A good winter jacket has to keep you insulated and dry at all times, no matter how cold or wet the weather gets outside. At the same time, a good jacket will also be breathable and comfortable to wear in all weather conditions, because even in winter, the weather can occasionally get slightly warmer.

These jackets have to also be fashionable enough to work with almost any attire so that they don’t cause you any discomfort when worn over specific shirts. With this in mind, let us find out what are the ten best winter jackets out there and what to look for when shopping for one.

Best Winter Jackets – Reviews

10Wantdo Men’s Cotton Stand Collar Jacket

buy buttonLightweight and comfortable, this 100% cotton fabric jacket will provide all the necessary warmth in cold weather without being too much of a hassle to care for. It is a slim fit windbreaker jacket at its core, one that comes with adjustable cuffs and hem, along with a stand collar with a decorative zipper. It also has a spacious inner pocket, one zipper breast pocket, and two snap button slant pockets for you to use.

9WenVen Men’s Casual Cotton Military Jacket

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Combining cotton and polyester in a pleasantly comfortable jacket, WenVen’s Casual Cotton Military jacket is perhaps one of the comfiest out there. This heavy-fabric jacket features no less than five pockets for you to use, a useful option to have when it comes to winter jackets. Like we said, this jacket involves a heavy fabric construction with durable seams and reliable zippers all around for that high-quality feel many people look for.

8Chouyatou Men’s Casual Long Sleeve Full Zip Jacket

buy buttonWhat makes this particular jacket so comfortable is its zip placket, shoulder straps, and plaid topstitching. These elements combined make it extremely comfortable regardless of what clothes you’re wearing underneath, a nice feature to have in a winter jacket. It also benefits from a 100% cotton fabric and 100% polyester construction, which when combined with a stand collar with rib, recommend it as one of the most comfortable jackets out there.

7The North Face Men’s Resolve 2 Jacket

buy buttonThis is the type of jacket you want when the weather gets really cold. Thanks to its waterproof, seam-sealed DryVent 2L shell with mesh liner and 100% windproof fabric, this jacket will protect you against anything mother nature can throw at you during the cold season. For this purpose, this jacket also features a Velcro storm flap covered front zipper and covered, secure-zip hand pockets to keep your hands warm.

6Chouyatou Men’s Vintage Pu Leather Jacket

buy buttonEquipped with a vintage stand collar with a belt, this jacket surely stands out for all the right reasons. It not only benefits from a high-quality faux leather construction with a 100% polyester lining but it also has a front zip-up closure and a zip-in chest pocket and cuff. It also has the waist length of a casual motorcycle jacket but the elegance of high-end designer jackets at the same time.

5Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Packable Down Jacket

buy buttonIf warmth is your primary concern come winter time, then you can do a lot worse than this jacket right here. Designed to provide warmth and comfort above everything else, you will find this particular jacket to be very easygoing as far as maintenance goes. Machine washable and easy to care for, this packable jacket also benefits from a construction that allows you to store it almost anywhere for almost any amount of time without damaging it in any way.

4Wantdo Men’s Faux Leather Jacket

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Equipped with a removable hood, you can quickly turn this winter jacket into a casual autumn jacket at any given time. Made of PU faux leather with a 100% polyester lining, you will find this jacket to be very comfortable and easy to care for. Windproof to an impressive degree, this jacket uses a ribbed cuff and hip length rib bottom to seal in warmth at all times. Due to its versatile design, you can very well use it for biking, driving, racing, or any other outdoor activities.

3Alpha Industries Men’s MA-1 Flight Bomber Jacket

buy buttonThis reversible zip-front bomber jacket features snap hand pockets along a signature utility pocket with a flight ribbon on its left sleeve. Aesthetics aside, it also enjoys a ribbed neck, cuffs, and waistband, all designed to be as comfortable as the jacket’s construction allows it. Although it should only be cared for via dry cleaning, the exquisite standard of comfort this jacked provides should definitely make up for it in the long run.

2Carhartt Men’s Quilted Flannel Lined Jacket

buy buttonLike the name suggests, this jacket enjoys a quilted flannel lined construction that makes it very tough and durable. At the same time, this jacket uses a highly reliable zipper closure that makes Carhartt apparel renowned in the business. Furthermore, this front-zip jacket features a drawstring hood and split kangaroo pocket at the front along with rib-knit cuffs and waistband for a tighter fit. Combine that with a quilted lining and you have yourself a truly great winter jacket by all metrics.

1Wantdo Men’s Mountain Waterproof Fleece Ski Jacket

buy buttonNo other winter jacket even comes close to Wantdo’s mountain Waterproof Fleece Ski Jacket, one that was designed for warmth and comfort above everything else. Thanks to a warm fabric construction of the highest quality, this particular jacket will keep you warm way below freezing temperatures. Not only that but it also enjoys a water repellent fleece liner and durable fabric exterior with about 1,200g cotton padding on the inside to not only keep water out but to also keep you nice and warm inside. Due to its ingenious construction, this jacket is also great in rainy or misty weather.


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What To Consider When Buying A Winter Jacket

The first thing you want to do when buying a winter jacket is to figure out exactly what type of jacket you need. We say this because winter jackets vary in design and thickness, so going for an ultra-light jacket if you’re about to experience a cold winter season might not be the right thing to do. On the other hand, neither should you go for a thick jacket if your local climate simply doesn’t experience harsh winters, otherwise, you’ll not only look silly but you’ll end up sweating underneath the jacket, thus causing yourself an awful lot of problems in the long run.

A Good Fit Matters

While winter jackets can be worn a little loose consider the fact that they’re usually worn on top of underclothing, you still want a jacket that fits you well. Not only will a loose jacket fail to keep you warm when the weather gets particularly cold but it will also look weird unless you pair it with loose pants. You should also look for a jacket that can be fastened quickly and securely with straps or laces for a better fit. Even so, always remember that a winter jacket has to also accommodate a lot of other heavy clothing underneath come winter time.

The Material Issue

A good winter jacket should also be comfortable to wear because you might be wearing it a lot. Unlike summer clothes that you can change at ease from one day to another, a winter jacket will most likely be worn multiple times between washes. In fact, you will be wearing it every time you get out of the house for as long as the cold season lasts. For this reason, you want a comfortable fabric underneath combined with an insulating exterior to keep you warm. It is also common for winter clothes to include polyester in their making for added flexibility and heat retention so keep an eye out for that as well.


Even though winter jackets aren’t exactly known for their fashionable characteristics, you still want a jacket that goes well with your personal style. Going for a vintage jacket isn’t all that bad to be honest because this is exactly what most people do. Reason being that many people already have a good idea about what a winter jacket should look like, so they’re unwilling to deviate from that particular style. At the same time, we notice that people past a certain age all go for winter jackets that are warm as a main attribute, with little consideration for style. On a related note, whatever style of jacket you might choose, you should pay attention to how easily accessible its pockets are and how it goes with everything else you’re wearing.


A surprisingly small number of people judge winter jackets based on their construction, yet it is perhaps the most important aspect to consider. First of all, a winter jacket must have deep, accommodating pockets and they all have to close properly. This is particularly important when it comes to side pockets because they also serve as hand warmers to some extent. If you’re looking for freedom of movement or if you have electronic devices with touchscreen interfaces, then you are likely to avoid wearing gloves no matter how cold the weather gets. For this reason, you want a winter jacket with well-insulated pockets to accommodate not only your hands but a smartphone and/or wallet as well.

Types Of Winter Jackets

Although winter jackets have to all serve roughly the same purpose, they do differ from one another according to style, thickness, and construction type. For the most part, a winter jacket has to be warm and comfortable, but this doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be subjected to further deliberation as far as its other features go. In this regard, here are the main types of winter jackets one could choose from right now:

Casual – Casual jackets usually focus on warmth, weather protection, style, and comfort rather than weight and size. While warmer jackets are usually larger and thicker, casual jackets tend to combine heat insulation with a bit of style. It is for this reason that you have to pay close attention to how each particular model is built, both in terms of seaming and fabrics used. Given the fact that they are designed to be worn casually, they might not be the best solution for performing labor-intensive tasks.

Technical – With technical winter jackets, you get a more athletic fit that allows for better movement along with a multitude of features designed for roughly the same purpose. To be more precise, technical winter jackets have helmet-compatible hoods and zippers designed to accommodate climbing harnesses or any other climbing equipment. It is also for this reason that technical winter jackets are made from durable materials, with little consideration given to style or fashion. These jackets are also more likely to be made in bright colors for added visibility.

Sports Jackets – Similar to technical jackets to some extent, sports jackets are designed to facilitate ease of movement and flexibility. They also provide a more athletic fit than casual jackets, especially when it comes to labor-intensive tasks or performing stretchy moves of any kind. Although not as dull as technical jackets, sports jackets aren’t exactly fashionable as far as aesthetics go, yet nice enough to wear in social situations with the right attire.