Although tennis shoes were originally designed for the tennis court, nowadays they’re used for all different types of physical activities. People jog or run in these shoes, play sports in them, and even use them for day-to-day casual wear. And because they’ve become an article of clothing that so many people wear on a daily basis, it’s increasingly important that the consumer buys the best ones possible.

Being able to select the best tennis shoes from all of the brands available isn’t an easy task for anyone, however. For most people, it takes hours of consideration and comparison shopping to even narrow the selection to a select few shoes. To help that process along, we’ve done our own comparison shopping and have selected the models that we feel are the best, so our readers can spend more time wearing their shoes than looking for them.

Best Tennis Shoes – Reviews

8Skecher’s Men’s Go Walk Max

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Even though these shoes were specifically designed as walking sneakers, some tennis players have found them to be the best tennis shoes currently available. And we have to firmly agree with that assessment. These shoes are not only responsive and extremely lightweight, but they give the wearer the traction they need for walks, runs or yes, even games of tennis. They’re also equipped with a breathable upper mesh fabric that allows for proper oxygen movement around the wearer’s foot and a fabric lining that’s soft and helps to wick away foot moisture. And all of this simply means that these shoes are made to be comfortable and supportive no matter how they’re used.

7Adidas Men’s Approach Shoes

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Every tennis player knows that their backswing begins with their feet, so it’s imperative that they own a pair of tennis shoes that provide the flexibility and traction they need for a good swing. Fortunately, these shoes offer the tennis player both traction and flexibility at the same time. But that isn’t the only thing these shoes offer. They’re also capable of allowing the athlete’s feet to breathe thanks to their synthetic soft upper material. They also have an outsole specifically designed for the rigors of the tennis court and will withstand even everyday games. And since it comes in numerous colors, it’s also capable of injecting a little bit of style into most player’s games.

6Nike Women’s In-Season Trainer 7

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Even though these shoes may be soft, they’re equipped with a variety of features that make them more than just another comfortable shoe. They are made with mesh uppers that allow oxygen to get to the foot and allow the wearer’s feet to release some of their pent-up heat. They also feature rubber pods on the outsole that makes them extremely stable on the court and allows them to provide the wearer with exceptional traction. And because they’re flexible, they won’t constrict the blood flow to the wearer’s feet as other tennis shoes do. All of which allow these stylish shoes to become the perfect pair for any athlete.

5Cole Haan Men’s Grand Pro Sneakers

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Despite their name, not all tennis shoes are made for the tennis court. Some of these shoes are designed as walking, running or aerobic shoes. However, these shoes are specifically built for tennis courts. They are made from high-quality leather that has suede detailing and tonal stitching. They also have an EVA outsole that allows for better impact control than other types of athletic shoes. And because they have rubber pods in both their forefoot and heel areas, they give tennis players the exact type of traction they need. And they’re available in a number of exciting colors including Woodbury, Blazer Blue, Chalk and Black.

4Adidas Men’s Barricade Shoes

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Professional athletes need shoes that can deliver professional results, and these shoes are ready for the challenge. They are made with several design features that allow the athlete to take their game to the next level, regardless of whether that game is tennis, running, or some other kind of competitive sport. These shoes are made with Adituff wraps that help protect against foot drag, and they have a special construction feature that allows for exceptional fit and comfort. They also have a chassis that creates midfoot stability and gives the shoe wearer the flexibility they need to push their limits.

3Konhill Women’s Walking Shoes

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A common problem for people who lead active lifestyles is their feet becoming overheated. Most of the time this is due to poor air circulation around the foot, a problem that can be avoided by wearing the right type of tennis shoes. Fortunately, these shoes are the right pair and allow for proper air circulation. That’s because they’re made with a fly-knit mesh fabric that allows air to get to the foot, and also stretches with the wearer’s movements. It isn’t just comfortable, however, it also has several performance-enhancing features including a skid-proof outsole, a convenient heel-pull, and its design is lightweight.

2New Balance Men’s Athletic Sneakers

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For over a century now, New Balance has been a sport’s shoe company that’s made it their business to make comfortable and high performing athletic shoes, and these shoes are a testament to their dedication. These athletic shoes are designed to be true to size and to have the feature that athletes need their shoes to have. Some of the features that can be found on these performance shoes include breathable mesh insets that allow air to circulate around the foot, a lightweight and comfortable foam midsole, and an outsole that resists wear and provides a bit of impact absorption.

1ASICS Men’s Gel Dedicate 5

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These shoes are manufactured by a Japanese company that first began after World War II, and has spent the last 70+ years making high-quality athletic shoes. They are made using a solid rubber outsole that gives outstanding traction and helps give the wearer’s feet they support they need. Because it’s also equipped with a gel cushion system as well, it’s also capable of absorbing more ground impacts than comparable athletic shoes. Performance isn’t the only feature of these shoes, however. They also have a nice modern style to them, and they’re available in a variety of colors from black & silver to azure & white.

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The Consumer’s Guide To Tennis Shoes

Although tennis shoes are named after the sport where they’re the most commonly used, these types of shoes are worn for a variety of different activities. Many people wear them while working out, or while running, and some people just use them for day-to-day wear. And who could blame them, these shoes are some of the most supportive and comfortable shoes available?

Buying the best tennis shoes isn’t always an easy proposition for most people. There seem like there are hundreds of different brands and features that the consumer feels like they have to sift through just to find a perfect pair of shoes. Fortunately, we’re here to make things a little bit easier and help consumers find the perfect pair of tennis shoes for their needs. Let’s dive right into the subject and find out which models are right.

Step One: Choose According To Court Surface

Yes, we know that we just said that these types of shoes aren’t just suitable for wearing during tennis but are suitable for just about any physical activity, but one of the easiest ways to choose a new pair of tennis shoes is considering the type of court they’re being used on. However, if you don’t play tennis, have never played tennis, and don’t intend on playing tennis now, then you’re probably going to want to purchase a pair of tennis shoes that are suitable for all courts. Those shoes are the most versatile and can be used for any surface. Now, let’s look at some of the other types of courts that the shoes may be used on and how they affect the person’s decision to buy a new pair of tennis shoes.

  • All Court Shoes – As the name suggests, these types of tennis shoes can be used on all courts, which is just one way to say that they’re extremely versatile. Most of the major tennis shoe brands make all-court shoes that can give the performance they need, regardless of what surface they’re wearing it on.
  • Grass Court Shoes – These tennis shoes use a nub pattern sole that gives the wearer increased traction on grassy surfaces. These shoes also help to protect the grass surface and won’t pull up clumps of dirt like cleats can or leave deep furrows in the grass the way other types of shoes do. Grass-court shoes usually have a mesh upper and are lighter in weight than other types of tennis shoes.
  • Clay Court Shoes – These shoes are designed to be soft, so they don’t damage the clay courts that they’re used on. These shoes generally are designed with a herringbone tread pattern that’s designed to be clog-resistant, yet still gives the wearer the grip they need. The uppers of these shoes are generally synthetic and very soft, so they tend to flex with the person’s movement.
  • Hard Court Shoes – These types of shoes are designed for concrete surfaces and to hold up to a great deal of punishment. These shoes are built with plenty of cushioning and shock-absorption materials that keep hard impacts from traveling up the leg. They also provide the wearer’s foot arch with the much-needed support.

Step Two: Consider Your Type Of Foot

The next important step in buying a great pair of tennis shoes is to make sure to get a pair that works well with your feet. There are approximately three different types of feet that can be found on people, and some tennis shoes work well with a particular type of foot and others aren’t suitable at all. Let’s take a look at the three foot-types and see which shoe features are required for that particular type.

  • Pronated Feet – People with pronated feet place more pressure on the inside of their feet near the ball. Almost 2/3rd of all people have this type of foot, which makes it one of the most prevalent foot types. Anyone with pronated feet should purchase tennis shoes that are equipped with lateral support. This will ensure that undue stress isn’t passed off to the knees, which can cause injury down the line.
  • Supinated Feet – Even though this type of foot isn’t very common, it’s still common enough that we feel we should pay some attention to it. People with supinated feet usually place extra pressure on the forefront and heel of their shoes, so it’s important that consumers with these type of feet to purchase shoes that are extra flexible and provide some degree of shock absorption.
  • Other Types Of Feet – Not everyone has a pronated or supinated feet, and it’s for these people that we include this section. People who have a truly balanced foot are rare, but they do exist so we need to cover what these people need to look for in a tennis shoe. If you’re one of these people, then you are going to want to choose a shoe that’s well balanced and doesn’t have an overly pronounced tread.

Step Three: Choose A Quality Brand

The next step in choosing the best tennis shoes is to purchase a pair from a reputable company. Although there are dozens of different companies to choose from, only a handful of them is known for producing quality shoes. Below are some of the brands that we like and the ones that we think make some great tennis shoes.

  • Adidas
  • Nike
  • Cole Haan
  • Konhill

Some Additional Tennis Shoe Tips

With the business of choosing the best tennis shoe completed, it’s time for us to end this article by giving our readers some additional tips that will make wearing and buying these types of shoes a lot easier. Let’s take a look at these tips before we run out and buy our next pair of shoes.

  • Do Your Research
  • Measure Your Feet In The Evenings For The Most Accurate Measurements
  • Tennis Shoes Don’t Require A Break-In Period
  • Don’t Substitute Other Types Of Athletic Shoes For Tennis Shoes