Technology is always evolving and thankfully for those who like to spend time in the great outdoors, this is good news for campers. There has never been a better time for gadgets and cool camping gear that can be more than just a little convenient. It can be good to spend some time away from your phone with family and friends and no matter how often you get out under the stars in the wild, certain new products make life that much better.

The latest camping gear is a little different from a traditional penknife, so here is some inspiration.

Portable Toilet

As convenient as carrying a small cool box, these unique gadgets just might be the most essential item you take on your next camping trip. Each one will have a different waste capacity but expect most to be able to last the entire trip before you need to consider disposing of the contents.

They flush, save you the hassle of one of the worst parts of your trip making a portable camping toilet one of the most essential new gadgets to take with you.

Camping Cook Set

It’s the part of a camping trip that many of us most look forward to, and for good reason. Cooking under the stars or in the woods is great when you make life easier for yourself. A camping cooking set usually consists of a set of cooking pans that are compact, lightweight, and make dinner time a lot easier. Look for heat resistant handles and items that are stackable to save space.

Hammock Chair

A hammock chair should pack down small and when you are sat down, it is one of the most comfortable places to sit around the campfire. Even if you are relaxing with a book in the day, they are better than sitting in a foldable chair.

They are one of the most affordable seating options for camping and are easy to set up.

Solar Shower

Although there is no replacement for that first wash when you get home, these products come pretty close. If you are truly wild camping without conveniences then a solar shower is a great camping gadget. They usually have a decent capacity to last several showers and heat up via solar power so you can hang it up and enjoy a warm wash after working up a sweat all day.

Camping Stove

These come in all sorts of shapes and sizes with products capable of heating with camping stove for multiple pans to that ideal for making a morning coffee. The convenience of having heat withing an instant takes a lot of the strain out of mealtime. Some have a grill underneath and others even charge a USB while they are on so look for brands that get creative.

Portable Bunk Beds

You heard it right, these are easy to put together and are more comfortable than sleeping on a ground mat. If your tent has the height allowance then portable bunk beds are great and usually have additional storage space on the side for your phone or a bottle of water when you need it in the night.

LED Lantern

It might sound a little confusing, but when you charge them in the day, these products give you hours of light when the sun turns in. They come in all shapes and sizes, give you different times frames of light, and make cooking safely or getting up to use your portable toilet in the middle of the night a lot easier.

Solar USB Charger

Although a camping trip is a great way of reducing your screen time and reconnecting with nature, we all need to have some juice in our devices. You might have an emergency that requires the use of a phone or want to capture every moment. Look for a reliable brand that powers fast.

Water Filter Bottle

The most important part of camping is staying well hydrated. Depending on the water source you have available, this could be a lifesaver. This is why a lot of people are picking up these camping gadgets. They remove harmful bacteria, chlorine, and even improve the taste to make it safe to drink when you’re in the middle of nowhere.

Waterproof Matches

Everyone wants to get the fire going as soon as possible, especially on a chilly night. If you have dropped your bag in water, it can spoil your matches and render them useless. This is why waterproof matches are such a good idea they are essentially storm proof, don’t blow out easily and can get the fire started within a matter of seconds.

Survival Folding Knife

Every camping trip requires the use of a decent survival folding knife. The better products don’t take up a lot of room, are pretty lightweight, and make cutting kindling and stick a lot easier. With a comfortable handle and a part serrates, part regular blade, they can be put to many uses.

What Are Fun Things To Bring Camping?

Any gadget that you or your friends may not have used before can be fun to bring camoing but some more than others. The solar shower is a good one that will not only be fun to try out but rewarding. Portable bunk beds will make you the envy of the other campers as they sleep on the ground but any gadget you purchase should have a purpose and be fun.

How Much Does Cool Camping Gear Cost?

This varies depending on the product but the likes of waterproof matches won’t set you back much yet they are massively convenient. A portable toilet can also help make an uncomfortable part of camping a lot easier and can be found for well under $100 so it doesn’t take a lot to upgrade your camping gear with new gadgets.

What To Get Someone Who Loves Camping?

Anyone who loves camping probably has a lot of the standard equipment they need such as a decent sleeping bag and tent. Ask them what they struggled with the last time they went camping as it can give you a good indication as to what sort of gift to buy them.

If they said they ran out of phone battery, purchase a solar USB charger, if they said going to the toilet was difficult, a portable camping toilet is going to make life easier next time.

Whether you are buying cool camping gear for yourself or someone else, each of the products above has a genuine use that can make a trip more enjoyable.