Harvey Manning Park at Talus

Harvey Manning Park at Talus is a neighborhood park located at the southern edge of the Talus Neighborhood Development. The approximately 10 acre park site includes both passive and active recreational facilities.

Quick Facts:

  • Children’s play equipment
  • Picnic tables and benches
  • Walking path
  • Restroom
  • Grass play field
  • Parking lot


Wildlife Viewing Walking


From I90:  Exit 15, WA 900 and Lake Sammamish State Park
Turn south past Gilman Blvd and Newport Blvd.
Turn right at NW Talus Dr. (main Talus entrance)
Go up the Hill until Shangri-La Way NW.  Turn right.
Follow until Bear Ridge Drive NW. Turn Left.
Turn Left at Bear Ridge Ct NW. (follow the “no outlet or no turn around” road/private drive).
 There is no park sign on the road; it’s tucked back past the houses.