Top 10 Best Water Bottles of 2018 – Reviews

In the past, when you wanted to hydrate yourself while you were on a hike or out biking your favorite trail, then you either had to rely on a water canteen or bottled beverage that you had taken with you. There wasn’t a great variety of water bottle option available. However, that changed just a few years back and now there seems to be a huge variety of different water bottles available. So many, in fact, that it may be hard to decide just which one best suits you or your active lifestyle.

Everyone knows the importance of these types of bottles. Not only does it prevent more bottles from being added to the already 50 billion estimated plastic bottles which are discarded each year but it also saves money. Instead of buying one or more disposable bottles each year, you can buy one that can be reused again and again for years to come.

Nowadays, there are glass bottles, stainless steel and plastic ones, collapsible and rigid bottles, ones with quick access valves and ones with screw on valves? How can you choose which one is the best water bottle for you and the physical activities you do? By just taking a few moments to consider the options available and of course, reading this article.

We are not only going to go over 10 of the water jugs that I think are some of the best currently available but I’m also going to give you a few tips on buying them. After all, you spend a considerable amount of time trying to buy the best equipment for you to use, why not choose the best vessel for holding water as well?

Best Water Bottles – Reviews

10Polar Bottle 24-Ounce Insulated Sports Bottle

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One of the first sports bottles ever placed on the market, Polar Bottle is a brand that’s been manufacturing quality containers for over two decades now. Their bottles are 100% BPA & Phthalate free and are made from a high-quality FDA food grade approved material that’s not only lightweight but also durable as well. It comes in a 24-ounce size and in a variety of different colors. This American made bottle is designed to last years and comes with a lifetime guarantee from the manufacturer.  This sports bottle will hold water for many years to come and is perfect to take on a run, a hike or while biking.

9CamelBak Chute .75-Liter Bottle

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The CamelBak Chute is a .75-liter (approximately 25-ounce) bottle for water that’s designed to last for years. It’s specifically made to be used on an everyday basis and for outdoor use and is backed by a guarantee by the manufacturer. It has an angles spout, a spout cap that snaps into the handle, a tether that attaches the cap to the bottle and a wide mouth opening. This bottle is also 100% free of BPA and BPS and its half-turn cap makes it quick and easy to get to the water you put inside of it.  Perhaps its greatest feature, however, is that the caps threads are inside on the inside of the bottle – which means you don’t have to drink off of cap threads when you rehydrate.

8Simple Modern Wave Vacuum Insulated Bottle

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This stainless steel vacuum insulated bottle has a double wall design that keeps your beverages hot or cold for a very long time. It’s like a water thermos. It’s made from 18/8 stainless steel that’s available in four different sizes (9-oz, 17-oz, 25-oz and 34-oz) and a variety of different colors from bubble gum to winter white. This bottle is easier to drink out of thanks to its narrow mouth and is designed so that the exterior of the container never sweats. And since this unit is made from stainless steel and FDA approved, you can rest assured that it won’t leave a metallic taste in your mouth or become rusty.

7Pogo Tritan 32-Ounce Bottle

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This 32-ounce plastic bottle is large enough to not only hydrate one person as they head out to the great outdoors but can keep a whole family hydrated while they’re out. It’s made from a plastic that’s BPA, Phthalates, Cadmium, PVC and lead-free and is designed to hold up to active lifestyles. This bottle comes in a variety of different colors including purple, teal, gray, and pink, and also comes with a handy chug-style lid that makes rehydrating quick and easy. This soft-touch bottle will allow the whole family to head out of their house and explore the world around them.

6Swig Savvy 18-Ounce Tritan Bottle

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With a stylish design that fits easily into most car’s cup holders, the Swig Savvy Tritan is a bottle that can hold up to 18-ounces of water and keep it handy while you run, jog or head out on the trail. It has a one-touch flip-top design that gives you almost instant access to your water or beverage of choice with just one push of a button. However, when it’s firmly closed, the lid is 100% free of leaks and will prevent dirt from getting into your water. Another great feature of this bottle is that it comes with a sports strap that allows you to attach it to a bike or to a backpack, fanny pack or travel bag.

5MIRA Wide Mouth Stainless Steel Insulated Water Flask

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Available in a variety of sizes from a modest 18-ounces to a large 40-ounce model, this MIRA water flask has a size that fits your needs and your activity level. It’s made from 18/8 stainless steel that will keep your water nice and cool and is designed to also be durable. And since this stainless-steel is powder coated, it will last and won’t be subject to rusting. This bottle has a wide mouth that allows water to be chugged from it and its lid is designed to be leak-proof. This makes this bottle perfect for a trip or for everyday use.

4Embrava Sports 32-Ounce Bottle for Water

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Emblazoned with Embrava’s ram head design and its motto: “Fortune Favors the Brave”, this bottle for water seems to be saying that it’s a bottle that’s perfect for those who like to head out into the world and make things happen. It’s made from an Eco-friendly and BPA-free plastic and has a leak-proof lid that can be opened easily with just one hand. These bottles are designed to be as taste-neutral as glass bottles but with the added benefit of being shatter-proof as well.  And another benefit of these bottles is that they can fit into most standard-sized car cup holders.

3Hyrdro Flask Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Flask

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With it trademarked Temp-Shield system that features double wall insulation, the Hydro Flash can keep cold beverages cold up to twenty-four hours and can keep hot beverages hot for up to six hours. And it can do so without transferring the temperature to the outside of the bottle or making it sweat. This bottle is made from 18/8 high-grade stainless steel, is nontoxic and BPA-free and is designed to be taste neutral. On the outside of the bottle is a powder coating that makes it durable, scratch-resistant and easier to hold. These bottles also come in a variety of sizes and colors to fit just about anyone’s lifestyle.

2Simple Modern Ascent Narrow Mouth Bottle

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Available in a variety of different sizes and colors, this bottle is designed to fit in with the lifestyle of just about anyone. It features a double-walled and vacuum insulated exterior that’s designed to keep cold beverages cold and hot beverages hot. It’s also designed to not transfer the heat from the inside of the bottle or sweat like some other inferior bottles do. The outside of the cup is powder coated so it’s easy to grip and also makes it scratch-resistant. However, the best thing about this bottle is that it’s FDA approved and BPA-free, so user’s can rest assured that their water is as healthy and wholesome as it can be.

1Nalgene Tritan Wide Mouth BPA-Free 32-Ounce Bottle

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This American manufactured bottle has been one of the best selling models for the past two decades, partly because of the quality of its design. These BPA-free bottles come in a 32-ounce size with a wide mouth that allows users to hydrate quickly and efficiently. These bottles are also designed so that hot beverages stay hot and cold beverages stay cold. And if you want to use a water filter with this bottle, it’s fairly easy to do thanks to its wide mouth.  They have been a trusty companion to many a runner, hiker and bike over the last few years.


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Choosing the Best Water Bottle

Since there are so many options available to consumers when it comes to bottles for storing water, I thought it would probably be a good thing to go over some of the more popular options. Here are some things to consider when purchasing your next bottle.

Bottle Construction

An important thing to consider is what the bottle is made of. In the past, glass bottles dominated the market but plastic and metal ones have been gaining in popularity over the last several years.

Plastic Bottles—Plastic bottles have a number of benefits that often make them a desirable choice. One, they are translucent, so it’s easy to see how much water you have and how much water you’ve consumed. Two, it’s lighter than metal bottles and three, they are safer than ever before thanks to many of them being made with BPA-free plastics. The main problem with these bottles is that they aren’t as durable as metal ones. Some plastic models may also leave a plastic taste in the mouth.

Stainless Steel Bottles—Stainless steel bottles have a number of different benefits. One, they are strong and durable and will take abuse for years. Two, they are often double-insulated and vacuum insulated. This will allow you to keep your hot beverages hot and your cold beverages cold. The main drawback with these types of bottles is they are often heavier and bulkier than plastic ones.

Glass Bottles—Glass bottles are also another option. These bottles are “taste neutral” which means they won’t give your water an unpleasant taste. However, they can be heavier than plastic models and are easier to break than metal ones.

Quick Access Caps Versus. Screw On Caps

Another thing you should consider is what kind of cap you want on your bottle. Do you want a quick-access cap or more of a screw-on cap? Of course, the choice is up to you but each has their positives and negatives. Quick access caps allow you to get to your beverage a lot quicker than screw-on models. However, since it’s more convenient you are probably going to drink more water than you ordinarily would with a screw-on model. They also have a greater chance of failing than screw caps. Screw caps might not give you quick access to your water but they have less chance of failing and are easier to clean.

Wide Mouth Versus Narrow Mouth Bottles

Wide mouth bottles are certainly not very easy to drink from, but they are easier to fill and clean. They are also usually compatible with a number of different water filters which can be installed right on them. Narrow mouth bottles are easier to drink from but they can be harder to clean and usually can’t be fitted with a water filter. However, narrow mouthed bottles are often good choices for those people who like to keep moving while they are taking a swig from their bottle.

One More Thought… 

While those are not the only options available to consider when purchasing one of these water flasks, it is a good beginning to get you started on finding a bottle that fits your needs and your lifestyle. If you choose wisely, then you will end up with a bottle that will always be available to keep you hydrated while you’re enjoying the wonders of the great outdoors.


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