Top 10 Best Ski Jackets of 2018 – Reviews

You shouldn’t even consider skiing without a comfortable jacket to keep you warm, not unless you want to deal with frostbite and joint pain for months afterward. That said, it isn’t just comfort that you have to consider when buying a ski jacket but flexibility, stitching, insulation, and of course, durability.

After taking the time to review everything the market has to offer at this point in time, we put together a list of the ten best ski jackets money can buy for you to look at.

Best Ski Jackets – Reviews

10Arctix Boys Cyclops Insulated Jacket

buy buttonLike the name suggests, it is a high standard of insulation that recommends this particular jacket for anyone who enjoys skiing and other winter activities. Made from polyester and WR Thermalock, this jacket will keep you nice and warm even in extremely cold temperatures, doing so while still being quite comfortable. Thanks to its adjustable hook-and-loop closure cuffs, this jacket can be worn tightly on the body without being too constrictive.

9CROTI Ski Waterproof Windproof Fleece Jacket

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Made of warm yet breathable fabrics, this jacket from Croti is the type you want to be wearing when the weather takes a quick turn for the worse. Due to its waterproof fabric with a fleece lining and wear-resisting fabric, it will provide a much better heat retention than regular winter jackets, which is exactly what you need when you go skiing. It also features spacious pockets, including a zippered chest pocket for storing your valuables.

8Mountain Warehouse Shadow Printed Ski Jacket

buy buttonAs you would imagine, this jacket is entirely snowproof, much thanks to being treated with a durable water repellent that also makes the fabric more resistant in the long run. You should see this jacket as a perfect entry-level skiing attire, mostly due to its ingenious design. We say this because it features a snow skirt design that helps to prevent snow from getting inside your clothes along with adjustable cuffs for a greater fit.

7CIOR Men And Women Snow Jacket

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Due to its water repellent coating, fleece liner, and durable fabrics, this ski jacket will ensure that you won’t have to deal with snow getting into your clothes at any point. It also features adjustable cuffs and a wear-resisting soft shell that makes it highly wind resistant. Not only that but it also benefits from quite an elegant design, the type that lets you wear it with almost any type of underclothing.

6Ubon Outdoor Windproof Fleece Ski Jacket

buy buttonYou want a ski jacket to be not only warm and comfy but also windproof to an extent, which are the exact characteristics that define this particular jacket. Due to a zippered, double secured closure, you will be able to tightly and securely fit this jacket onto your body, regardless of your underclothing. It is also a fairly practical rain jacket as well, a versatility that enables you to wear it in cold weather regardless of the season.

5Ubon Men’s Waterproof Windproof Fleece Ski Jacket

buy buttonThis durable and warm ski jacket from Ubon Outdoor stands out through a durable outer layer fabric and a thick fleece inner lining. This provides the wearer with an unmatched level of warmth without impeding his or her movement in any way. At the same time, this jacket features a stretched powder skirt, a stand collar, a removable insulated storm hood, and elastic cuffs with velcro for a tighter fit.

4The North Face Carto Triclimate Jacket

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Equipped with a full waterproof exterior shell with a warm 100g insulated liner, this jacket is perhaps one of the warmest out there. For this purpose, it also features a zip-in-compatible integration with complementing garments from North Face, a well-known apparel manufacturer. As for the outer jacket itself, let us point out that it is waterproof, breathable, and seam-sealed to provide maximum comfiness without impeding your movement.

3Columbia Men’s Antimony IV Jacket

buy buttonThis lightweight yet perfectly insulating jacket from Columbia should be considered one of the very best in terms of warmth and insulation. It features multiple outer and inner storage options including goggles, electronic devices, and earphone-accessible pockets. It also has a drawstring hem that you can operate with ease to provide a tighter fit whenever the weather outside takes a turn for the worse.

2Mountain Waterproof Fleece Ski Jacket

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Perfectly equipped to provide warmth in cold weather, this particular jacket stands out as one of the best out there when it comes to insulation. Water-repellent up to a 10,000mm pressure, this jacket will keep your body dry and comfortable at all times. It also has multiple pockets for you to use, all zippered and spacious. At the same time, it has adjustable cuffs, a stretchable glove with thumb hole to seal in the warmth, an internal drawcord hem, and a detachable storm hood for good measure.

1Wantdo Fleece Ski Jacket Windproof Rain Jacket

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No other ski jacket can provide the comfort and flexibility of the Wantdo Fleece Ski Jacket, a piece of apparel like no other. This exquisite ski jacket is designed to seal in warmth in freezeing temperatures so as to provide a comfy fit whenever you’re performing labor-intensive tasks like skiing, snowboarding, or simply running through the snow. In terms of accessibility, let us point out that it has an inside windproof snap powder skirt, an internal drawcord hem, a detachable hood, a wear-resisting soft shell, and a lot of spacious pockets for you to use.


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What To Look For In A Ski Jacket

Having chosen to get a ski jacket, you must be wondering about the features that make a ski jacket stand out, as you rightfully should. unlike regular winter jackets, ski jackets have to not only provide a decent insulation but also to be flexible enough so as to enable you to move freely at all times. They also have to prevent snow from getting underneath the jacket, unlike traditional winter jackets that are mainly designed to keep you warm. That said, here is what you need to consider when buying one:

The Type

Needless to say, there are many types of jackets to choose from, each with its own particularities. Depending on how they’re built, ski jackets can be hardshell, softshell, and insulated. Each jacket is designed to meet specific demands, which is why it’s important for you to do a bit of research before making a purchase. We say this because ski jackets have to provide maximum flexibility and freedom of movement, so wearing a jacket mainly built for warmth in a situation where you’re moving a lot means that you’re going to end up sweating.

Hardshell jackets – These jackets are perhaps the most versatile type of jackets, the type that you can use for a lot more than just skiing. An uninsulated shell jacket will provide the highest possible standard of protection against water and strong winds while still being extremely accommodating to underclothing. The only real issue with these type of jackets is the reduced breathability.

Softshell jackets – With softshell ski jackets, you get roughly the same mobility you get with hardshell jackets, with the added notion that they don’t really provide the same standard of insulation. Even so, the added flexibility is surely something to consider, especially when you consider how breathable these jackets are. Due to their DWR coating, these jackets are far more breathable than hardshell jackets, thus better when it comes to activities that require that you move a lot.

Insulated jackets – Like the name suggests, these jackets are mainly designed to provide insulation and warmth in extremely cold weather, which comes at the expense of some mobility and breathability. The warmest of all three types, these jackets mostly employ thick outer shells comprising of synthetic fabrics like PrimaLoft. Although not the most flexible, these jackets are definitely a must-have for people who spend a lot of time outside in the freezing cold.

The Fit

You should always make sure a jacket fits properly, even more so if it’s a jacket that’s meant to protect you from the cold weather outside. In this respect, ski jackets can range from slim fitted, short cropped jackets to baggy cuts intended to shield the wearer from snow and snow alone. You should, however, keep in mind that the fit of the jacket should also allow you to wear one or two layers of clothes underneath.

Slim fit jackets – Preferred by people who prefer style over practicality, these jackets are by far the best-looking of all three different fit styles. They are also increasingly popular among people who prefer to take short skiing trips.

Regular fit jackets – As the name would have you suggest, these are perhaps the most popular of the three, with style and comfort being a major concern rather than mobility or insulation. For this reason, regular jackets don’t really leave a lot of room for layers, meaning that you might also be restricted to only a shirt and a sweater underneath. That said, regular fits are definitely popular for a reason, so this is perhaps where you should start your search.

Loose jackets – With loose jackets, you get a decent protection from snow whenever you’re going downhill, but don’t expect the jacket to protect you from the freezing cold for too long, nor should you expect such a jacket to keep you dry from the snow that sometimes gets underneath the jacket. These type of jackets are mostly popular among active skiers and snowboarders for the mobility they provide.


Just like you would with regular clothes, you must always pay attention to the build quality of any ski jacket you plan on getting. Once you figure out which style and fit best suits your needs, you should now begin the elimination process between what features each jacket has. Although elegant and stylish, some jackets simply do not provide the accommodating features you might be looking for, so keep in mind to always look for a practical jacket rather than one that simply looks good.

The hood – It is common for ski jackets to have a hood, with the main difference between jackets being the style of hood and how many adjustments you can make. What you want is a jacket with a fully adjustable hood, the type of hood that you can fit onto whatever hat, cap, or helmet you might be wearing when skiing.

Wrist gaiters – You also want a jacket that offers a simple inner cuff or one that you can adjust freely. This way, you can prevent warmth from leaving your body while also preventing snow from getting in.

Vents – Another important aspect to consider when purchasing a ski jacket is how breathable it is. Seeing how you will most likely end up sweating after a while, you don’t really want a jacket that keeps the moisture sealed in. This is why you want a jacket with underarm or chest vents to cool you down before breaking a sweat.

Powder skirts – Ski jackets tend to have powder skirts to keep the snow from getting up your back when you move around in the snow. Even though it is a fairly common feature, the powder skirt can be differently sized depending on the jacket, just as it can be removed via loops and zippers.


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