Water shoes are an essential piece of apparel for anyone who’s working or playing around water. This includes people who are walking around fishing docks, working on boat decks, or are working on any other type of slippery, wet surface. Although some people may think their daily shoes can provide them with the traction they need, the reality is that really can’t. You need a shoe specifically built for slippery conditions.

Since we understand the importance of these types of shoes and want all of our readers to remain safe while their boating, we’ve decided to research some of the best shoes for the water. What we’ve discovered during our search, and what we have listed below are ten of the best water shoes currently available. Shoes that will give the wearer the traction they need for the activities they love.

Best Water Shoes – Reviews

10Moerdeng Women’s Sports Water Shoes

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It’s isn’t its stylish design or the fact that it’s available in a number of exciting colors that makes this one of the best water shoes available. No, what makes this shoe exceptional is the performance it provides the wearer in wet and slippery conditions. These shoes have air mesh uppers that are lightweight, allow air to circulate around the wearer’s foot and allow the shoes to dry quickly. They also have an outsole that gives the wearer the grip they need on extremely slippery surfaces. And since these shoes also have a Comfort Dry Sockliner, they’re also extremely comfortable, even when worn all day long.

9Fantiny Boys & Girls Aqua Socks

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What makes these shoes so exceptional is that they’re a shoe that combines the functionality of water shoes with the performance of athletic shoes. They have drainage holes that allow them to dry quickly, have rubber soles that provide stability on wet surfaces, and are designed to conform to the shape of the wearer’s foot. They also have an adjustable strap that allows for a more custom fit, and they come in a number of different colors. That makes these shoes suitable for all kinds of aquatic activities including swimming, sailing, windsurfing, fishing, wakeboarding, or parasailing.

8Moffo Quick-Dry Diving Shoes

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Available in colors from red to black and in sizes from XS to XXL, these shoes can literally be worn by anyone. They’re made using a special blend of polyester and spandex, that allows them to breathe and allows them to fit comfortably on the wearer’s feet. Its upper portion is extremely elastic, so the wearer doesn’t feel like their foot is being constricted. Another benefit to wearing these shoes is that they’re as close to going barefoot as possible without actually being barefoot, so it works muscles in the calf that don’t get worked by those who wear tennis shoes.

7Pengcheng Unisex Lightweight Surf Shoes

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These functional water shoes are designed to tackle a variety of different activities. These shoes can be worn while surfing or diving, while snorkeling, while fishing, or while cycling. These shoes can be used for kayaking, parasailing, boating, cycling, or lounging around the pool as well. In fact, these shoes are so soft and comfortable, they can easily be worn while cycling, driving, or doing yoga as well. That’s because they have a breathable upper portion that allows air to get to the wearer’s feet, has drainage holes which allow water to dissipate quickly, and an anti-slip outsole that hugs the ground.

6Zhuanglin Men’s Quick Drying Aqua Shoes

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These shoes are designed to be easy to wear, to provide the wearer with purchase on slippery surfaces and to hold up to frequent use. It’s made with open mesh uppers that allow air to circulate around the foot and allows moisture to quickly drain away. They also feature a lightweight midsole that gives the wearer’s stride a little bit of bounce and is designed to be extremely durable. These shoes also have a Comfort Dry Sockliner that provides plenty of cushion with each step the wearer takes. Overall, these shoes are perfect for sailing, boating, playing beach volleyball, or simply hanging around the pool.

5HMIYA Unisex Swim Shoes

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Available in a variety of exciting, and sometimes funky colors and designs, these water shoes are ready to show off the wearer’s sense of style. These shoes are made with designs that include abstract flower shapes, ocean waves, blue leaves, and Bohemian designs. As exciting as these designs and colors are, however, the real value of these aqua shoes are that they allow the wearer to keep their footing on slippery surfaces. They’re made with a thickened anti-slip sole that grabs on to wet surfaces, all while protecting the wearer’s feet against stones and small rocks.

4Mishansha Unisex Aqua Sports Shoes

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It really doesn’t matter if the wearer of these shoes want to swim, hang around the beach or windsurf because these shoes are capable of handling all of those activities. That’s because they’re made out of a stretchy material that’s lightweight, allows for fast draining of water and allows the wearer’s feet to get plenty of ventilation. This also means that once these shoes are taken off, they dry a lot faster than conventional shoes dry. And since they’re equipped with handy elastic straps, the wearer doesn’t have to worry about tying shoe strings when they’re enjoying the water.

3Simari Unisex Beach Shoes

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Made from high-quality polyester material, these shoes are comfortable and safe to wear at the same time. They have an upper portion that stretches to accommodate the shape of the wearer’s foot, and they have a smooth deck that all but eliminates shoe chafing on sensitive skin. These shoes are also made with a durable sole that provides the wearer plenty of purchase on slippery and wet surfaces. This sole also has the added benefit of helping to insulate the bottom of the wearer’s feet against incidental ground impacts. All of these things make these shoes extremely comfortable and useful to have for wearing around the pool.

2Yalox Unisex Quick-Dry Shoes

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These quality pool shoes are perfect for not only wearing around inground pools but is also suitable for wearing while the wearer is on a John boat, sailboat or while they’re swimming. They have a spectacular design that allows the shoes to breathe, but also allows them to conform to the wearer’s feet, so they don’t slip off. They’re easy to put on and take off, and they can be easily folded when not in use. Since they’re also available in a number of exciting designs, there’s a pair for just about anyone. Some of the colors these shoes are available in include navy, black, grey, pink or black with white stripes.

1WateLves Unisex Aqua Socks

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These water shoes are designed to not only be durable but also to be stylish as well. They’re made with a full rubber outsole that gives the wearer traction on slippery surfaces, and a smooth neck that helps to prevent the shoe from chafing the wearer’s feet while they’re wearing it. These shoes are easy to slip on and off and are designed to be extremely comfortable. They also come in a variety of different designs including Galaxy, Sharks, The Moon, Flamingoes, Fish Scales, or Black Dots. They’re also available in a number of colors including grey, black or rainbow.

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The Ultimate Guide To Water Shoes

Even though not everyone thinks much about their footwear, especially footwear they intend on wearing while wading into bodies of water, it’s something that they should seriously consider. After all, wearing the right footwear for the right activity will not only lead to improved performance but will also help to protect the feet. With those goals firmly in mind, we’ve decided to write a guide on why people should try to buy the best water shoes and what they should consider when they do decide to buy a pair.

Why Do You Need Water Shoes?

The first thing that we’d like to address with this guide is some of the reasons why a person might want to invest in a good pair of water shoes. So, we listed some of these reasons below to hopefully convince all of our readers that these types of shoes aren’t just a fad or fashion statement, but are important pieces of equipment for anyone wading out into a river, lake, or the ocean.


One of the biggest reasons for wearing water shoes is because they protect the feet. These shoes have thick soles that help protect the bottom of the wearer’s feet and they also protect the top and sides of the feet. Some of them are even equipped with toes shields that help to protect the toes from being stubbed on rocks. Many of them also provide some UV protection for the top of the wearer’s feet, so they don’t have to worry about sunburns—at least, not for the top of their feet.


Another reason for wearing water shoes instead of saying tennis or deck shoes is because they’re lightweight. They can be quickly slipped on and off, and they won’t weight down the wearer. And because they don’t hold onto water like other types of shoes, they also won’t gain a bunch of water weight.


Water shoes are designed to be waterproof, or at least to drain quickly, so that makes them quick drying. No one likes that sloshing feeling that can occur with wearing regular shoes into the water or having water held against the skin of their feet for long periods of time. Both are uncomfortable, so it’s best to buy quick-drying water shoes that solve both of those problems.


Another reason to wear water shoes is that they help to keep the wearer’s feet warm. Although most people don’t think that heat can be lost through their feet, the truth of the matter is that a person can lose heat through their feet and this can lower their body temperature. Water shoes help to preserve some of this lost warmth, so the wearer can stay warmer longer.


Traction is also another important reason to wear water shoes. Tennis and running shoes provide good traction while they’re being worn on dry surfaces, but that traction is quickly lost under wet conditions. Water shoes, on the other hand, are designed to provide the wearer with the traction they need under very wet conditions.

Where To Wear Water Shoes

Now that we’ve covered some of the reasons why everyone who is going to venture towards a body of water should buy a pair of quality water shoes, let’s take a quick look at some of the occasions when wearing a pair of these shoes would be extremely beneficial.

  • Aquatic Fitness Routines
  • Water Tubing
  • Boating
  • Fishing
  • Lounging Around The Pool
  • Kayaking
  • Canoeing

How To Buy The Best Water Shoes

Once a person has decided that they need to buy a pair of water shoes, they are then going to have to consider how to buy the best pair available. Below are some tips that will prove quite useful to anyone looking to purchase a new pair of water shoes.

The Shoe’s Fit

Probably one of the most important things for the consumer to think about before purchasing a new pair of water shoes is the fit of the shoes. While many people try to purchase a pair of shoes that’s a half size or larger than their actual foot size, consumers shouldn’t try to do that with water shoes. For best results, water shoes should be sized to the exact foot measurements for the most comfortable fit.

Decide On Slip-On Or Laced Models

Another thing for a person to consider is whether they need slip-on or laced water shoes. Although this is mainly a matter of personal preference, laced water shoes do tend to be better for wading into rivers or other bodies of water where there’s significant mud that can pull off a person’s shoes.

Decide On The Shoe’s Construction

It’s also important for the consumer to decide whether they want a pair of shoes with a mesh body or a pair of shoes with solid foot panels. Mesh shoes drain quickly and are extremely light, but they don’t provide much protection. Solid panel shoes provide more protection, but they might be clumsy to walk underwater in, so the consumer should consider which shoes suit their needs the best.

Consider The Shoe’s Soles

The last thing the consumer will want to think about is the soles of the water shoes. Not everyone needs the same amount of traction, so it’s important for the consumer to consider the surfaces that they’re going to be walking on and then choose a shoe with a suitable sole for that surface. That will ensure that the consumer doesn’t buy a shoe without enough traction, as well as a shoe that is too “sticky” for other types of surfaces.