Why Is It Better To Fish At Night?

We’ve all been told the inside tips for that quiet section of the lake or river, and a lot of the time, the advice involves the perfect time of day or night. Night fishing is not for the faint-hearted, but it is known for being rewarding for a reason.

Depending on what you are trying to get hooked, setting up at the end of the day can be one of the easiest ways of improving your success. No one likes to go home empty-handed, but when you consider the following reasons why it can be better to fish at night, you might not have to.

It’s An Active Time For A Lot of Fish

Although they do not exclusively come out at night, the likes of Catfish tend to be very active when the sun goes down. Since they have a keen sense of smell, some stinky bait and a bit of coffee (for the angler of course) can go a long way.

It is a time where certain fish like to do some feeding of their own. If you know the area, and the species that you are trying to get on the line then this can be a great way of increasing your chances. Still, there is no substitute for using the right bait, equipment, and knowing what the heck you are doing, but it can help.

Although this can be a hot topic that a lot of people will debate day and night, in the summer where the water is warmer, a lot of fish find the deeper water to stay cool. At night, and at sunset, when the temperature is less of an issue, they often become more active.

Night Fishing Can Be More Comfortable

Consider those sticky summer days that make sitting on a riverbank for hours on end as much of a sweaty chore as it is a pleasure. Certain states are worse for this, so when the long summer months kick in, night fishing can certainly be more comfortable.

As the temperature drops and the humidity lessens, fishing at night can be far more comfortable. Not only this, but there is no risk of sunburn or the need to have to duck under shade.

You See All Sides Of Nature

Anyone who has cast a line a few times knows what to expect of the world when fishing in the day, but nighttime can be a different experience. Not only do you get to take in different sounds but bioluminescent algae can light up the water in ways that need to be seen to be believed.

The glow under the water might be difficult to capture on camera, but will be a feast for the eyes.

Lake Fishing Is Quiet

Sometimes, that lake nearby is less than ideal in the day when it comes to fishing. Because water activities such as jet skiing and recreational boating can disturb the water every couple of minutes, it can be hard to catch a break when casting a line.

At night, expect no one on the lake meaning the conditions are as any angler would hope them to be; serene and undisturbed.

It’s Easy To Get A Good Spot

No matter what type of fishing an angler is considering, it is going to be easier to get some space at night. This can be for lakeside, riverside, or pier fishing which can often be pretty crowded in the day.

A lot of the time, a pier will be free after the bait shops opening hours although it is always best to check. Also, it is not uncommon for a warden to be out and about, checking for licenses at all hours so be sure to remember those important documents, even at night.

We’re not saying try and cheap out of paying fees that keep those independent bait shops alive, you’re still going to need to get your bait from somewhere after all.

There’s Less Wind To Contend With

Some people will be able to point to times where this isn’t the case but generally speaking, the winds are calmer at night. This is an advantage for anglers as the calmer waters are better for angling.

Catching fish when the water is still is easier since high winds in particular will cause most types of fish to look for shelter. A light breeze is nothing to worry about, which is why a lot of people set up camp for a bit of night fishing.

No-Risk Of Sunburn

Pretty much every angler has suffered from sunburn at some point. No matter how much protective clothing and sun cream that has been lathered, the temptation to squeeze an extra hour or two in the hopes of reeling in a big one can be too strong.

It all starts by trying to avoid peak sun in the early hours but it ends up with a burnt face, sometimes it might be less painful if you have managed a good catch. Still, this is not something that is a problem with night fishing. It is safer on the skin and means you do not have to leave before you are ready to because you feel your skin starting to heat up.

It Can Be Fun To Try New Gear

Night fishing is a bit like setting up for camp. There are certain items that are essential for night fishing so it can be a chance to get kitted out with some new gear. A lot will already be in the tackle box but otherwise, a trip to the bait shop can help.

Of course, anyone wishing to toss their line at night will need flashlights, insect repellents, lighting, spare batteries, strong tackle, the right lure for the conditions, and more. If you are night fishing on a boat, be sure to invest in a quality boat light among other necessary items to make the trip safer, and successful.