Any new hobby comes with its expenses, but some more than others. Between buying new gear and safety equipment, even the likes of martial arts, soccer, or any other pastime are going to set you back a few dollars. Skiing though is known for being on the pricier side of things. This is because there is so much that a newbie needs to get hold of, not to mention the cost of getting anywhere that allows you to ski.

Because of this, we have compiled a list of ways to save money on a ski trip. Some are easier than others, but even if only one stands out, it might be the difference between not being able to go, and having a great time on the slopes.

Why Is Skiing So Expensive?

Part of what makes this sport more expensive than others is the sheer amount of equipment needed to get going. Between protective clothing, the skis themselves, and the fees to get on the slopes themselves, it all adds up pretty quickly. A family planning a trip will find that the price can get out of hand, especially with multiple kids to consider.

How Much Does A Ski Trip Cost?

This depends on the person’s starting point. for example, skiing in Europe can be affordable with plenty of options only a short flight away. Still, Americans will find that there are plenty of options Stateside with the likes of Lake Tahoe and Aspen being among the most popular destinations for a ski trip.

The fun is what makes it worthwhile, but a family of four can expect to pay around $3,000 for a four day trip to one of the better resorts. This may seem steep but includes a lot. With lessons for kids, lift tickets, lodging, meals, and even equipment hire included, it might not seem so expensive for some.

So, How Can You Save Money On A Ski Trip

With all this in mind, here are some of our top tips for saving some dollars on your next ski trip.

Go During A Cheaper Season

High season means the price is going to stack up fast but if you don’t have kids that means you have to consider the school holidays and nothing else, you can save a lot of money. Spring is usually one of the most affordable times to go and this goes for all fees including hotels that are also less busy at this time. Thanksgiving and Christmas are among the most expensive so avoid these if you are looking to save some money.

Book Lift Tickets In Advance

When rocking up to the lift ticket window and buying on the spot, you have no chance of any form of discount. This is why it is best to plan this in advance, pick up a lift ticket well before you go, and get the best deal.

Go To A Local Resort

The big resorts get flooded with people because of their reputation, and of course, with the likes of Whistler et al, it is deserved. However, this comes at a price that a lot of people find too steep. If this is the case, look at local resorts, staying at a nearby mountain is often a good place to save some money by skiing at an adjacent mountain to the big ‘uns.

Rent Equipment Off Mountain

The premium prices are always on-site, on the day. A little organization can go a long way toward saving money. These might be less convenient as returning them isn’t as simple as dropping them off at the end of the ski, but it can be done with a little planning.

Fly To Major Airports

Any ski resort in the vicinity of a major airport can save you money on the flights. Those smaller airports are going to up the price of the trip before you’ve even looked at hotels. Denver and Vancouver are just two of the majors to offer reasonably priced flights with good access to ski resorts.

Learn In A Group

the fact is, group lessons are a lot cheaper than private. If your kids need to get familiar with the powder of the slopes, see if a few group lessons help before paying for the more expensive tuition.

Borrow Before You Leave

Most. people know someone who skis. If you know them well enough, they might let you borrow some of their equipment. It might even be a pair of skiing goggles that mean you don’t need to buy your own, or waterproof ski pants. Keep in mind that any bulky equipment that you fly with will result in added baggage fees.

Sleep Off-Site

No need to go too far from the slopes as the expense of getting there will soon make it less appealing or worthwhile but a little distance can make for good savings. It may involve hiring a car but when you’re saving $200 a night on accommodation, it’ll be worth it.

Take A Day Off

although going for a skiing holiday should involve plenty of time on the slopes, it is easy to save money on fees and equipment hire by taking a day off. A rest day between the skiing can mean you can make the most of the other days, and the kids might thank you for it.

Buy Gear Out Of Season

Springtime is the low season which means it is a good time to pick up some discounted gear. Most retailers, online or not, will run sales throughout the year. Keep an eye out for them to save some bucks.

Book Last Minute

This is risky as it doesn’t always work out cheaper, but it is a time where a lot of savings can be made. Filling an empty room in a quiet hotel is often favorable for a lot of companies so get on those search engines and see what the prices are looking like last minute if you’re brave enough.

Self Catering

Although the temptation is always to make life easier by going all-inclusive, if you are there to ski, the food is often a good way of saving some money. A packed lunch is fine if you are able to get full-day passes and good equipment hire.