For the unprepared camper, sleeping in the wilderness can be a nightmare. Often there are insects to contend with, cold to brace oneself against and sleeping on the ground can be kind of rough. Which is why it’s surprising that many campers fail to use a sleeping bag liner when they go camping. It’s ultimately an item that could solve all of these problems.

This item can be used as a stand-alone sleeping bag when conditions are too warm for a traditional bag, can be used to add additional warmth when the weather is freezing and can block out stinging insects. All a camper has to do is choose the best sleeping bag liner on the market – preferably, one that fits their particular needs. To help these people out, a few suggestions have been posted below.

Best Sleeping Bag Liners – Reviews

8Sea to Summit Reactor Thermolite Liner

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Made out of moisture wicking polyester, this liner is lighter than many of the liners made out of fleece and yet still adds over ten degrees of additional warmth to sleepers on those very cold winter nights. And its mummy-shape ensures that sleepers get every part of their body covered while using it. This imported line has a draw-cord and a mini cord lock that allows it to be cinched on really cold nights. This item isn’t just useful for cold weather use, however. It’s also useful for summer conditions and can be used in lieu of a traditional sleeping bag to protect the sleeper against insects.  Weighing approximately 9-ounces, this liner is small enough to put into most packs or its own 3-inch by 5-inch nylon sack and won’t weight the camper or hiker down.

7Dimples Excel 100% Polyester Liner

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This luxury liner is made from 100% polyester that has a very silky-smooth feel to it and is approximately 86-inches by 41-inches in size but can be folded down to a size of 2.7-inches by 6.3-inches. This ability to be folded up, as well as its 8.35-ounce weight, allows it to be taken just about anywhere—from deep in the woods to the top of a mountain. Its lightweight satin feel gives the sleeper the feeling of luxury, even when he or she is in the harshest conditions. This liner not only keeps the sleeper warm in cold conditions and cool on warmer nights, it also extends the life of the person’s sleeping bag because this line can be washed and reused a number of times, unlike many sleeping bags which are harder to clean.

6Vumos Camping Sheet and Liner With Zipper

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This sleep sack liner is approximately 85-inches long and 33.5-inches wide, which makes it a good size for taller people but doesn’t provide too much extra material that can create a crowded feeling in a sleeping bag. This liner is also equipped with a full-length zipper that allows it to be unzipped into a large sheet, giving it another feature that will benefit campers. And since it’s made from 100% polyester, it has a breathable feel that feels a lot like satin against the sleeper’s skin. If that isn’t enough, this liner/camping sheet also has a pillow pocket at the top of it where a pillow or a bunch of balled up clothes to be used as a pillow can be inserted. It’s everything a hiker or camper needs to get a comfortable night of sleep on the trail or the campsite.

5TNH Outdoors Camping Liner

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Designed to be extra spacious and breathable, this liner will keep the sleeper warm on cold winter nights, yet also reduces sweat like other liners do. It has a mummy design with an easy-to-use zipper that’s manufactured in a way that helps it to resist jamming on the fabric or breaking while it’s being zipped. This liner also has the ability to fold into a compact size so it’s easy to store in a backpack or other bag, thereby making it easy to be taken out on the trail. It’s also made from polyester so it has sort of a satin-like feel to it. This makes this a great bag for hikers, campers, and mountaineers who want to take a little bit of home with them into the wilderness.

4Tucker Plus Lightweight Travel Liner

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This liner is designed for travelers who need a comfortable and warm liner for their sleeping bags during winter or in lieu of their heavy sleeping bags for summer use. It’s made from a polyester microfiber that makes is comfortable and easy to wash in between uses. This model is designed with a built-in pillowcase that can hold a travel pillow or even some bundles up clothing to be used as a pillow. Manufactured with a double zipper that goes down the side and over the bottom, this bag allows the sleep to bundle themselves in for the night, or allow them to open it slightly to let some air in. This liner is also easy to fold up and put into backpack or travel bag and doesn’t weight a whole lot either.

3Osage River Gear Zipper Line With Storage Bag

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If warmth and comfort is the desired end, at least in milder temperatures, then campers and hikers may want to take a closer look at this liner. It’s made from microfiber fleece and has a temperature rating of 55-degrees, which mean’s that it’s suitable for at least that temperature. It’s 70-inches long and 31-inches wide and can be used both as a liner for a sleeping bag or as a blanket for watching a football game at home. Other uses for which it could be used include using it as a throw cover to throw over the couch or as a blanket for a child’s bed. While it’s not designed for deep cold or extreme weather conditions, it is a good liner that’s suitable for home use or for milder temperatures.

2Bundle Monster Microfiber Adult Fleece Liners

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With a 55-degree Fahrenheit temperature rating, this line will give a slight thermal boost to most camper’s ordinary sleeping bags. This liner is approximately 69-inches long by 29-inches wide and can be easily rolled up into its carrying case so it can be taken on the trail or to the campsite. It’s made from a microfiber material that’s soft and warm, even if it’s not waterproof. On very cold nights, it can be used with sleeping bags or it can be used to sleep in by itself during the warm summer months. It can also be used as a throw cover or as a child’s blanket for their bed.

1The Friendly Swede Camping Sheet and Liner

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This 41-inch by 86-inch liner comes with a pillow and folds down to a compact size—small enough to fit into a 6-inch by the 8-inch pocket. It’s made from a soft material that feels silky against the skin and is easy to clean in between uses. These features, along with its 8.35-ounce weight, allows it to be carried just about anywhere including the hiking trail, a campsite or even on top of a mountain. It opens along the side and has a Velcro closure that’s easy to open. This is a convenient liner that should provide many nights of comfort and relaxation.


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Choosing the Best Sleeping Bag Liner Available 

Liners for sleeping bags come in a variety of different shapes, sizes, and materials, which can make it difficult for some travelers to settle on one that fits their needs. And the fact that these type of liners are now equipped with a wide range of different features, it makes the matter all the worse. However, that doesn’t have to be the case. Finding one of these liners can be easy if some consideration is paid to the details of the liner. Below are some of the things that need to be thought about before one of these liners is purchased.

What’s the Liner Made of?

Liners are manufactured in a number of different materials and each of these materials has their pros and cons. For example, silk is lightweight and easy to take on a trip, but it can also be expensive as well. Below are some of the more common materials available:

Silk-Usually weighs under 6-ounces and can be folded up very tightly. This material is also fairly breathable and therefore is good for use during warm weather. It also doesn’t hold onto odors like cotton does.

Fleece & Microfleece-This liner can up to 12-degree Fahrenheit to the rating of the sleeping bag and is therefore good for cold weather. Fleece also wicks moisture and dries quickly, but it can also be very bulky. They are usually priced in between cotton and silk.

Cotton-This material is strong, durable and inexpensive but it also has its problems as well. It holds onto to moisture and odors and doesn’t dry very well. It can be somewhat heavier than silks, although it’s not usually as heavy as fleece.

Polyester & Other Synthetics-These materials breath somewhat and wick moisture away from the skin. They also stretch a bit and are fairly easy to pack. All of these features and its moderate price make this material the preferred material of many campers.

Thermolite-Thermolite is technically a synthetic material but it gets its own category because it can add over 20-degrees Fahrenheit of thermal ability to a sleeping bag. It also dries quickly and isn’t very heavy. However, it can be a bit on the expensive side.

Bag Liner or Travel Sheet?

Another thing that needs to be considered is how it’s going to be used. Mummy-shaped bags can provide up to 15-degrees Fahrenheit of additional warmth for a bag, depending on what the liner is made of, or it can be used instead of a sleeping bag during warmer conditions. Which makes it good for campers and backpackers. Travel sheets, on the other hand, are useful for travelers who intend to stay at hostels or for campers camping in very mild summer temperatures.

What Additional Features Does the Liner Have?

Additional features are another thing that needs to be considered. Here are some to think about before purchasing a liner:

Zipper or Velcro-While Velcro is usually more convenient, it doesn’t hold up to long-term use, so it’s usually better to go with a zipper.

Insect Shield-Some liners have a coating that repels insects. This is useful in some areas but some people may not want to be around insecticides, even if it’s on the outside of the bag and EPA-approved.

Pillow Pocket-Some liners have a pillow pocket. This is useful for adding a pillow or for using it to hold blankets or other materials to be used as a makeshift pillow.