Anyone who spends any amount of time on their feet or works a job that’s physically demanding knows that work boots not only have to be comfortable but they also have to protect the feet against incidental harm. And this is especially true of any job where it’s possible to damage the feet or the toes from items rolling over, crushing or causing other forms of damage to them. In those instances, boots are an absolute necessity.

The problem with finding good boots for work, however, is that there are a number of different brands and types currently available. This can make it difficult for the average person to find the best work boots for their particular job. To help our readers narrow down the field a little bit, we’ve decided to list the 10 best boots currently available for workers.

Best Works Boots – Reviews

10Redback Men’s Safety Leather Boots

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These Australian made safety boots are designed for tough working conditions. They are made from thick, genuine leather that’s anywhere from 2.5mm to 2.7mm thick and is approximately twenty-percent stronger than comparable work boots. They are not only designed to meet the International standard for the best working boots, but they’re designed to actually exceed that standard. These boots are resistant to cracking and are designed to stay together even under horrid conditions. They are equipped with steel toes, have 1-inch platforms and have a shaft that measures 6-inches from the arch. And they have a stylish design that can be worn with any work uniform.

9Thorogood Men’s American Heritage Boots

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Tough jobs require tough work boots and these are some of the toughest you can find. That’s because they’re manufactured in the United States from only the highest quality components by a company that knows how to make boots. They feature uppers that are made from genuine leather and have slip-resistant synthetic soles that protect the bottom of the wearer’s feet. They have a fiberglass shank and have a shock absorption footbed that makes them more comfortable to wear than their competitors. These are boots that are designed for numerous types of working environments and are designed to provide years of use.

8Red Wing Heritage Men’s Iron Ranger

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Named after the iron miners which worked on the northern iron range of Minnesota, these work boots are designed for hardworking men. Regardless of whether they’re worn on steel girders, down in a mine or on a factory floor, these boots are designed to hold up to heavy-duty job assignments. They are made with a Vibram 430 mini-lug outsole that provides the wearer’s foot with protection against impacts, and its uppers are made with 100% real leather that’s been triple-stitched for added durability. They feature a bump toe that allows the wearer’s toes to have a little bit of extra room and they’re made with quality nickel eyelets and hooks.

7Timberland Pro Men’s Boondock Comp Toe Boots

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These quality Boondock boots from Timberland have numerous features which make them a great pair of work boots. Not only are they made from high-quality leather, but they also have a thermal plastic urethane sole that grips the ground well, protects the bottom of the wearer’s foot and helps to provide a bit of impact resistance to the boots. These insulated boots have a lace-up closure that allows them to remain securely on the feet, and they have a padded collar for additional comfort. And since these boots have comp toes, otherwise known as composite toes, they help protect the wearer’s feet from rolling or falling objects.

6Condor Arizona Men’s Steel Toe Boots

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These steel toed men’s boots are designed for tough and dangerous jobs. They are certified according to ASTM F 2413-11 Standards and are designed to protect the wearer’s feet against a number of possible insults. They are made with outsoles that are bound directly to the shoe without the use of glues. Its outsole provides slip resistance against a variety of surfaces, including surfaces covered in water or oil. These boots have been flex tested, have steel toes for protection and their uppers are made from 100% leather. All of these design features mean these boots protect the feet well and these boots themselves are very durable.

5Danner Men’s Black Quarry Boots

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Partially manufactured in the U.S using high-quality components, these quarry work boots are designed to provide the wearer with some heavy-duty foot protection. These boots are made using 100% leather, and they’re equipped with Vibram soles that help the boots maintain a bit of bounce and allow them to protect the bottom of the wearer’s sole from incidental ground impacts. These boots are triple-stitched for durability and are made with the highest performance hardware available. All of which allows these quality boots to hold up to heavy work and keep the wearer’s feet comfortable and dry at the same time.

4Irish Setter Men’s Wellington Boots

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Although these boots are good for anyone looking for a good pair of work boots, they’re especially useful for linesman, electricians and other workers who may have to work around electrical equipment. That’s because these boots are constructed in a way that helps them protect the feet from hazards associated with electrical equipment. It also has a moisture management system built into it that helps to keep the feet warm and dry all day long. These boots are made from 100% leather, have a non-conductive rubber sole, and have a platform that’s approximately 1-inch high. And they also have a classic look that goes well with any uniform.

3Ariat Women’s Terrain Work Boots

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Designed with the needs of working women in mind, these products not only provide superior fatigue resistance but also provides great foot protection. It’s made from Cordura leather and has a synthetic sole that does a fine job at protecting the bottom of the foot from incidental ground impacts. It also features a padded top collar and an inner lining that helps to wick away excess moisture and helps to keep the feet comfortable and dry. The bottom of the boot has a nice pattern on it that improves the boot’s grip and allows it to be more stable on slippery surfaces as well.

2Timberland Pro Men’s Barstow Wedge Boots

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Available in sizes from a US 7 to a US 15, there are a pair of these high-quality boots that will fit almost anyone’s feet. These shoes are made from quality leather, have a shaft that measures around 5.5-inches from the arch and is equipped with anti-fatigue boot technology. This enables the worker to stand long and work harder, without their feet becoming overly fatigued. Not only do these boots have rubber soles, which help to reduce impacts from the ground, but they also have soft toes that won’t push against the wearer’s toenails. Although this means that these boots provide less protection than other boots, it does mean that they’re also more comfortable.

1Justin Original Men’s Boots

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These work boots have a shaft that measures approximately 8.5-inches out from the arch and has a platform of 1-inch. These shoes are expertly crafted in the United States from high-quality components including 100% real leather and rubber soles. They are 8-inches tall to provide the wearer’s feet and ankles with true protection, and they have a rounded toe that doesn’t box in the feet. These boots have a western kilt-tie at the vamp, and the shoes come with comfort system insoles. Taken all together, these boots are ready for action no matter the job and are always ready to protect the feet.

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