Top 10 Best Snowboard Boots of 2018 – Reviews

One of the most important considerations snowboarders need to make is not what kind of board they should buy but what type of boots they should buy. That’s because snowboard boots are the one piece of equipment that can make or break the snowboarder’s chances of properly descending a slope. Choose the wrong boots – a pair that doesn’t fit well or doesn’t fit in with your style of boarding – and you’ll end up having a hard time free-riding or free-styling. In this case, the boots really do make the man or woman.

Of course, choosing the best snowboard boots can seem like a challenge, especially since there are so many different styles on the market nowadays. And to complicate the matter even further, different riding styles call for different types of boots. This can make it even more frustrating for novice snowboarders. Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place to sort all of this out. That’s because we’re going to show you some of the best model boots for snowboarding that’s currently available.

Below are the top ten best boots for snowboarding that’s currently on the market. These boots have all been selected as the perfect ones for snowboarding, no matter which particular snowboarding style you’re partial to using. And after this list, we’ve also provided some tips on how to select a pair that goes with your personality and your riding style.

Best Snowboard Boots – Reviews

10Burton AMB Boot

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Designed to have a mid-range response and still be lighter than the competition, the Burton AMB is a boot made for snowboarders who want to add rebound to their performance but have the boot still perform like a softer boot does. The soles stay soft and supple, even in very cold conditions, and the interior has a heat-reflective foil that keeps feet warm and snug. This boot is perfect for snowboarding in extremely cold conditions and the boots feature Burton Speed Zone Lacing System, which allows them to give unprecedented lacing control and speed. Ultimately, these boots provide performance regardless of whether they’re used for competition or day-to-day usage.

9Thirty Two STW Boa Women’s Boots

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Stylish and comfortable, these women’s boots can be worn for day-to-day use on the slopes or can be used for competitive snowboarding competitions. Its lacing system allows them to fit snugly on the feet but gives the user a great degree of control over how it’s adjusted. This is accomplished using a tongue that’s molded in 3-D and gives the boot improved flex while making them easier to lace. Other features of these boots include an internal foam overlay that gives the boots optimal heel hold, a warm insulating liner and heat moldable intuition liners that allow them to be custom fit to the woman’s foot.

8DC Men’s Phase Lace-Up Boots

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Dispensing with some of the fancy features that some brands have and focusing almost exclusively on performance, these men’s boots are designed to be simple but to contain the features most snowboarders need. They are made of leather and have a multi-layered construction that’s composed of EVA memory foam and a fleece lining with a basic insole, and has a traditional lacing scheme. While they don’t have all the bells and whistles that many competing brands bring to the table, these boots do provide performance and reliability and won’t let the snowboarder down when they need it the most.

7Thirty Two STW Boa Boots

buy buttonAvailable in a number of different colors including gray, brown, white or black, these boots are as stylish as they are practical and comfortable. They are made with a 3D molded tongue that allows them to be easier to lace than conventional boots, an EVA foam layer with a Sherpa top sheet for added warmth, and a heat moldable Intuition liner that can be customized to the foot of the wearer. Other features of this boot include an anatomical foam overlay that allows the heel to be held in place and a lightweight inner liner.

6K2 Men’s Raider Boot

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Designed in simple black and constructed in a way that makes it not only stylish looking but also lightweight, these boots are quite useful to snowboarders no matter what style they employ. It uses a “Boa Coiler” lacing system that keeps the boots nice and snug while you’re on the slopes and a combination of features which make it comfortable and warm. Some of these features include a Phy-Lite outsole, Intuition 3D Control foam and a 3D formed EVA foot-bed. All of these features make these boots a good choice for the intermediate and advanced snowboarder.

5DC Men’s Scout Boots

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DC Men’s Scout Boots are designed for the snowboarder who doesn’t want to spend a whole lot of money on a pair of boots. They have a multi-layer construction that combines EVA memory foam with a fleece lining—a combination that not only makes these boots soft but also warm as well. It also has a Foundation Unilite outsole and a Boa H3 lacing system. These boots are not too soft and not too stiff but have a nice bit of flex that falls somewhere between these two extremes. Whether you’re looking to spend just a few hours on the slopes or an entire day, these boots are designed to keep your feet warm.

4Thirty Two Team Two Stevens Boots

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These boots are the boots of choice for professional snowboarder Scott Stevens and that’s because they have several features which make them an excellent boot for snowboarding. They have a lightweight design and a traditional lacing system that allows the wearer to customize the fit of these boots to their feet. They also have a G2 Gel insert that absorbs shock and vibration, yet still manages to stay soft—even in freezing conditions. Whether you’re a professional snowboarder or a complete novice to the sport, these boots are sure to provide exactly what you need to get down the slope.

3Burton Highline Boa Men’s Boot

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Burton Highline Boa Men’s Boots are a lightweight boot that delivers performance even in extremely cold conditions. It has a mid-range flex to it that skewers slightly towards the firmer end and is perfect for novice snowboarders who are trying to get a better grip on the sport or advanced ones who want to learn new tricks. They can be worn out of the box or they can be taken to a snowboard shop to have the heat-moldable Imprint liners custom fit to the size of the rider’s foot. Equipped with a Boa lacing system and molded EVA foot-bed, these boots also offer a great fit and a shock-absorbent feel to them.

2DC Women’s Karma Lace Up Boots

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These women’s boots are designed for beginner to intermediate snowboarders who want a lightweight boot with a shock-absorbing sole, yet still look stylish. They have a medium flex and are made using a multi-layer construction that combines EVA memory foam and fleece to make a boot that’s warm, soft and comfortable. These boots also offer a traditional lacing system for a more customized fit and a basic snow insole. Made to be used in a variety of conditions, all while looking good in the process, these boots have become a popular choice for many female snowboarders.

1Burton Moto Men’s Boot

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Burton Moto Men’s Boots have been a popular choice for snowboarders around the world for over a decade now. That’s because they have a softer flex to them than ordinary boots, which allows beginning snowboarders to up their game a little bit. That isn’t the only reason for the popularity of these boots, however. They are also lightweight, have a Speed Zone Lacing System that allows riders to get the boots to fit just right on their feet. These boots also have shock-absorbent EVA foot-beds, an Imprint liner that is completely heat-moldable, and a DynoLITE Outsole that allows the rider to get a better feel for the board through them. All of the features combine to make a boot that’s easy-to-wear and has a high-quality design.


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Finding the Best Snowboard Boots

Finding boots for snowboarding is always an experience that requires forethought and planning. It doesn’t matter if you’re new to the sport or have years of snowboarding experience under your belt, you are going to want to consider all of the options a boot has before you buy it. That’s because each and every boot is different and brings their own features, strengths, and weaknesses to the party, so it’s worth the effort to consider the various styles, sizes, and options that these boots have nowadays.

With that being said, there are dozens of different types of boots out there and they each have their own set of options, which is we decided to write this guide. We wanted to let you know what’s important when choosing boots for snowboarding and what isn’t so important. So let’s lace up your proverbial boots and get started with some tips and pointers that will help you find the perfect boot for you.

Considering Your Riding Style

The first thing you are going to want to consider before buying a pair of boots for snowboarding is your riding style. Each riding style has its own requirements that need to be addressed by the boot, although it’s not the only consideration that riders need to think about when purchasing boots. Here are the requirements each particular riding style needs from their boots.

  • Beginning Riders – Beginning riders need boots that are soft and flexible. This is especially important as they learn to turn the snowboard. However, while they need flexible boots, they also need them to support the ankles and calves. Another helpful feature for beginner’s boots is a quick lacing system that allows them to be easily put on or taken off.
  • Freestyle & Park Riders – Freestyle boots are also usually soft to give the rider the flexibility to perform jumps and jibs, but also need support in certain parts of the boot. Usually, freestyle riders also prefer a boot that has a lacing system that allows them to fit the boots snug to their feet.
  • Freeriders & All-Mountain Riders – Boot flexibility for these boots really depends on the individual rider, but usually, these boots are equipped with supportive insoles and provide more support than beginning or freestyle riders.

Choosing a Lacing System

Another important consideration is what lacing system you need for your boots. While some boot brands have proprietary lacing systems, most of the boots out there have one of the three basic lacing systems: Traditional, Speed Zone and Boa.

  • Traditional Lacing – This type of lacing is usually the least expensive option for boots, but it also has the advantage of allowing the rider to lace up their boots the way they want to lace them. For example, some rider like the lower part of the boot to be snug but the top part of the boot to be kind of loose. Using a traditional lacing system gives the rider more control over fit.
  • Speed Zone – Speed Zone Lacing is a trademark of Burton boots and are basically traditional laces that are designed to be quicker to lace. Two pull-laces allow the lower and upper zones of the boot to be independently tightened. This gives the boot more of a customized fit, but pricing is usually higher for these types of boots than traditionally laced boots.
  • Boa Lacing – Boa Lacing Systems are quick and easy-to-use, which is probably why they are so popular. A knob is used to crank down the laces and the laces can be micro-adjusted according to the rider’s preference. As is the case with Speed Zone Lacing Systems, however, the Boa Lacing System tends to add to the price of the boots.


The final consideration before you purchase any product is, of course, going to be the price of the product. You’ll want to make sure that you purchase a pair of boots that has all of the features you need it to have but do it within a comfortable price range.


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