Top 10 Best Ski Pants of 2018 – Reviews

A pair of quality ski pants can make the difference between an enjoyable skiing session and a nasty frostbite, which is why you would do best to own at least a pair yourself. When it comes to ski pants, you want a pair that isn’t just warm and comfortable but one that is also flexible at the same time.

With a bit of luck, you might even get a hold of one that is also affordable as well, even though you shouldn’t get your hopes too high in this regard. Still, you should definitely be able to find a good balance between quality and affordability as long as you know what to look for. To help you through, we put together a list of the ten best ski pants money can buy.

Best Ski Pants – Reviews

10Showers Pass Storm Pant

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These tights are ideal options for anyone that loves skiing or any other type of winter activity. Aside from being elastic for comfort, they are windproof for warmth and reflective for safety in low light conditions. The pants have a drawcord-fitted waist for easy sizing plus an opening slightly over the knee for flexibility. Furthermore, they are made using 100% polyester material that renders them breathable and lightweight hence allowing an amazing freedom of movement.

9Singbring Outdoor Hiking Ski Pants

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Although commonly identified as hiking pants, the Singbring pants work well for any sport played either in snow or winter. Aside from being water repellent which ensures you remain dry, they feature an adjustable and comfortable waist. What’s more, they are available in numerous size and color options not to mention handy zippered front pockets. Not only that but their flexible construction also makes them perfect for labor-intensive activities.

8Geval Women’s Windproof Softshell Fleece Ski Pants

buy buttonThe Geval pants are quality ski pants precisely designed to fit female body types. They come with numerous amazing qualities including breathability which reduces sweating, water repellency and windproof capacity which ensure you remain dry and warm respectively. Moreover, they include a zipper closure that keeps them secure. Finally, they feature a unique layering technique that comprises several layers comprising fleece, fiber, and soft shell fabrics that allow its use during winters.

7SportHill Men’s XC Pant

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Sporthill XC pants make it on the list for their comfortable material and classic design features. Their waste features a non-rolling elastic band for comfort and is complemented by zippered pockets for the security of your belongings. What’s more, aside from the side zippers being easy on and off, the pants are made using windproof fabric to suit cold weather. Furthermore, not only do they comprise a typical flat locked insole that adds to the comfort of the inner thigh, but the XC pants are also breathable.

6Sporthill Womens XC Pant

buy buttonSporthill XC makes a list again but with women ski pants this time. These pants maintain the brand quality aside from featuring among other an elastic waistband that is designed to boost comfort while also preventing rolling. Moreover, apart from featuring a windproof yet breathable fabric that ensures you remain both dry and warm, the pair is also relaxed and tapered throughout the thighs and hips.

5SANTIC Athletic fit Sports Pants

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Although great for many sports, the Santic athletic fit pants best fit cross-country skiing. These versatile pants feature windproof fabric and fleece lining which keep you warm despite the chilly conditions. Additionally, the pants include zippered side pockets that help you secure your items, breathable material that helps keep out moisture and minimize sweat and a subsequent reflective stripe on them that allow visibility even during low light conditions.

4Sobike NENK Wind Pants

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The Sobike Nenk pants are the ideal option for anyone looking for a standard multi-sport pant for winter conditions. Not only is the pair windproof and waterproof ensuring you remain warm and dry at all times, it features zippered side pockets to safeguard your items. What’s more, although it comes with no inbuilt cushioning, it comprises a breathable material that ensures minimal sweating.

3Baleaf Men’s Windproof Fleece Thermal Winter Pants

buy buttonComfort is a necessity when it comes to skiing, and Baleaf windproof men’s pants guarantee you precisely such particularly during cross-country ski expeditions. These winter pants contain an elastic waistband and fleece lining that ensure you remain warm in the chilly weather not to mention zippered pockets for securing your items. Furthermore, its legs subsequently zip up for easy off and on and with different reflective parts on them, they ensure a great deal of visibility in low light conditions.

24ucycling Mens Windstopper Outdoor Sporting Pants

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The 4UCycling are double-layered wind-stopper ski pants for men. They are waterproof and contain a fleece lining that helps them keep your body warm. Also, the underlying material is breathable which ensures you are free from sweating not to mention its subsequent multiple zippered pockets that allow storing of numerous items. At the same time, it offers adequate flexibility around the knee which is great for cross-country skiing in particular.

14ucycling Windproof Athletic Pants for Outdoor and Multi Sports

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Top on the list is the 4UCycling athletic windproof pants, a pair of pants like no other. These pair of pants is double-layered with a material that ensures that your legs remain warm and dry without clinging and also feature an exclusive fleece lining that also adds to your warmth even on cold and chilly ski days. What’s more, aside from coming with a breathable material that ensures you remain dry, it also efficiently traps your body heat keeping you always warm even when the environment is frigid. Finally, other than the zippered side pockets that help secure your items, 4UCycling pants also have a side-embedded reflective logo that helps you remain visible even in poor lighting.


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What To Look For In A Pair Of Ski Pants

As long as you take the time to learn about the different types of ski pants out there and what benefits each provides, you shouldn’t have too many difficulties finding a pair to best suit your needs. Keep in mind throughout your searches that a good pair of ski pants shouldn’t just be warm and comfortable but flexible enough to provide you with full freedom of movement during whatever winter activities you may undergo.

Types of Ski Pants

Although many of you might not be aware, ski pants are different in design from one brand to another and even different in terms of style. Depending on their design, ski pants can either be intended for maximum warmth, protection, or flexibility. It is important in this regard to choose which type of ski pants would best meet your requirements. We say this because some flexible ski pants may not provide much of an insulation whereas others will surely keep you warm but they won’t do too good of a job at protecting you from accidental impacts.

Insulated Ski Pants – These pants, like the name suggests, are designed to provide maximum warmth at all times. For their capacity to keep the wearer warm in extreme weather conditions, they are among the most widespread pants out there. With insulated pants, their level of insulation is usually measured in grams of insulation, a good measurement of the standard of insulation you can expect from each pair.

Shell Ski Pants – With these particular pants, you gain the most protection against the elements in a true versatile fashion. As such, these pants are usually windproof, waterproof, and very breathable. The only real downside with these seemingly popular pants is the reduced standard of warmth they provide. In fact, it would be safe to say that these pants provide little to no insulation whatsoever.

Softshell Ski Pants – Made from a softer, stretchier fabric than shell ski pants, these type of pants are usually much more breathable than any other style. It is for these reasons that people tend to use them in rather warm weather, or at least the warmest such pants could still be worn in and provide adequate coverage. Due to their breathability, they are perfect for anyone who practices winter sports or for anyone who partakes in labor-intensive activities.

Stretch Ski Pants – These particular pants are more for show than anything, which is why they ten to boast a design that makes them stand out in a crowd. Given their aesthetics, these pants shouldn’t really be expected to provide the same insulation or durability as most of the pants we talked about, alas with the benefit of being much pleasant to look at. Not only that but they are also quite stretchy, as the name suggests, which is why a wide majority of all who wear them are women.

3-In-1 Ski Pants – Thanks to their ingenious construction, 3-in-1 ski pants can be worn as ski pants by default or as mid/base layer pants depending on your needs. On average, these pants have waterproof and weatherproof shelling to protect you from the elements along with a wicking or insulating layer for added warmth. Because of their versatility, these pants can also be worn casually in day-to-day situations.


The warmth factor should be a primary concern when choosing a pair of ski pants. Not only to protect against the cold outside but also to help you deal with the wind you will be forced to deal with when skiing or snowboarding. Depending on their construction, ski pants can provide no insulation, a small portion, or a whole lot for maximum comfort. The latter isn’t usually the preferred choice of winter athletes because of the reduced mobility highly-insulated ski pants offer.

Waterproof Rating

If we are to compare some of the more popular ski pants out there, we find that very high waterproofing pants (20,001 mm or more) provide the best protection against humidity. With high and moderate waterproofing (10-20,000 mm), you get a reasonable standard of waterproofing, alas with a much-increased mobility. There is also the choice of going for mild waterproofing which provides very little protection via a DWR coating. These pants will keep you relatively dry when it comes to moderate snow and light showers.


Given the very nature of skiing as a sport, you should never settle for a pair of pants that don’t provide a good airflow to cool your muscles down. The breathability of a pair of ski pants is usually measured via MVTR (Moisture Vapor Transmission Rate), which lets you know just how breathable a pair of pants can be. This measurement indicates how much sweat per square meter escapes the material during the day. Needless to say, the higher the breathability, the more comfortable a pair of pants can be.


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