If you haven’t already, you should definitely consider investing in a camping stove to aid with your cooking needs when going on a camping trip. Just because you’re in nature, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy a nice, hot meal if you want to.

While some people prefer sandwiches and the like, experienced campers always stress out the importance of eating a balanced meal when you’re out camping, which is where a camping stove comes into play. To help you find one that best suits your needs, we put together a list of the ten best camping stoves money can buy.

Best Camping Stoves – Reviews

10MSR PocketRocket

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At just 73 grams, the MSR camping stove is lightweight and easy to carry. It has a tiny folding pot that eases its portability and storage. It also comes with steady and reliable pan supports, a flame precision control that minimizes the chances of food burning not to mention windshield protecting barriers that protect your cooking flame. Given its compact design, it is perfect for short-term camping trips.

9Texsport Rainier Compact

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Texsport Compact Rainier is a portable and lightweight stove offered at an affordable price. It features two adjustable anti-clog burners (10,000 BTUs-each) which allow even distribution of heat and inbuilt rear and full side windscreens which protect your flame when cooking. It is made using heavy-gauge steel that features a baked enamel finish and a chrome-plated grid that renders it durable. What’s more, aside from being easy to clean and easy to setup, it includes a socket injector metal valve that fits disposable propane cylinders (14.1 oz. or 16.4 oz.).

8Coleman (2-Burner) Triton Series

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Triton Series by Coleman is a simple to use stove that works using two independent yet adjustable burners. The 22,000 BTU cooking power allows easy cooking that supports both 12-inch and 10-inch pans simultaneously. It features a PerfectFlow addition, which is a heat-delivery technology that helps the stove offer consistent heat while also using less fuel, and adjustable wind blockers that shield your flame when cooking.


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The GS-3400P camping stoves work under a dual-fuel system that is compatible with propane or butane gas. While on butane, it utilizes a single 8oz. Cartridge but on propane, it employs a 16.4 oz. Cylinder although with this it includes a propane converter regulator. This model features an exclusive Piezo-electric ignition which eradicates the need to use lighters not to mention its lightweight characteristic that makes it quite portable. It also includes a standard heat dial (adjustable), a gas flow cutoff provision not to mention a cartridge ejection system that ejects the cartridge when it overheats.

6Coleman Butane Stove

buy buttonColeman butane stove features an ultra-portable design and an accompanying carrying case for easy portability. It has a simple process of use that requires you to latch in the butane cylinder safely, and subsequently turn its adjustable burner control to start the inbuilt automatic recognition. Moreover, it includes a windshield protecting wind against your flame, ample cooking space (fits a 10-inch pan) and a robust, porcelain-coated grate that makes cleaning easier.

5Etekcity (2 Pack) Ultralight

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The Etekcity Ultra-light is an excellent stove made using stainless steel and aluminum alloy which makes it durable and resilient even at high temperatures. Its ultra-light aspect combined with its accompanying carrying bag allows easy portability, and with an adjustable flame control, it gives you optimal heat output for proper heating. This kit is also eco-friendly, which is definitely something people look for nowadays.

4Camp Chef Everest High

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The Chef Everest stove is an extremely powerful stove as inspired by it’s two 20,000 BTU powerful burners that can work at separate temperatures. It features a matchless ignition provision courtesy of its piezo ignite, a handy dual locking lid system not to mention its carrying handles and at just 12lbs. It is quite easy to carry along. What’s’ more, it is made using nickel-coated steel that makes it durable as well as stainless steel on its drip tray that ensures it is easy to clean. Aside from its accompanying three-side inbuilt wind barrier that protects your flame when cooking even during windy times, it also comes with a regulator adapter for a propane cylinder, nickel-coated steel and a drip tray (stainless steel) which make it robust and easy to clean respectively.

3Camp Chef Explorer

buy buttonChef Explorer is a high-performing stove that features 2-patented premium aluminum grade blue flame burners with a 30, 000 BTU output each. The stove connects well with bulk tanks that include a regulator and also adapts to propane and natural gas disposable bottles-although separately sold. It features a 448 square inch cooking space, 3-sided windscreens that safeguard your burning flame and user-friendly adjustment knobs that are safe and easy to use.

2Coleman Classic Propane Stove

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The Coleman Classic is an affordably priced that is not only simple to light up but offers even heating courtesy of its adjustable burners. It produces 20,000 BTUs worth of cooking power not to mention its ample cooking space that can accommodate 10 and 12-inch pans. With its PerfectFlow technology, this stove offers consistent performance always while also using less fuel while cooking. Moreover, it also features WindBlock panels which help shield your cooking flame from wind. Additionally, with its aluminized steel that is rust-resistant, you can be sure that it will be durable without getting rusty. At the same time, it also includes a chrome-plated grate which is not only removable but also durable and straightforward to clean.

1Coleman Road Trip

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This Coleman stove features a locking and lifts safety system that makes it simple to use and carry plus a robust castiron grill surface. Its system only requires you to push its fire button to start the InstaStart lighting system and power its powerful 20,000 BTUs worth of power. What’s more, it comes with an exclusive Perfectflow Pressure Control that ensures a steady heat flow, not to mention a large cooking surface of about 285 square inches. Coleman has a convenient design, a sliding table, and inbuilt tool holders. Aside from its easy to clean porcelain and castiron surface, it is also foldable and includes some wheels and large handles for easy moving.


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What To Look For In A Camping Stove

Although each stove is equipped with its own particularities, there are quite a few common features to look for when buying one. Issues regarding the build quality, portability, and the maintenance of the device will have you experiencing a very bad time if you don’t take the time to learn about them beforehand. In this regard, here are a few things to consider when buying a camping stove:


No matter what camping stove you’ve set your eyes on, it absolutely has to be portable and easy to store. As a matter of fact, the very nature of camping stoves requires them to be highly portable and easy to look after. It would be safe to say that to some extent, a camping stove that isn’t built to be portable is a bad investment. We call it an investment because camping stoves should definitely provide you your money’s worth in the long run if you take good care of them.


It is common for camping stoves to be made of highly durable materials including stainless steel and hard plastic. Depending on your budget, you can also get your hands on a stove with reinforced components and spare parts. On average, camping stoves are designed to be sturdy and tough to break, understandably so considering the abuse they have to withstand over time as they have to always perform regardless of the environment and the weather outside.

Value for money

As we already pointed out, a good camping stove will always require that you spend that extra buck to ensure that it lasts. Although it isn’t common for camping stoves to break down that easily, you should try your best to avoid subjecting them to any physical damage. Due to the fact that most components used in their making are durable by design, you shouldn’t really have any issues with these stoves breaking down just by using them.

Ignition system

The ignition system is also very important for a camping stove. When it comes to outdoor stoves, an electric ignition system is bound to provide less reliability than a manual system, even though it saves you the trouble of carrying a lighter or matches around each time you camp. Then again, most people already bring matches and lighters along when they go out camping, so perhaps you shouldn’t judge a camping stove based on its ignition system alone.


Another thing to consider with camping stoves is how easy they are to care for. For instance, you should have complete freedom in terms of cleaning the stoves using any method you want with no limitations whatsoever. As such, these stoves shouldn’t regularly involve any sensitive components and they should withstand any cleaning methods you choose. On a related note, we should point out that larger stoves often come equipped with grease trays to make them easier to clean when you’re done using them.

Types of camping stoves

Depending on their construction, camping stoves can be canister-based, liquid fuel stoves, and alternative-fuel stoves. Canister stoves usually screw onto the threaded tops of fuel canisters that contain one of two types of gas – isobutane or propane. With liquid fuel stoves, you can refill the fuel bottle freely when you’re done using up the fuel. Alternative-fuel stoves, on the other hand, use fuel pellets or wood instead of canned fuel.

Canister stoves – These stoves stand out through their lightweight, portable design. They are also very easy to care for and even easier to turn on. Due to the fact that their flame adjusts easily using simple controls, you shouldn’t have any issues getting a fire going in almost any weather. Furthermore, the canisters used to fuel these stoves are usually self-sealing, thus easier to store.

Liquid fuel stoves – These stoves require some form of priming, which involves igniting a few drops of fuel in a cup below the burner before actually using the stove. This way, you create a small flame to preheat the fuel line. In this respect, let us point out that you will need to pump your fuel bottle at the same time to increase pressure. Although it seems like quite a hassle, you should get used to it in no time.

Alternative fuel stoves – These stoves are very easy to use when you’re out in nature because of the abundance of fuel all around you. As long as you’re camping in an area with a lot of vegetation, you should have no issues finding twigs and dead vegetation to power the stove. Simplistic by design and quite lightweight, these stoves are often made with a titanium base and a windscreen/pot support that folds flat with ease.