Regardless of whether you’re working or playing outside in the cold, you need the best winter gloves available to protect your hands. A good pair of gloves for winter will not only keep hands toasty warm but will also prevent serious complications from developing from your hands being exposed to the cold. After all, without an adequate covering, your hands are especially vulnerable to dry skin and even frostbite.

Finding a great pair of gloves for winter isn’t as easy as just finding one that fits your hands. There are a variety of other factors to take into consideration as well, including the glove’s composition and design. To account for all of those factors, we’ve selected ten of the best gloves currently available, so all of our readers can make an educated choice.

Best Winter Gloves – Reviews

9Skydeer Genuine Deerskin Suede Gloves

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It doesn’t matter how cold it is outside, these quality gloves will help protect your hands. That’s because it is made with high-quality materials that keep out wind, rain, snow, and cold, so the wearer’s hands are as warm as possible. These gloves are manufactured in the United States from genuine Deerskin suede leather and polar fleece. They’re also equipped with an insulation material called 3M Thinsulate. This material amplifies the insulation power of the Deerskin material, and can really help keep the wearer’s hands comfortable in sub-zero conditions. That makes these outdoor gloves suitable for anyone working or playing in cold winter weather.

8Lethmik Men’s Thick Winter Gloves

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Manufactured using a cold-fighting acrylic material that’s paired with a wool lining, these gloves are designed to keep the wearer’s hands warm all winter long. They are made to be extremely thick, but still flexible enough that the wearer can grasp things while they’re working outdoors. These gloves have a solid black style that goes with just about any style, and they’re extremely soft to wear. And because they’re designed to be unisex gloves, both men and women can enjoy the warmth that they provide. This makes these gloves some of the best gloves for winter wear available.

7Mountain Made Outdoor Gloves

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Anyone who takes a moment to look at how these winter gloves are constructed will understand how they’re able to keep the wearer’s hands warm during even extremely cold conditions. They are made with a blend of 88% polyester, 6% PVC rubber, and 6% spandex. This combination allows them to be durable and to retain their flexibility, but it also helps them keep out the winter cold. That makes them quite well suited for all kinds of different outdoor activities including skiing, cycling, running, or driving. These gloves are also extremely flexible, so the wearer can actually work while they’re using them, and do it without discomfort.

6MCTI Waterproof Men’s Ski Gloves

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Using a combination of polyester, Thinsulate insulation, and waterproof TPU, these gloves are capable of protecting the wearer’s hands against cold, wind, and rain. It uses a specially designed three-layer composite that keeps snow and winds at bay better than just about any other glove that’s currently available. It also has a waterproof insert that keeps the wearer’s hands dry, even as they’re making snowballs, skiing or snowboarding. These high-quality gloves also have a handy zipper pocket that can be used to hold the wearer’s personal identification, keys or cash while they’re out on the slopes or hiking in the woods.

5Carhartt Men’s Waterproof Insulated Glove

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It’s quite obvious that these gloves from Carhartt are not only designed to keep out winter cold but are also designed to keep the wearer’s hands dry. That’s because it’s made out of high-quality polyester, for both the shell and the lining, and that keeps moisture from leaking through the gloves. They have a Polytex shell that’s extremely durable, a reinforced PU palm, and a waterproof insert that increases its moisture-resistance even further. These gloves are extremely easy to put on using their pull-on closures, and they stand up to even extremely cold winter conditions.

4Tomily Fleece Winter Wear

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These women’s gloves are not only designed for some of the coldest weather conditions imaginable, but they’re also designed with a great design that will make the wearer want to wear them all year round. They are made with a high-quality fleece lining that’s soft on the hands and is very warm. This material also allows air to circulate around the hands and helps to wick away moisture, too. Like other brands, these gloves are also made with touch points on the thumb and index fingers of the gloves, and this allows the wearer to operate their smartphone or tablet quite easily.

3Cevapro Thermal Running Gloves

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Cevapro Sports Gloves are designed to provide the wearer with insulated comfort, so they can work and play in even the coldest of conditions. These gloves are designed with fleece for warmth and a PU leather palm to provide an anti-slip grip for the wearer. The fleece not only keeps the user’s hands warm but also wicks moisture away and allows air to circulate around the wearer’s hands. Because it has a coated conductive material on the index finger, these gloves allow the wearer to operate touchscreens such as tablets and smartphones and do it without removing them.

2Achiou Knit Thermal Gloves

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These winter gloves not only keep the wearer’s hands nice and warm, but it also allows them to use touchscreens while they’re wearing it. That’s because 3 fingers of this glove are coated with a special material that allows touch conductivity on touch screen devices. It also has a large silicone palm area that gives the wearer a little bit of extra grip, especially when they’re holding things like fire starters or cell phones. Because the lining of these gloves is made from a breathable material, wearers don’t have to worry about their hands getting hot and sweaty during physical activities.

1Anquier Windproof Gloves

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These waterproof gloves are manufactured using diving lycra so that they not only keep the cold at bay but also keep moisture away. They are designed using a special anti-skid silicone on their palm, and that increases the friction between whatever the person is holding and the gloves. This means that these gloves give a better grip on steering wheels, motorcycle hand brakes or cell phones. The fingertips of these gloves are also coated with a touch conductive material that allows the user to use their cell phone when they’re wearing their gloves. Now no one has an excuse for not keeping their hands protected.

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How To Buy The Best Winter Gloves

The hands are one of the most vulnerable parts of a person’s body during the winter months. That’s because the human body prioritizes the internal organs and the brain, so if a person is cold, their body will restrict the supply of warm blood to their hands and fingers. This result is that this part of the human body needs special care to prevent it from developing frostbite. As it’s clear to see, buying the best pair of winter gloves is not only important for a person’s comfort but it can also mean the difference between them keeping their hands healthy or succumbing to severe tissue damage caused by extreme cold.

In this guide, we’re going to help everyone find the perfect pair of gloves for their needs. Although we’ve listed the gloves that we’d like to recommend up above, we also feel that some of our readers would benefit from having that list whittled down a bit so they can find the one or two choices that fit their needs. Now that we’ve explained the purpose of this guide, let’s get started with some invaluable advice on choosing a great pair of winter gloves.

Step One: Consider The Glove’s Insulation

The very first step in choosing the best pair of winter gloves is to make sure that it has the proper amount of insulation. But before we talk about insulation, we need to talk about the definition of a winter glove. In our opinion, gloves can only be called winter gloves if they’re made with two layers of material. A winter glove needs to have an outer layer that keeps out the elements, and an inner layer that holds in the hand’s warmth.

The Outer Layer should contain a material such as leather or nylon, and the Inner Layer should have some type of inner insulation layer. For this purpose of the inner layer insulation layer, the best choice is usually something such as Thinsulate or boa acrylic. Goose down or some other insulation layer is also appropriate.

A less desirable option is cotton. Cotton is a poor choice for insulation because it can absorb moisture, including hand sweat, and actually wick heat away from the skin. While cotton might be appropriate for areas that aren’t as cold, it shouldn’t be used in temperatures below 40-degrees Fahrenheit.

Step Two: Consider The Amount Of Insulation

The next thing that a person should consider before purchasing a new pair of winter gloves is the amount of insulation that they’re going to need. Although personal preferences might affect how thin or how thick of an insulation layer a person wants, the following table shows what is considered to be the standard amount of insulation needed for gloves according to expected temperature. Let’s take a quick look at them before we move on to step 3.

  • Mild Days: Above 30-degrees Fahrenheit (-1 Celsius): Less than 100-grams of Thinsulate.
  • Cold Days: Between 0-degrees Fahrenheit (-17 Celsius): 100-200 grams of Thinsulate.
  • Arctic Temperatures: Below 0-degrees Fahrenheit: Between 200 to 400 grams of Thinsulate is necessary.

Step Three: Consider The Glove’s Coverage

Not all winter gloves fit in the same way. Some gloves extend down to cover a portion of the wearer’s wrist and other gloves are designed to be shorter. If a person is working in snowy conditions, they are probably going to want to make sure that they buy gloves with extended coverage to make it harder for the snow to work itself into the gloves.

Step Four: Choose The Right Size

Finding the right glove size is also an extremely important consideration and no one should purchase a new pair of winter gloves without first measuring their hands properly. How do you measure your hands to find out your glove size? Below are some steps that will help everyone measure their hand properly.

Using a flexible tape measure, measure around your knuckles in inches. The number of inches measured is your glove size, and the following chart explains how that measurement can be used to determine whether you need an extra-small glove or an extra-extra-large glove.

Men’s Gloves:

  • 5 to 6-inches=Extra-Small glove size
  • 7 to 8-inches=Small glove size
  • 9-inches=Medium glove size
  • 10-inches=Large glove size
  • 11-inches=Extra Large glove size
  • 12-inches=Extra, Extra Large glove size

Women’s Gloves:

  • 5-inches=Extra Small glove size
  • 6-inches=Small glove size
  • 7-inches=Medium glove size
  • 8-inches=Large glove size
  • 9-inches=Extra-Large glove size.

The following measurements will ensure that the person finds the right fit. If a person doubts whether they’re actually closer to one size than another, then the wearer should make sure to size upwards. That’s because gloves that are too tight will restrict the flow of warm blood to the hands, so if the wearer has doubts about their size, they should err on the side of caution and go up a size.

Step Five: Consider Additional Features

The last thing a person might want to consider before they decide on a pair of winter gloves is the additional features the gloves might have. Features that extend the glove’s usefulness or allows the wearer to do something like operating their smartphone while they’re wearing them. Some additional features that can be found on modern winter gloves include the following features:

  • Micro-Conductive fingertips for smartphone operation.
  • Adjustable wrist straps.
  • Non-Slip silicone or leather palms for additional grip.
  • Waterproof outer shell.