Before a pair of yoga or athletic pants can quality as the best workout leggings available, they have to meet a few criteria. Good leggings have to be opaque, they have to flex with the wearer’s movement, and they have to wick away sweat during workouts. If they can’t accomplish those three very basic things, then a person should find another pair. A pair that provides them with the performance that they need.

The above features aren’t the only things to think about before purchasing a new pair of leggings for working out, however. There are a few other things that should also be considered. That’s why we’ve taken it upon ourselves to list the ten best leggings for working out currently available, so all of our readers can find a pair that suits their workout regimen.

Best Workout Leggings – Reviews

10Rocorose Women’s 4-Way Stretch Moto Leggings

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What makes these yoga pants the best workout leggings around? Well, its the number one leggings because it’s built from the ground-up to provide the wearer with the comfort and features they need. It’s made using a blend of 75% Viscose, 20% Chinlon and 5% spandex, which allows it to stretch very well and remain soft and comfortable at the same time. It’s also a material that’s opaque but still allows air to get to the wearer’s skin. And since it also wicks away excess sweat, that means that the wearer will remain comfortable throughout all of their workouts. Other features include an elastic closure, a high-waist, and tummy control.

9Lingswallow High-Waist Yoga Pants

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Far too many yoga pants tend to produce what is colloquially known as a muffin top for the wearer and that can be quite embarrassing. Fortunately, that’s not the case with these yoga pants. That’s because they’re designed with a high-waist and tummy control that helps to keep the wearer’s belly from popping out of the top of them. They’re also made with an active elasticity that prevents them from becoming see-through when the wearer is stretching. All of this means the wearer can be confident that these workout leggings will help them get through each intense workout without embarrassing them in the process.

8Colorfulkoala Women’s Full-Length Leggings

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These full-length workout leggings are made of 75% polyester/25% spandex, have a hidden waistband pocket and have an inseam that’s approximately 28-inches. These leggings are available in a variety of different sizes, from extra-small to extra-large, and they come in an assortment of patterns and colors. Some of the designs and colors these pants have include aqua-colored palms, army green camo, pink flowers, abstract red leaves, and cyan-colored leopard print. Each of these leggings is designed to be flattering to the wearer’s figure and are designed to be soft. They’re also designed to wick moisture during workouts, so the wearer always stays cool and collected.

7UURUN High-Waist Workout Leggings

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These opaque workout leggings are designed to stretch with the wearer’s movement and do so without exposing skin, so the wearer never has to worry if they’re showing more than they should be at the gym. It’s also equipped with a high-waist and tummy-control, so they not only stay where there supposed to be during workouts but they also have a slimming effect as well. Other features that these leggings provide include a moisture-wicking capability, 4-way stretch, and buttocks lifting technology that’s very flattering. All of these features come together to make one of the best pair of athletic pants for working out currently available.

6Oalka Women’s Yoga Capris Flex Leggings

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These athletic leggings come in a variety of different color and fabric combinations. The solid ones are made of 86%/14% nylon-spandex blend and are available in colors such as black, brown or blue. The space-dye ones are made of a blend of 87% polyester and 13% spandex and are available in camo grey, camo black, or dark grey. The starlight leggings are made of the same fabric combination as the solid ones and are available in several different colors as well. All of this means that there’s a pair of these leggings with the features that just about anyone can appreciate.

5MMIW Collection Seamless Gym Leggings

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At first glance, these gym leggings are very striking. That’s because they are available in several brilliant colors and each of these colors features a gradient that lightens as it travels down the leg. Some of the colors of these gym leggings include peach coral with an orange gradient, light gray/pink, and deep teal with an ice-blue gradient. They’re also available in single solid colors, too. Colors that include steel blue, indigo, or sage green. These legging’s color options aren’t the only exciting things worth mentioning about them, however. They’re also squat-proof, help to lift the buttocks area, and are made to stretch during workouts. All of which makes them a good pair of athletic pants for the gym or running errands.

4Persit Premium Women’s Yoga Pants

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Available in several different colors include vintage grape, black, medium blue, army green and merlot, these workout leggings look good. This is especially true when you consider the fact that they’re form-fitting and help to accentuate the woman’s natural curves. However, good looks aren’t the only thing these leggings bring to the table. They also have numerous features that make them the best workout leggings around. Some of these features include a fabric blend that’s 87% nylon and 13% spandex, the ability to wick away moisture, and a 3-pocket design that allows the wearer to carry all of their essentials to the gym easily.

3QYQ High-Waisted Workout Leggings

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These workout leggings are made with a blend of 86% polyester that provides a great deal of durability and 14% high-compression spandex that provides the wearer with flexibility. These two fabrics work together to keep these leggings form-fitting, without constricting blood flow, and also allow them to breathe. They’re equipped with two pockets on both sides, so the wearer never has to worry about what she needs to leave at home when she heads off to the gym. Other features found on these leggings include a high-waist, a wide waistband, and an opaque appearance that prevents parts of the body being exposed during workouts.

2TSLA Mid-Waist Tummy-Control Yoga Pants

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These yoga pants are designed for active women who want to remain comfortable and cool during their workouts. It’s made with an Aerisoft material that’s thick enough to wear during cold weather but breathes quite well so that it can be worn during warmer weather as well. These leggings come in a variety of different sizes from extra-small up to 2X-large, and they are designed to be form-fitting to accentuate the wearer’s silhouette. Additional features that can be found on these yoga leggings include UV-protection, a tummy-control high-waist, and a hidden side pocket for carrying keys or identification while at the gym.

1Neleus High-Waist Runner Leggings

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As their name suggests, these running leggings are designed to be used by joggers and long-distance runners. They have a high-waist with an elastic closure that holds them up, and they are equipped with flatlock seams that help to resist chafing. These leggings also provide the wearer with 4-way stretch, which not only makes them suitable for joggers but for anyone who engages in heavy physical activity. Another key feature found on these leggings is a large side pocket that’s big enough to fit just about any smartphone. And finally, this product is made with a streamlined fabric that gives the woman’s body a contoured look.


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