The power at your feet can help get you through the difficult miles.

Whether you are training for an event, or just trying to get into shape, the best women’s running shoes can make a difference. A layer of comfort goes a long way and so can you when you have the right equipment.

There is more to running shoes than fun colours and a trusted brand name. Sure, they make some of the best in the business but it can be hard to tell them apart. We are looking for ankle support, comfort, durability and more from a running shoe.

Because women’s feet are different from men’s, we are getting specific in our search for the top ten. A shoe that will keep up with the demand of a long run is a must. Here are some of the best you can find to help you hit the ground running.

Best Women’s Running Shoes – Reviews

10Asiacs Women’s GEL-Venture 5

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A serious running shoe that will make a huge difference whether you are serious about fitness, or a more casual jogger. To start, the rubber sole might a standard one but offers you the right level of grip. The arch support helps with any joint complaints and allows the user to run with comfort, not distracted by the aches and pains that affect so many people.

There is a loop on the back which makes taking them off easy and allows you to lace up in a split second. The GEL cushioning system reduces shock and helps you keep a balanced, and springy stride. You can remove the sicklier to make way for orthodontic preferences and the high abrasion rubber means they will last for ages. A durable running shoe that is available in loads of colours. Asiacs have a game-changer on their hands.

9New Balance Women’s FuelCore Nergize V1

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First of all, these are some of the best looking women running shoes on the market. They are easy to slip on and off which is a big convenience, especially after you return from a long run. REVlite cushioning can be found in the midsole which offers a level of cushioning that doesn’t weigh you down and makes you feel like every step is effortless.

Yes, they are designed with fitness in mind, but thanks to the various designs they don’t look out of place with casual wear or a pair of leggings. The textured mesh upper adds to the breathability and design, and with a memory sole comfort ready for insertion, New Balance is one of the world’s best in this market for a reason. A trainer that is made from quality materials will stay with you for some time.

8Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35

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A brilliant women’s running shoe that packs a real punch. They offer a genuine snap in your step that keeps you light on your feet. The midsole compresses then recovers its shape to spring the user with every motion. The responsiveness of this shoe is unreal! A rubber outsole provides excellent traction, and this even takes shape around the side of the shoe to protect it from the elements.

The fly mesh upper has been upgraded to create even more breathability. It was already a super comfortable shoe, even when taking them on those crazy distances. They might just be the thing to keep you going where you haven’t been able to get to before. They have a lot of fans and it’s easy to see why. With a wide range of colours to choose from, you will stand out in the black and metallic gold version among others.

7Nike Women’s Revolution 4

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From one of the biggest sportswear brands comes Nike’s Revolution 4. As you would expect from the meshed outer, these shoes are lightweight and breathable. This creates the excellent combination of added stamina from a shoe that does not weigh you down and increased comfort through its breathability. Nike has done everything right with this shoe, and you will find the price to be attractive compared to some of the other women’s running shoes on the market.

The vamp features an underlay that makes the shoe last longer, adding another layer of support along the way. The pods on the sole work with your feet and flatten as you step before springing you back into action. It subtly bounces you as you go, making it a clever shoe, using the latest technology to help you reach your goals.

6Brooks Ravena 9

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What they might lack in brand awareness compared to other companies in the niche, Brooks have more than made up for it with their Ravena 9 women running shoe. The cushioning is responsive to your step which adds a layer of comfort that you don’t always get when you are in your stride. This is also thanks to the BioMoGo midsole which offers a cushioned layer for your feet as you go. The build is environmentally friendly meaning it will degrade faster than other materials. Brooks has created a product that is kind on your feet and kind on the planet.

The forefoot features a blown rubber section that offers a real spring from the first step. They are lightweight meaning the serious runner will appreciate how it helps, not hinders performance levels. An attractive, and fine-tuned running shoe that will please anyone.

5Asiacs Women’s GEL-Excite 4

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A trusted brand that keeps rolling out high perming running shoes, Asiacs have done it again. They use their gel cushioning system at the rear uses the impact to help boost your step. A shoe that works for everyone, both the weekend runner and the competitor. Like with many Asiacs products you can remove the suckling and replace it with an orthotic option to ensure your comfort.

It doesn’t matter if you prefer a shoe with simpler looks, or want something that stands out, there is a good color selection to choose from. This is a good running shoe for night runners as they use reflective materials that helps alert your presence to drivers. You will find that these have a huge amount of miles to offer. With performance that lasts, they will. be a trainer that stays with you for some time.

4Brooks Ghost 11

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A striking shoe that is built to last, and performs to the highest level. Thanks to the lightweight materials, it will feel light on your feet, enabling you to move swiftly for as long as you can. You can experience softer landings through Brooks’ DNA loft heel crash system. This makes them one of the most comfortable shoes on the market. The crash pad on the bottom is made to absorb the shock, helping to improve your step.

With a supportive structure that keeps your foot where you need it, this version has been updated to offer a bouncier experience. They are suitable for every type of run, whether that be long distance, cross country, road running, or treadmill. A favourite among female joggers, this is a serious running shoe that will last a long time.

3Under Armour Women’s Micro G Pursuit

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A reasonably priced running shoe that has a lot to offer. It has a balanced level of performance that helps the user to get a good level of support, whilst cushioning the foot. The foam padding around the ankle makes them super comfortable and allows you to use them on long distances. The midsole uses Micro G technology to absorb an impact and push you off to give you a genuine spring with every movement.

The lightweight mesh gives you the breathability to go with. the comfort. So, there is no reason why you can’t keep going as long as your body allows. The tire pattern on the outsole helps you to grip to the surface, and adds a level of security to your foot when changing direction sharply. Stylish enough to wear with just about any casual outfit, it is a running shoe for everyone.

2New Balance Fresh Foam 1080v8

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A great entry point running shoe that will last a runner with big plans. It offers a lot of stability which is important even as you start out but also doesn’t weigh you down if you are trying to make some ground and beat that PB. The elasticated upper ensures they are a comfortable fit with the breathability to keep your feet comfortable no matter what distance you put them up to.

The bootie style design hugs your feet allowing these stylish running. shoes to support you at the ankle, and help to avoid injuries. The fresh foam inside makes each step lighter and adds a spring that can help get you where you want. With color schemes that include Elderberry/Vivid Coral, and Seafood-arctic they look the part and perform to a higher level than their price tag would suggest. New Balance are a trusted running shoe brand for a reason.

1Adidas Cloudfoam Qt Racer

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With a design that resembles a sneaker in patches, Adidas has pulled off an eye-catching running shoe, that performs well. The knit textile looks great and is one of the reasons why this can double up as a casual shoe you can wear anywhere. In terms of running and performance, the Cloudfoam Qt Racer offers the grip of a rubber sole and breathability. It remains a shoe that will please the casual runner, but for the most seasoned jogger, the others on the list might be more appealing.

Still, for those trying to get into shape, they are comfortable enough to get you off the couch and come in a bunch of fun colours to match whatever your choice of running/casual attire.

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