventilation – Some ski goggles offer some degree of ventilation to help control the temperature inside the goggles. Each brand comes with its own particularities as far as ventilation is concerned, a must-have technology for a good pair of ski goggles. Without it, your goggles will likely fog up over time, obstructing your visibility considerably. In this regard, you can choose between low-minimal ventilation which are goggles that fog up even when you’re not moving, medium ventilation goggles which prevent fogging over short periods of time, and highly ventilated goggles that prevent fogging altogether.

Special Features – Last but not least, keep in mind that modern ski goggles offer a wide selection of ingenious features for you to use. For instance, some goggles have battery-operated anti-fog fans designed to keep the air moving inside the goggles, thus preventing them from fogging up. Another useful feature to have is a GPS system that allows you to calculate your speed, airtime, and track your route as accurately as possible. In some cases, goggles can even have built-in HD cameras to help you capture footage of your skiing.