A bit like the jet ski of the snow, a snowmobile can be practical, but most of us know, they are a heck of a lot of fun too. Making winter travel easier, they are an important vehicle for many, and so are a lot of the accessories. For a snowmobile, there isn’t as much needed as the likes of skiing and snowboarding, but what you can get will make life a lot easier.

We have compiled a list of some of the must-have snowmobile accessories. Once you own a motor sled or snowmobile, the next stage is making sure you have everything you need for a comfortable ride. This starts with the following:

Snowmobile Gloves

Icy winds are going to be a problem for any driver or passenger on a snowmobile. As much as we would like out regular gloves to be up to the task, the fact is, they. just don’t offer adequate protection. Since the hands are at the forefront of every ride, it is important to invest in a quality pair of snowmobile gloves. Traits to look out for include grip, plenty of insulation, comfort, and weatherproofing.

They should also be flexible enough to be able to feel the throttle to make quick adjustments and steer in comfort.

Dry Box

Expect to go over a fair amount of bumps along with the snow which is part of the fun, right? Well, it will be less of a laugh when you realize your phone has jumped out of your pocket and if not lost, maybe beyond salvageable. Many snowmobile owners opt for a dry box to store their important items in. This means the likes of keys, wallets, cash, phones, and more can be kept in one, dry place.

Most snowmobiles have a storage area but this can be small, and less weatherproof than you hope it would be.


Although most snowmobiles have a security system that stops a lot of attempted thefts, this isn’t enough to discourage some people to ensure your snow sled is still there in the morning, a lock is a sensible investment. Reasonably priced and a good deterrent, they fix onto the track to ensure it is locked and secure.

Balaclava Face Mask

Although they look like the sort of thing a bank robber wears in a 90’s cop movie, they are popular for other reasons. Giving adequate protection form the chill of the cold breeze as you go full throttle across the snow, a face mask stops any incoming snow or cold air from freezing your head, ears, and face. This is where a body will lose most of its heat so a full face mask is an important accessory to have.

Solar Charger

There is nothing worse than having a low of flat battery out in the snow, and the cold can zap a lot of its charge before too long. Accidents happen on the snow so it is important to have a charger available. A solar charger makes this easier and is a convenient way. Usually, they attach to the side of the sled and can pick up plenty of the sun’s rays to charge a device.

Proper Snowmobile Boots

Again, a lot of people will try and use their standard snowboots, or worse, whatever they have to hand. This is no substitute for proper snowmobile boots that provide the ideal traction so you can use a snowmobile safely. Also, these boots will be weather and waterproof and give the wearer lots of insulation to keep feet warm in the freezing snow.

It’s important to know what to look for in the best snowmobile boots as sub-par brands are not as durable under the demanding conditions.

Waterproof Cover

Even if you don’t leave your snowmobile outside, it is important to protect it from the elements and the cold that can creep into a storage area. Most products come in different sizes to suit a variety of snowmobiles and protect against mildew and UV rays.

Avalanche Beacon

When going out for a mountain ride, it is always vital to make sure you have the gear to keep you safe in an emergency. Few are more important than an avalanche beacon. Although they are easy to use, it is best to get well acquainted with it and how to use it properly before you set out. That way, if there is a need to use it, you can save valuable time.

Look for a product with a wide range and long battery life.

Traction Mat

When loading a snowmobile, make life easier by using a traction mat. They give the sled something to grip when it comes to loading and unloading, ensuring it can be done quickly and safely. Make sure it is wide and long enough so it is easy to use.


When moving a snowmobile on a flat surface, you can protect it from damage by using a Dollie system. These are an affordable way of making it easy to move around the outside of a house when the snow runs out and your driveway approaches. Even moving it around the garage when it is time to put it away for the season is made easy with a Dollie.

Folding Snow Shovel

Easier to transport from place to place but still an effective tool when you find yourself needing to dig yourself out of trouble or clear a path, a folding snow shovel is a useful gadget. They are easy to unfold and strong when you need it to be.

Action Camera and Mount

Whether you use a GoPro or the like, capturing every moment, bounce, and zip over the mountains and snow is a great way of turning a snowmobile journey into a memorable occasion. The better products will mount to the front, so you can use all the best angles. Look for other mounting accessories to mix things up and attach it to a helmet.

Better still, use multiple cameras and a vented camera casing to ensure it is as protected against the elements as you are.