Now more than ever, the beach is a place where everyone can appreciate a mix of fun and relaxation. A trip to the beach is made better with a few accessories beyond a towel and sunscreen. Some items are designed to make your time on the sand more comfortable, whereas others are there just for plain old fun. We’re going to take a closer look at some beach essentials and will consider all family members.

You don’t want to overpack or take up unnecessary room in the beach bag so here is our list of the items you shouldn’t leave home without.

What To Bring To The Beach

Beach Bag

It all starts with the beach bag – what else would you use to take all those items big and small? Luckily there are plenty of styles so you don’t have to lug a bag for life around. A lot of them have rope style straps for a nautical look and those blue and white stripes you commonly see never seem to go out of fashion. If you are at a loss, then a straw bag is always a good idea.

Beach Canopy

During peak sun hours you need all the protection you can get from the sun. Although it’s great to be able to feel the warmth of a summer day, everyone needs somewhere to shelter, and without a beach canopy, you cannot create much-needed shade. The best beach canopies have a fair amount of UV protection to bolster what you get from your sunscreen. Which brings us to…

Sun Screen

No matter who is going with you, sunscreen is up there with the most important things to bring to the beach. If you have young children then you should use a high factor SPF of 50 and above. Apply thick layers and for adults, 20 SPF gives you decent protection although anyone with sensitive skin or those who want more protection should use higher.

Another consideration for sunscreen is the UVA and UVB rating, you will need at least a four-star rating for these. Also, make sure it is waterproof or you reapply after a swim.


Whether you are planning on taking lunch or not, you always need to take plenty of water to the beach. Because you will lose a lot of fluid through sweating, it is prudent to take more than usual and always consider the other members of your group. There are many items to remember when thinking of what to bring to the beach, and water is essential.

Sherpa Gear

Other drinks that restore electrolytes such as coconut water or sports drinks can be good for a refuel.

Cooler and Ice Chest

If you are taking food then it is best to take a cooler and ice chest. No matter what you are looking to eat, it will spoil fast without one of these. The best beach coolers have decent capacity and are easy to carry. Some are condensed into the form of a backpack with lining and areas to hold drink so they don’t spill.

We have seen collars that have additional pocket areas that hold your items taking some of the strain out of a beach bag.


Although some people can make do with one towel, it can be a good idea to take more than one if you can manage. Having a dry towel to lie on and another to wrap around as you dry off after some fun in the sea can be more comfortable. Otherwise, this is an area you can save space if necessary.


No one wants sand in their new trainers, and even if you have an old pair you don’t mind getting a little ruined, the sand seems to stay in a shoe forever. When wearing sandals, you get to explore with cooler feet and don’t need to hop barefoot on the scorching sand.

Portable Speaker

The best portable speakers are waterproof, have a big sound, and are conveniently sized. When you buy one from a reputable brand you can get plenty of volume and most are pretty hardy so are fine to lean against the cooler whilst you relax to a summer playlist.


These are especially important with children but adults can also take some of the strong rays off their faces and stay cooler with a hat. The bigger the better, and it can be an excuse to break out the big sun hat that has been in storage since last summer.

Beach Chairs

There is nothing wrong with giving yourself as much comfort as possible. Most beach chairs tend to have a place to put your cold drink and fold up pretty small so they won’t be such a drag to carry.

Bug Spray

Although not everyone sees it as essential, it is one of those items you will be glad that your brought to the beach when the little pests leave you alone. Everything from mosquitoes to sand flies can have an impact on what is otherwise a pleasant day.

Beach Toys

No triup to the beach would be the same without some toys. This can be in the form of a bat and ball, inflatable to take into the sea or even a bucket a spade.

Safety Tips Whilst At The Beach

A lot of the safety tips when going to the beach center around the above items. Always remember to top up your sunscreen every hour or so and lay it on thick. After a swim, remember to reapply, especially on children.

When it comes to swimming, stay within the flags that the lifeguard has deemed appropriate and remember that Red means conditions are dangerous, usually to do with currents, Yellow means you should act with caution as there can be currents or moderate conditions, and Green means the water is calm. Remember that your area might have different signs for different reasons.

Never swim alone and stay hydrated. Take time out of the sun regularly which is where a beach canopy is a great idea. During the peak sun hours which can vary but are generally between 10:00 and 16:00, it can be sensible to stay out of the sun as much as possible.

Ask A Lifeguard

If you are unsure about whether or not it is safe to get in the water, ask a lifeguard. It can be a good idea to park yourself near the lifeguard tower on a beach as you are likely to be well within their sight when in the water.

Should I Take Electronics To The Beach?

Although many of us find it difficult to not be within arms reach of our phone, it can be a good idea to try and limit the number of electronics you take. Keep one for an emergency and leave the rest in the car. Sand can find its way into just about anywhere and unfortunately, the beach is a popular target for thieves when you are further away from your belongings in the sea.