No matter what level of experience, certain items remain vital before you consider mountain biking properly. Some are more functional than others but if you already have your bike and are looking at what you need to get some serious use out of it, then the following is a good start. Many of them are for the safety of the user, some just make life a bit easier but all of them will make a valued addition to the mountain biking experience. 

Essential Gear:

Bike Phone Mount

This can help you navigate the trail safely as when you are using a map to get up and down, it can help you tell where the sharp turns or hazardous parts are. They need to be shock absorbant to take some of the vibrations out of the equation for a clear view and reliable mounting gear and clips to keep everything secure and in place.

Most products are fine for phones of different sizes but some are only suitable for certain models so check this before you purchase.

Hitch Bike Rack

Before you go anywhere, you need to be able to secure your mountain bike for transportation. The best hitch bike racks are easy to install within a matter of minutes, can hold more than one mountain bike, and are secure when you get moving. Most people consider them the best option for anyone who gets out on their bike a lot as they are easily detached and reattached.

Mountain Bike Helmet

These are built a little different from your regular helmet and have fewer indents and holes. This is because you are more likely to fall on uneven ground on a trail so it stops a rock or branch from getting to your head. They should still be breathable enough and give you plenty of protection from a fall at speed. When on, they should fit tight yet feel comfortable and most brands offer multiple color options should you want to match the helmet to your gear.


A bit like a swiss army knife only well suited to mountain biking emergencies and small fixes. They can give you everything from wrenches and mini screwdrivers to a chain breaker that can help get you back on the trail sooner.

Hydration System

Some people keep a water bottle fixed to the bike in a convenient place but if you are one of the many people who want to take more water for a day’s biking, you’re going to need a specialist product. Some products come in the form of a backpack and hold a lot more water which is going to keep you properly hydrated for longer periods.

Pump and Repatch Kit

Although it is rare for a group of riders to not have one between them, it is always best to have your own should you need it. This can help get you out of a situation where without one, you would have to call it a day and go home with a flat.

Essential Mountain Biking Clothing:


If you are taking the bike out on a trail or a long ride, then you are going to need to protect your behind. Quality chamois help to reinforce the protection in some of the most under pressure parts of the body. Combined with lycra, they are comfortable and stretchy so they allow you the full motion that is needed and can prevent chafing as well. The padding between body and saddle is not to be underestimated. After wearing them once, you’ll never wear an alternative again.

Knee Pads

Safety equipment is the most important part of mounting biking gear and there are plenty of quality knee pads available. They must be big enough to give you protection around the knee but also not feel too clunky, allowing you to ride in comfort. Make sure they stay in place well and don’t fall to knock against your shins and are made of tough materials to give you enough protection should you fall.


Mounting biking gloves are a bit like a tactical gear in that they are incredibly versatile and essential for the serious biker. Not only do they give you a layer of protection should you come off the bike, but they provide added grip for clinging onto the handlebars, especially important when you get sweaty palms. Some are fine to scroll on a touchscreen device so you can take your phone out without having to remove the gloves.

Eye Protection

Goggles and glasses are important for stopping mud and dust from flicking into your eyes and can usually be found in both tinted and clear. Tinted is not going to be so useful in low light conditions which is why some riders buy both but to stop a low branch or debris from halting your descent, quality eye protection is important.


Because they are stiffer than regular trainers, don’t expect mounting biking shoes to be so suitable for a long walk or run. What they do offer is plenty of grip to help you move with confidence.

Does Mountain Biking Gear Cost A Lot?

This depends on the product and although some are more important than others, you can be clever and save money in some areas. However, it is not advisable to scrimp when it comes to safety gear and a quality mountain bike helmet is more important than having the best hydration system when you can buy a cheaper one.

Because mountain biking gear is made to last and from high-quality materials, it can sometimes seem difficult to build your gear stock but if you do it gradually, you’ll spread the cost and end up with mountain biking gear you enjoy using.

Do You Need Padded Shorts For Mountain Biking?

The more you get out there the more you will realize how important comfort is when mounting biking. Because the saddle is going to be one of the rougher parts of the experience, you want to give yourself plenty of protection. Everything from moisture-wicking to the amount of cushioning is important when looking for the right padded shorts but once you start using. them, you will see why everyone else does.