Top 10 Best Snowmobile Boots of 2018 – Reviews

You have all of your gear for snowmobiling ready to go and now all you need is to find a good pair of snowmobile boots. It should be pretty easy, right? Well, while it’s not difficult to buy a pair of these boots, it does take a little bit of thought and consideration. After all, a good pair of boots for snowmobiling can make a day on the trail quite enjoyable, while the wrong pair could spell disaster.

Since you’ll be out in the cold and the snow, and most likely moving at top speeds, then you are going to want to get a pair of boots that really protects your feet but doesn’t get in the way of the mobility you need to have. You’ll want to make sure that you get a pair that fits, provides plenty of insulation, is waterproof and gives you the traction that you need.

With that in mind, we’ve come up with 10 of the best snowmobile boots that are currently available. These are all boots that have been selected for their usefulness to snowmobile enthusiasts. They are ones that provide enough insulation, generally fit most users well and provide plenty of traction.

After this top ten list, we’ve also included a guide that tells you what to look for in a pair of good boots for snowmobile riding. That way, you can still find a pair of boots, even if some of the models we’ve listed doesn’t quite suit you.

Best Snowmobile Boots – Reviews

10Climate X Men’s YC5 Snow Boot

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Available in U.S sizes 6 through 14, this snow boot fits a large segment of men and has many of the features that snowmobile enthusiasts look for in a boot. It has a removable inner boot liner that’s made out of Thermolite, upper nylon that’s water-resistant and an outer sole that not only is waterproof but provides a good degree of traction. Another great feature of these boots is that they are easy to put on and pull off and can be done with minimal effort. This makes these boots great for a wide variety of different outdoor activities—from snowmobile riding to hiking that snowy trail.

9HJC Standard Men’s Winter Boots

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Designed to keep feet warm and comfortable even in extreme winter weather, these men’s winter boots are a good choice for active people who like to enjoy outdoor activities in cold weather. They are made using waterproof leather with reflective patches on the back of them and both buckle and Velcro closures. The main features of these boots, however, is its warm liner that’s insulted with Thermolite and keeps feet warm even in sub-zero temperatures. These features make these boots not only good for snowmobile riding but for just about any outdoor activity. And since they come in a variety of different sizes, there is sure to be a size that fits most men.

8Northside Men’s Alberta II Cold Weather Boots

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These cold weather boots are a great pair of boots to buy for yourself if your a fan of the great wintery outdoors or to buy that cold weather enthusiast. They are manufactured using a TPR outsole that’s waterproof and a layer of insulation that’s made with Thinsulate. They are designed to protect the wearer’s feet, even in temperatures below zero, and are designed as a general all-purpose boot. Another feature of these boots is that it’s easy to put on and pull off, so once you’re finished with your winter fun you can take them off and store them away without a whole lot of fuss.

7Kamik Men’s Canuck Boot

buy buttonKamik Men’s Canuck Boots are knee-high boots that protects against frigid winter weather and keeps feet warm even on snowmobiles or while stomping around the snow. They are made of fabric, 1000 Denier Nylon and a rubber shell that makes them waterproof. They also have a removable 8mm Zylex liner which provides a good bit of insulation. Other features of these boots include adjustable bungee cords at the opening of the boot and the ankle, and a slip-resistant tread that provides a good degree of traction—even in conditions that are snowy or icy.

6Sorel Men’s Conquest Boot

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Made from a combination of fabric and strategically placed leather, these boots are designed for deep snow and for sub-zero temperatures. It has a rubber lug sole and approximately 400-grams of Thinsulate material that keeps feet warm, dry and cozy – even in extreme weather conditions. It also has a barrel-lock closure that can be used while walking in extremely deep snow and has an Achilles adjustment strap which the wearer can tighten to provide extra support on uneven terrain. This makes them good boots not only for snowmobile riding but also for winter hiking or for other types of winter activities.

5FXR X-Cross Boots For Snowmobile Riders

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These boots are specifically designed with the needs of snowmobile riders in mind and their unique features illustrate that point. They are made with a high-traction outsole with a toe kick, a BTO thermostatic midsole insert and a fixer fur lining. All of these features allow these boots to keep feet warm even in temperatures down to -40 degrees Celsius or while stomping around big banks of snow. Other features of these boots include minimal seams in areas that can come in contact with the sled, a webbing pull strap, diamond grid rubber inserts and laces with an ankle lock system.

4Kamik Men’s Greenbay Boot

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Kamik Men’s Greenbay boots have a number of features which allow them to keep their wearer’s feet warm even in conditions that are cold, snowy or icy. These features include nylon uppers that are waterproof, rubber HE out-soles, a removable liner that keeps feet warm yet wicks moisture away and a lace lock snow collar. They also have hook-and-loop straps and are manufactured in one of three different colors: black, triple black and charcoal. These features make these boots a good choice for any outdoor winter activities—from riding on your snowmobile to walking through the frozen tundra.

3Baffin Men’s Wolf Snow Boots

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The Baffin Wolf belongs to the well-known Baffin Reaction Series and is designed to be a snow boot that’s tough enough to withstand cold winter weather but is light enough for day-to-day use. They are made with a synthetic recyclable rubber that’s combined with a light mid-sole and a premium rubber out-sole that provides arch support. These boots also have dual buckle straps around the shaft and drawstring collars that keep them snug. The most impressive feature of this boot, however, is that it has a removable insulated inner boot system that keeps feet warm and dry all day long.

2Sorel Men’s Bear Extreme Boot

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These boots are designed for winter sports activities from ice fishing and snowmobiling to hiking the great outdoors. These boots are made from a textile and synthetic fabric combination that has a waterproof polyurethane coated upper portion and a removable 9mm felt inner boot that features a reflective lining that’s made to keep feet toasty warm even when winter winds blow. Other features of these boots include a synthetic sole that gives the wearer extra traction in snow and a 1.25-inch heel. Combined, these features turn a trip in winter snow from an inconvenience to a pleasurable experience.

1Baffin Men’s Selkirk Boots

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These boots are manufactured by Baffin, a company that believes that traditionally molded boots are not suitable for cold winter temperatures, so they designed a series of boots that use a hybrid style of manufacturing that’s supposed to be more winter-weather appropriate. These boots feature an 8-layer design that keeps feet warm even when the weather is extremely cold. Other features of these boots include a 1.25-inch heel, an inner boot with Thermaplush fibers, an adjustable calf strap with a compression buckle and an adjustable ankle strap that uses a hook-and-loop closure system. All of which makes these boots appropriate for all kinds of winter fun.


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What You Should Look For in the Best Snowmobile Boots

When some people go out to buy boots to snowmobile in, they just go out and buy a pair of winter boots. Unfortunately, that often results in getting a pair of boots that are not adequate enough for them to wear while they’re riding their snowmobile. That’s because there is a distinctive difference between boots made for wearing while on a snowmobile and just general winter boots. Winter boots simply lack the features that a snowmobile rider needs their boots to have.

The differences between these two types of boots are pretty simple. Winter boots are designed to keep the feet warm in standard cold conditions but little thought is put into them to make them snow or wind resistant. Winter boots are designed to be fashionable for day-to-day winter use, while boots for snowmobiles are designed to be used under conditions that are a lot more extreme and with a lot more snow. Snow boots are often adequate for this purpose but most winter boots are not. It’s that simple.

Here are a few things you should look for when deciding on a boot that’s going to be used while riding a snowmobile:

Upper Boot Construction

One of the first things you need to consider is the construction of the upper portion of the boot. Ideally, you’ll want to purchase a boot that has uppers that are made from either leather or nylon. While there are some boots that have fabric constructed uppers, be sure that if you choose them that they are at least coated with an additional material to make them waterproof.

The Inner Lining

There are a number of materials used for insulating the inside of boots. Thinsulate and PrimaLoft are trademarked brands and are the warmest insulators for boots, but there are also a variety of other materials that will also do an acceptable job. These include removable wool or felt liners, multi-layer foam liners, fleece, and Zylex.

Some types of boots combine a number of these different insulators into the same pair of boots. Each of these layers can impart a different advantage. For example, a wool layer might be warm but a little bit too scratch for use in a shoe and therefore it might be covered with a fleece layer that is a lot softer and also adds additional warming properties. Layers that also reflect the wearer’s body heat back at them are also another possibility and may be combined with different types of foam insulates.

Outsole Construction

You also have to consider outsole construction. You should choose one that’s going to be waterproof such as rubber. You also want to make sure that you get a pair that has a good pattern on the bottom of the sole that will allow you to get good traction in deep snow.

Boot Height

You’ll want to make sure that the boots rise at least above your ankle. While a shorter boot will give you more flexibility while moving, a taller boot will keep snow out of your boot while you’re walking in deeper snow. If you live or snowmobile in an area that gets a lot of snow, then you will probably want to choose a pair that rises up to the knee.

Cuff & Closure

The cuff is another part of the boot that should be considered. Some boots have wool or fleece linings that make them warmer, while others don’t. You’ll also want to consider how snug the opening of the boot is against your leg. Closures also have to be considered. You’ll want to purchase a pair of boots that can be cinched up so that it keeps snow from getting into it.


Price is the last thing you need to consider. You should purchase a pair of boots that fit well within your budget. While some boots are more expensive than others, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are better. Sure, some boots have more features which make them more expensive and well worth the cost, but others are simply more expensive because you are paying for a brand name and marketing.


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