It’s becoming quite the trend, with some of the country’s beauty spots being frequented by men and women, as naked as the day they were born. It even has its own holiday, although it might not be as official as the likes of Mother day or Valentine, there is a growing number of people who celebrate it, on more than just the first day of summer.

Whatever you might think of it, as long as you abide by certain laws, it is perfectly legal in some parks. We’re going to take a look at what you need to remember when hiking naked.

When Is Naked Hiking Day?

You’ll either know it as midsummer, the 21st June, or Summer Solstice, but national hiking day may have more to do with this famous folklore occasion than some people realize. This day has been a cause for celebration for many people, Stonehenge has been a popular gathering for those celebrating the day with the most daylight for thousands of years. However, a naked hike is another form of recognizing this day that is growing in popularity.

Hiking Naked In National Parks

Although we advise you to check on the ever-changing law in your area, at present, although the law is a little murky, it can be perfectly legal to hike naked in a national park. This is as long as you are not looking to mix nudity in with arousal, yours, or anyone else. Still, it’s not so common, so expect to see a few surprised faces along the way and be wary that not everyone is as liberal as you might like.

National law is different from local law though. This is why it is best to check with what the word is for a specific forest or park or you might find yourself unsuccessfully trying to avoid a ticket. Check-in with the local officials, then, if the law is on your side, why not take your clothes off and go for a hike.


If you are hiking naked, you still need somewhere to put your belongings. This is why a lot of people will still opt for a quality backpack for hiking. The best products won’t rub your shoulders and take some of the strain away so you don’t chafe. You can always apply a skin lubricant to stop it from rubbing as you walk.

Other essential items are lightweight hiking shoes. This is because you might want to take them off to go fully naked. In which case, you are going to have to carry them so the lighter the better. If you want to keep them on, go for a pair with plenty of grip and ankle support for when you need to tread on uneven terrain.

If you are going to hike naked then it is best to do it on a sunny day. This is why a hiking hat is always an important item to put in your backpack. It should be a good fit and provide plenty of shade and protection for your face from the sun.

Tips for Naked Hiking

First of all, stay on the right side of the law. No one wants a blemish on their record that could easily be avoided. One park close by might have a different rule to another so don’t assume that the law is the same in different parks because they are near one another. The following are a few tips for hiking naked when you know it is safe and legal to do so:

Keep Some Clothes With You

When taking a bag, keep a spare set of clothes in case you run into trouble. Also, a lot of people start by hiking with no clothes then wish they had the option to put on a layer should it get cold or they start to feel uncomfortable.

Keep Your Phone To Hand

Falls and accidents can happen no matter what you are or are not wearing. This is why you should keep at least one phone in your group. Also, it can help to assure that you have confirmation that your hiking naked is legal in the specific area once you have the approval.

Take Supplies

As with any hike, if you intend to go for a proper trek, take water and food to maintain your energy levels and to stay hydrated. Treat the occasion like any other and don’t forget the essentials.

Anti-Chafing Cream

This might be in the form of a specialist cream or petroleum jelly, but apply before you get going and keep extra on you in case you need a top-up. There is nothing worse than feeling the burn of chaffing, especially when it is easily avoided.

Stick To Easy Trails

The lack of protective clothing means it is a sensible idea to stick to the safer hiking trails. You don’t want to be negotiating nettles or thorny bushes as it is going to hurt, everywhere!

Comfortable Hiking Boots

The longer your hike the more you will be grateful for quality hiking boots. They should be no different from what you would normally wear when out hiking

Sun Protection

Sunscreen is even more important than usual because hiking naked means you are getting less protection than usual. You are going to have to apply it everywhere so make sure you have plenty to go round.

Go To A Quiet Spot

Not everyone is as open-minded as you are so it is best to avoid the popular spots that are frequented by lots of people. This is especially the case where families and children are often present.

Go Early

Most people hit the trail a little later in the day so if you want to hike naked without the attention, set off a little earlier to miss the people traffic. Check for cars in the parking area before you go out. If it is busy, you might want to choose a more suitable spot.

Stay Calm If You Experience Confrontation

This is a bit like saying prepare for those worst but don’t fret. Most people will smile or try and look away, maybe avoid eye contact if they feel uncomfortable. If someone chooses to voice an opinion, remember that you have done your research, and what you are doing is perfectly legal.