Whether it is for you or your kids, the best soccer cleats make a big difference as to how you feel and perform. Once they have been worn-in, they can help you to glide across the pitch without thinking twice about, just acting on instinct. That’s what a lot of soccer is about, and so should your cleats.

All the big brands have loads of options, but you have to look out for their low-quality cleats. The best in the business will be made from durable material, be breathable and offer great support. The mid-sole is also important, you need a spring in your step to help with quick bursts of acceleration. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for moulded design, or studs that are great for a damper surface, here are the top ten soccer cleats to look out for.

Best Soccer Cleats – Reviews

9NIKE Mercurial Superfly 6 Academy FG Soccer Cleats

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Available in some of the sharpest colour schemes you can hope to find, the synthetic material is durable and the easy to slip on collar hugs your ankle, keeping everything in place. The material is particularly lightweight yet sturdy. The benefit here is they help the faster players to stay rapid but also don’t cause fatigue. The multi ground plate makes them good for all types of surfaces and different conditions so they will be the only pair you need. The micro-texture helps to keep the ball close and even aids control. As far as the best soccer cleats go, these are hard to beat and give you an edge on the pitch that is unrivalled.

8Adidas Men’s Copa Mundial Football Boots

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A classic soccer cleat that never goes out of style. These have been a flagship Adidas boot for some time and in any match, you should see someone donning these beauties. The simplistic design is great for an understated look and the moulded design makes light work of harder surfaces. The EVA insole ensures you will always be comfortable whether you are sprinting down the wing, or just landing from a headed leap. the quality leather upper is durable so these will last a season or two and are known for their glove-like fit that holds the foot in place and supports the ankle of this premium soccer cleat.

7Nike Men’s Mercurial Vapor Xi Fg Football Boots

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A lot of people like to use Nike for their soccer cleats because they always offer a comfortable fit whereas other brands can be a bit narrow on the foot. The moulded sole has blades which help to cut into the grass and give you better traction. They look great and come in a variety of colour schemes if you want to stand out on the pitch. The synthetic leather upper has embossed edges to help with ball control to help keep the ball close. Great for all conditions, it also features a low toe box which helps with getting under the ball.

6Puma King Top di Firm Ground Men’s Football Competition Shoes

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These iconic boots have been a must-have for many soccer players for decades. They are the sort of soccer cleat you have to have at least once in your life, their iconic design looks great but they perform to a very high level. The quality leather is light and durable but has a good layer of grip for better ball control. The padding makes them feel great and soft on your feet with a reinforced heel for added comfort, they certainly impress. The classic look and logo have been donned by professional players and ambitious amateurs for so time. To put it simply, they are one of the best soccer cleats and good for all weather conditions.

5Adidas Women’s Goletto VI FG W Soccer Shoe

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For many people, the success of the women’s World Cup was hardly surprising. The women’s game has become incredibly popular, and deservedly so. One of the benefits is the fact that women soccer cleats are in demand, which means there are better options. In the Goletto VI, Adidas has created a durable boot with lightweight synthetic leather that doesn’t feel heavy when you are getting around the pitch. It has good traction and is tailored towards firmer ground. They have great support around the ankle which helps to keep you stable when the ground is firm. They have a classic look with some added flair thanks to the colour schemes.

4Adidas Men’s Adizero 8.0 Football Shoe

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A series soccer cleat for the player who wants to up their game. They are available in a lot of vibrant colours including orange and yellow but should be taken seriously. The slip-on sock design makes them incredibly comfortable and also helps to keep them in place. They have a low profile and are lightweight which makes them great for speed. The indents on the upper make them grippy so when you need to keep the ball close, they offer some traction to stop the ball from slipping away. One of the best soccer cleats and a great investment to make into your game.

3Adidas Kids’ Goletto Vi Firm Ground Football Shoe

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For kids, these quality soccer cleats offer a value that is hard to beat but they will also be durable enough to withstand all conditions and last a long time. they are easy to clean. The moulded soles are best suited to harder ground and come in sizes that range from toddler to older kids of around 12 years. The synthetic upper is lightweight so it won’t weigh your child down and helps to keep them light on their feet. They aren’t riding so can shape around the foot and has some room in there to ensure the wearer’s comfort. They come in a couple of neat designs that suit most tastes for a classic look.

2Adidas Men’s Nemeziz Messi 17.3 FG Soccer Shoe

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These boots will please anyone who wants the famous Messi name on the side but beyond that, they are very reliable. You get some good traction out of the soft agility mesh that helps with control even when the ball is coming at you fast. The dual lock collar helps to keep everything in place so you aren’t worried about getting caught short, having to tie them up. They have a blade-like grip which helps you to tear through soft grass and turn when you need to. Some of the best soccer cleats, with a winning seal of approval from Lionel Messi himself.

1Under Armour Men’s Cf Force 3.0 Fg

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Without the decorated history of the prominent brands, Under Armour have had to put in the work and in the Cf Force, they certainly offer a new soccer cleat to consider. These give you everything you need to perform and tipped studs to help grip into the softer ground and give you that burst of speed that can be hard to get without the right traction. The sicklier design helps to provide a comfortable feel and in the synthetic upper, there is enough grip to make it easy to keep control of the ball, even in wet conditions. To say these are a good entry-level cleat would be doing them a disservice as they have more quality to offer than most in the price range.

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Soccer Cleats Buyers Guide

Before you can start picturing scoring that last-minute winner, the right pair of soccer cleats remains a priority,. The comfort and enhanced performance from a leading brand will make a huge difference in how you feel and play, which is why it is important to get this purchase right.

Some of the famous models speak for themselves, but it is still important to know what the better products are capable of. Because of this, we have created the following buyer’s guide. By the end of it, you’ll know how to pick out the ideal soccer cleat.

What To Look For In A Soccer Cleat

Embossed Forefoot

This is a neat addition that has been present in the newer models to give better ball control. The added grip here makes a players touch true so the ball doesn’t slide away from the forefoot when you’re trying to control the ball during a match on a wet day.

Breathable Materials

A soccer cleat should not only give excellent ball control but be comfortable for way over 90 minutes. Being breathable is one of the most important traits as it means that there is no excess sweat that can cause the foot to slip around and rub like crazy.

Excellent Traction

The design of the blades or studs can go a long way towards helping you dig in and power off for those quick sprints through on goal. On a rainy day, look for studs whereas blades are ideal for the firm ground but can also be pretty universal. This is where they can give you explosive power off the mark or slow you down so choose wisely.

Metal studs and blades have more weight to them so they dig into the ground faster and blades are good for the firm ground because there provide a wider point of contact for your foot and the ground so you can get more power and push off.

Brand Reputation

This can be one of the easiest ways to make a quick decision with the likes of Nike, Puma, and Adidas being among the most popular. They don’t tend to make bad boots and usually have a pair available that will suit any budget. If you are in a hurry or torn between a brand you have heard of and one you haven’t, play it safe and go with the big brand.


Most football boots will become increasingly flexible the more they are worn, but the likes of leather are going to take a while until they conform to the shape of the foot and are more comfortable. This is why it is not such a common material like it used to be. Because of the range of motion, the foot will undertake during a match, it is important to find a soccer cleat with a flexible feel.

Quality Insole

The shock absorption of a soccer cleat is important as the twist and turns and leaps for headers all need something to cushion the heel. A quality insole will help to make the foot comfortable no matter what direction the range of motion is heading.

What Is A Soccer Cleat?

In Europe, they may be known as a football boot, but they are the choice of footwear for professional soccer players and amateurs alike. They help maintain a grip on the ground and make it easier to play after or during rain when using a stud. They keep the player safe and most games cannot be played without them.

Understanding The Different Types Of Soccer Cleats

If you are seeing a lot of different initials and are unsure of what they stand for, the following should help:

AG – This stands for Artificial Ground. Because artificial pitches are becoming common, there is a greater demand for this type of soccer cleat. any purist would rather stay away from them but you could find yourself using one for training. In this case, or for a match, it is best to purchase a soccer cleat that is fit for purpose.

FG – When you see this, you know the cleat is good for Firm Ground. Because of the dry months cause the ground to harden, there is a need for a particular type of soccer cleat with different traction. A cleat with blades or a conical design will be best as these provide more pressure points to push from and provide superior grip. On the flip side, a stud on firm ground can make it harder to move in such a fluid way and can also be the cause of injury in some cases.

SG – Otherwise known as Soft Ground, cleats designed for these pitches are going to help you find your grip and push off in quick bursts. A stud is often preferred with both rubber and metal options available. A common sight in the past were removable studs, so keeping spares around in case they came off was necessary but these are not so readily available anymore.

How Long Do Soccer Cleats Last?

If you have been playing long enough, the chances are that you have spotted a player donning a pair of cleats, strapped up with tape to get as much use out of them as possible. This is a telling sign that they are in need of replacing, but it should be many games before this starts to occur.

A lot will depend on how many pairs you are using as some people have different boots for different types of ground. Typically, a pair of soccer cleats should last between one to two seasons with training and match days.

How Much do Soccer Cleats Cost?

Although these products can cost well into the hundreds, they don’t have to. Because most reputable brands are making a range of products to fit every budget, it is easy to find a decent pair for under $50. This might not have the comfort and longevity of some of the pricier models but will do a job for anyone who wants to save some dollars. Anyone who takes their soccer seriously will likely wish to pay a little more to get a high-end product that lasts.