As entertaining as skiing may be, you don’t want to be doing it without the proper gear, not unless you want to be dealing with frostbite and joint pains. The importance of wearing good protective gear when you’re out in the cold cannot be understated, no matter what activity you might be performing. Along with a good jacket and comfortable boots, you also want to invest in a pair of insulating ski gloves.

These gloves will not only guarantee a much better mobility in freezing cold temperatures but they will also make the whole experience much easier on your hands. That said, let us find out what are the ten best ski gloves the market has to offer at this point in time.

Best Ski Gloves – Reviews

10HESTRA 3Finger Army Leather Helix

buy buttonHestra offers a premium-grade glove option, one that stands out as one of the best in terms of insulation and flexibility. With their Helix 3-Finger Army Leather, they guarantee both uncompromised warmth and comfort courtesy of their excellent construction. Their three-finger feature means that both your index finger and thumb are entirely free and with their excellent construction, which is great considering the fact that they are both snow and water resistant.

9Outdoor Research Revolution Glove

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The Revolution Glove is a premium-grade product for all outdoor lovers. They are famous precisely because of their excellent and good looking outer designs not to mention their ability to inspire both a cozy and warm feeling. It comprises leather, EnduraLoft and Venetia-materials that promote better mobility and grip, comfort and excellent insulation. Moreover, they also boast removable wrists not to mention an affordable price tag.

8Burton Gore-Tex Gloves


buy buttonIf you are looking for mobility and comfort, then the Burton Gore-Tex is an ideal option. They not only ensure that you remain warm; they also guarantee better and free finger movement. It features a great fingertip shell construction that allows you to operate all buttons and touch-screens, and Goretex and Thermacore technologies for top-notch insulation. What’s more, aside from being windproof and waterproof, they are also amazingly affordable.

7ANDORRA Thinsulate Ski Gloves

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If you want a glove that perfectly bridges the gap between incredible cost and quality, Andorra is your best option. Aside from being incredibly comfortable on your hands, they give you exceptional control over your fingers and a wonderfully warm flexible wrist. Moreover, these gloves are not only windproof, snowproof and waterproof; they are also well-constructed using premium 3M Insulation which gives it both exceptional heat retention and breathability. Lastly, they comprise a Zipper Pocket for storage of accessories and a secure grip that allows you to freely move your fingers devoid of restraining mobility or free finger movement.

6Dakine Scout Gloves

buy buttonDakine gloves are among the best gloves courtesy of their changeable liner which you can swap depending on weather conditions. They are not only well-made, but they are also moderately appealing, comfortable and reasonably priced. These gloves come with an added zip pocket that allows you to store little accessories; Goretex Synthetic insulation and lining that enable them to retain heat and waterproof and windproof characteristics. Moreover, they also include a great nose-wipe in its thumb that allows it to avert nose icing during snow sports, not to mention an overall great construction.

5Black Diamond Mercury Insulated

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The Black Diamond is a remarkable and useful glove option for icing and cold situations. These gloves are made from a blend of a PrimaLoft material which efficiently retains heat and pure leather. These gloves come with a detachable liner depending on weather type which lets your fingers move freely devoid of evoking a sticky feeling. Not only that but these gloves are also windproof and waterproof and offer high mobility and comfort.

4Pigskin Leather Kinco Glove

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The Pigskin Leather option from Kinco is without doubt among the most sought after gloves on the market. They are wonderfully priced and offer both exceptional quality and performance. Nonetheless, although they are only available in one color, they are however entirely comfortable and appealing. What’s more, they feature top-notch insulation, fantastic mobility, grip and of course durability.

3MCTi Skiing Gloves

buy buttonThe MCTi gloves though not as popular are a well-made option for cold weathers. They comprise among others a warm cotton material build not to mention a 3m Thinsulate shell which perfectly suits diverse activities ranging from skiing to even hiking. Also, they are an excellent windproof and waterproof option from ice beside being exceptionally durable. The gloves also include a Zipper pocket that allows you to store some accessories such as keys and a light and soft lining that make it super comfortable.

2Gordini Promo Gore-Tex

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Gordini Gore-Tex gloves are excellently made gloves suited to protect you against any cold weather conditions For instance, with their Dura suede and synthetic nylon construction, they provide you with an excellent and powerful grip. Additionally, they are utterly insulated guaranteeing proper warmth while preventing penetration of water, wind or snow penetration courtesy of their neoprene construction. Lastly, with their ideal closure system, they ensure you enjoy total comfortability while wearing them.

1Carhartt Men’s W.P.

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The Carhartt WP men’s glove is a classic and reliable glove for all cold weather conditions. It features among others a sturdy construction that comprises of a durable shell, super-soft insulation, and a water-proof feature. What’s more, the glove also comes with excellent dry technology that allows it to prevent sweating inside it. Finally, these gloves come in three different size options to choose from, meaning that they can accommodate individuals of varying hand sizes.


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What To Look For In A Pair Of Ski Gloves

While some would be inclined to think that ski gloves all share a universal construction, experienced skiers will tell you that this isn’t the case. With ski gloves, you always have to ensure that they not only fit your hands properly but that they also provide the type of insulation required in freezing cold temperatures. For good measure, one should also consider the standards of comfort and durability they offer. To find a balance between the many different types of gloves out there, you should perhaps judge ski gloves depending on the following characteristics:

Insulation – The first thing to consider when buying a pair of ski gloves is the amount of insulation they provide. Seeing how you will be wearing these gloves in extremely cold temperatures, you want a pair that can protect you against frostbite while still allowing you a fair deal of mobility. We should point out that synthetic materials tend to offer the best insulation when it comes to ski gloves, mainly the ones made from Gore-Tex, PrimaLoft, and EnduraLoft. You should also consider a pair’s thickness as a good indicator of the insulation they provide.

Materials – Along with insulation, one must also consider the materials used in a pair of gloves’ making. It should be said that most ski gloves are either made of synthetic materials or leather, each construction type having its own differences and advantages. To be more precise, ski gloves made of synthetic materials like nylon and polyester tend to be more effective at insulating body heat in freezing temperatures, whereas leather gloves tend to be much more comfortable overall. You will also find leather gloves to provide a much better mobility than synthetic-based gloves.

Durability – While the durability of a pair of gloves relates to the materials used in their making to some extent, it is the stitching and overall design that you have to look at when determining the durability of a pair of gloves. In this regard, you have to determine what resistance will a pair of gloves provide against moisture, sweat, snow, and of course, tearing. We should point out that leather gloves are much more durable in terms of tearing, but that they also require a lot more maintenance in the long run. By comparison, nylon and polyester gloves do not require any sort of special care.

Mobility – The point of a pair of gloves is to provide insulation in cold weather, preferably without impeding your movement too much. For this reason, we consider a pair of gloves to be good if they allow you the freedom of movement you require while still keeping you safe from the cold outside. In terms of construction, let us point out that some of these gloves have five fingers while others have three or even two. While fingered gloves do indeed provide a lot of mobility, they are usually worse at keeping you warm than 3-finger gloves for example.

Features – Some of these gloves will also pack additional features designed to ease your movement or to make the gloves more comfortable to wear. For example, some of these gloves are built with specially designed tips that enable you to operate touchscreen devices. Others have a wide palm construction designed to improve your grip and control, which is exactly what people who labor during winter look for. Although rare, some ski gloves even have inbuilt pockets for you to use, just in case you want to quickly store something without taking off the gloves.

Choosing The Right Ski Gloves

Even though ski gloves made by reputable manufacturers will likely have all the required qualities you could want, there is still the matter of personal choice to consider. At the same time, some gloves simply don’t fit your hands the way others do, maybe because of the shape of your hands or because of how they’re built. To avoid that, try to follow certain procedures when choosing a pair of gloves for yourself:

Make sure your fingers touch the ends of the gloves – It might seem intuitive but many people don’t really bother to see if their fingers reach the finger ends of the gloves they buy. In search of warm, flexible gloves, they often overlook the possibility that their fingers are a bit short. Needless to say, this has the potential to severely reduce your mobility, especially when trying to manipulate objects with the tips of your fingers while wearing the gloves.

Keep in mind that gloves can change shape over time – Another thing to consider, especially when buying leather gloves, is that these gloves can change shape ever so slightly over time. A good indication that a pair of gloves will do that is the loose stitching, or if they feel somewhat too tight at the base of your fingers near the palm when you put them on. Depending on moisture and how often they get exposed to extremely cold weather, these gloves can definitely change shape to the point where they become uncomfortable to wear.

Articulated fingers are a must-have if you want mobility – If you’re the type to perform a wide range of tasks when wearing gloves, then, by all means, go for ski gloves with articulated fingers. While 3-fingered gloves are seemingly warmer, they lack the flexibility and mobility of 5-fingered gloves, which are designed to provide you with a good grip. It is for this reason that these gloves are the preferred choice of experienced skiers.