Although there are no laws that say an adult must wear a helmet when riding a bike, many states do require a minor to do so. This can mean the temptation to not wear one is strong but with thousands of accidents and hundreds of injuries every year, many of them to do with road incidents, there is a strong case for protecting yourself to the max.

Some people might worry about how they look but this isn’t a fashion over passion argument, it all comes down to safety. Let’s consider some of the most significant reasons to wear a bike helmet.

Protecting The Head

The most obvious reason is to offer brain protection. Tarmac is an unforgiving surface to fall on and accidents involving head trauma are not always the result of a collision with a motorist. Any number of hazards can cause a cyclist to fall at top speed, even on a cycling lane including potholes. A large percentage of accidents that prove fatal happen to those who were not wearing a helmet.

It is thought that a helmet can reduce the likelihood of a head injury by around 50%. These accidents can also cause brain, head, and facial injuries which may otherwise have been preventable by simply wearing a bike helmet.

Setting An Example

Kids are impressionable, and sometimes in the best ways possible. This includes the safety benefits that come with wearing a bike helmet. Once they see their peers wearing them, they are more likely to follow suit.

Children tend to reach an age where they see an adult do something and look to imitate, so one of the easiest ways to ensure a child stays safe and wear a helmet is for them to see an adult doing the same.


Some bike helmets are shaped to make the wearer more aerodynamic. This means they can work to stop the air from slowing you down. Who said that something so practical had to come without its benefits to a ride? Although the pros are all wearing them on the road, so is every rider in a velodrome and this isn’t to look good, it is to help with speed.

Improving Vision In Adverse Conditions

Because some bike helmets feature sun visors they make visibility much better when the sun is blazing down. Also, if the heavens open and it starts to pour, a bike helmet can provide an extra layer of protection and comfort.

The Sport Calls For It

Any mountain biker will know the risks and perils that come with high speeds, downward trials, and an abundance of hazards. It is rare to go too long between falls which is why a bike helmet is an essential item. Check out our list of the best mountain biking helmets for the latest models and styles.

Increased Visibility On The Road

A lot of road accidents between cyclists and motorists occur when the driver does not see the cyclist or fails to until it is too late. One of the best ways of preventing this is by making yourself as easily as visible as possible. This can include the likes of high-vis clothing, but also a brightly colored helmet to help you stand out. Any form of reflection is going to go a long way, especially at night.

Cut Down On The Medical Bills

It’s better to invest in a quality bike helmet than be faced with an expensive medical bill as the result of an accident. These run into the thousands and just the thought of paying off such a large amount can be stressful. A bike helmet can provide protection to the head, brain, and face, but also ongoing medical bills, and a trip to the emergency room among other things.

A Bit Of Road Style

Cyclists spend a lot on essential equipment and accessories, and although a helmet must provide a level of safety and comfort, it is also possible to pick up a product that is stylish. Modern helmets are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, as well as colors and designs.

It’s The Law!

Although not every state or country will require a cyclist to wear a helmet, plenty do. This means that if you want to hit the road and take your bike for a spin, a helmet is an essential item. We’re all for this since safety is paramount. If you are going on a cycling break or tempted to try a different route in a new country, be sure to check the local law and make sure you are on the right side of it if you are hiring a bike or taking your own.

Some times the law will state that wearing a helmet in traffic is essential but not in other areas. Again, make sure you know what you’re doing, or cover all bases and wear one anyway.

Protects You In The Case Of A Claim

The law is different around the country, but also the world. Any accident involving a head injury might not be so easy to claim for if not wearing a bike helmet. The fact that the severity could be reduced, or not even occur when wearing a helmet might strengthen the other parties’ case. Anything that could strengthen their argument against the cyclist is not going to help, although it may not be the same with every accident.


The most obvious reason to wear a bike helmet is of course for safety, but other benefits make it worthwhile too. An accident can occur at any moment, even on the quietest of roads or trails so it is vital to make sure you ride with adequate protection, starting with a bike helmet. A leisurely ride with the family might not seem like the sort of time where a helmet is so important, but they are good for setting an example and making sure the younger generations are familiar with helmets.

Give yourself the best chance of staying safe, especially on the road, by wearing a helmet.